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8 Reasons Why The New 600LT Is One Of McLaren’s Best Sports Cars

Introducing the McLaren 600LT, the automotive company’s new Sport Series car that is slated to supersede the 570S, but in limited quantity.

Jul 04, 2018 | By LUXUO

McLaren 600LT

Introducing the McLaren 600LT, the automotive company’s new Sport Series car that is slated to supersede the 570S, but in limited quantity. The intricate and precise changes fitted the 570S with 23% new parts, creating the ultimate sports car that will be in production for a year beginning October 2018.

8 Reasons Why The New McLaren 600LT Is A Special Performance Sports Car

McLaren 600LT

It weights 211 pounds lighter than the 570S

Even though the McLaren 570S was not a heavy car to begin with, the British carmaker dedicated itself to shave off a total of 211.6 lbs using lightweight materials such as carbon fiber. Firstly, the 600LT is fitted with the same light carbon-ceramic brakes as the McLaren 720S, yet still weighing in 80 lbs lighter than the 720S. It is also given forged aluminium, double-wishbone suspension components. In addition, the exhaust was replaced, along with the installation of a carbon fiber bodywork which shaved off some serious bulk. For those who wish to save a few extra pounds, there is also the option of a carbon fiber roof, vented carbon fiber fenders, and carbon fiber bucket seats from the Senna.

McLaren 600LT

Extra 30 horsepower and 15 pound-feet of torque

McLaren uprated the cooling system and installed a shorter exhaust for reduced back pressure, effectively gaining 30 horsepower for the 600LT. It is fitted with an all-aluminium, twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V-8 engine. Moreover, the sizeable weight loss gives the 600LT a power-to-weight ratio of 471 horsepower per tonne. In comparison to the familiar Ferrari Enzo which only has a power ratio of 434 horsepower per tonne.

McLaren 600LT

Unique miniaturised exhaust

The exhaust system on the 600LT features upward facing top pipes that are seldom seen on sports cars. To save space for the massive diffuser in the back and to save weight, McLaren built the unique exhaust system for the new Long Tail.

Bespoke Pirelli tires

McLaren fitted the 600LT with bespoke Pirelli Trofeo R tires. In partnership with Pirelli, the tires were developed to be track-focused, measuring 235/35 at the front and 285/35 at the back. The bespoke rubber is made to compliment the improved quicker steering, sharpened throttle and brake pedal response, and firmer engine mounts.

McLaren 600LT

It is longer by 74mm than the Sport Series models

Equipped with a new carbon fiber body that includes a new splitter, extended diffuser and a fixed rear wing, the 600LT sports a build longer by 74mm than the Sport Series models.

McLaren 600LT

It is McLaren’s fourth Long Tail

Fast forward to 2018, the 600LT is only the fourth longtail the carmaker has released. While giving good downforce at fast speeds, the rear wing is a fixed unit that is fire resistant with its central matte part coated in heat-resistant material. This is to combat the flames from the new double exhaust.

The first longtail, McLaren F1 GTR Longtail, was launched in 1997 and competed in the FIA GT Championship. It was longer than other models in McLaren’s collection, and possessed a rear spoiler that increased downforce without many air drag penalties.

McLaren 600LT

A limited edition car

The 600LT will all be hand-assembled at the McLaren Production Center in Woking, Surrey, England. Although the public has not been informed of the production count, McLaren is set to strictly limit the numbers.

McLaren 600LT

Access to a McLaren-only owners’ Track Day included

Priced at £185,000, the purchase of this handsome steed entitles owners a ticket to the Pure McLaren Road Owner Track Day. Owners will be introduced to the sports car by a team of professional McLaren race drivers and receive driving tips to “maximise your performance around some of the world’s finest race circuits”. The unique experience just adds exclusivity to the limited edition car.

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