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Debunking Top 4 Myths On Private Jet Travel

A luxurious vacation in the far-flung lands is now within reach with private jets becoming more accessible for everyone.

May 24, 2022 | By Joseph Low

There are many misconceptions about private jet travel, and the most common being the experience is reserved only for the super-wealthy. This is far from the truth, and more people are starting to realise it. Covid-19 forced many to take the alternative way to travel — and the number of private jet flights increased by 21 per cent globally during 2021 compared to 2019.

Many travellers who were forced to shift to private aviation for practical reasons, realised it has many benefits and it is not as costly as expected. If you are still not convinced that flying on a private jet could be for you, keep reading and discover the top four myths about flying on a private jet. Maybe you will change your mind about flying on a private jet by the end of the article.

Flying on a private jet is only for millionaires

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When weighing the cost and benefits, the private jet industry has grown more affordable for the average person. Since you are not paying for the seats but the aircraft, you can also divide the cost among the people you choose to travel with. The cost, when divided is similar to first-class tickets in commercial airplanes.

Flying on a private jet is very unsafe

Private jets are having the same safety standards as commercial ones. It has to be certified by the Aviation Research Group of the United States (ARGUS) and authorised by WYVERN, following the strictest safety standards in the aviation industry. The ARGUS and the WYVERN rating systems all contribute to the highest levels of safety. In addition, contracting Covid-19 is at lower risk in private jets with fewer touchpoints and fewer people. So travelling privately might be the safest way to go.

Flying on a private jet offers limited destinations

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Flying on a private jet can allow you to get to more remote locations than a commercial airline. Private planes have access to “FBO” (Fixed Base Operators), which handles private aviation (non-commercial), aircraft passengers, and services. With a private jet, you can fly wherever and whenever. You can use it to explore the seven world wonders, reach far-flung pastures in land-rich New Zealand, or travel by private jet to the World Cup 2022 Qatar — the destinations are limitless.

Flying on a private jet is complicated

Contrary to popular belief, it is easier to book a private jet than a commercial one. There are no wait times, less check-in time and you do not have to worry about flight delays. Private jets fly at higher altitudes meaning less air traffic and no delays due to bad weather.

All in all, we agree with Steve Cass, VP of Communications of Gulfstream, who shares: “Flying on a private jet equates to ‘saving time, meaning saving money’.” If you are worried about how much time you will have to spend during travel — you can use a jet flight time calculator: select departure and arrival airports, and the aircraft you want to travel with. After clicking on the Calculate button below, you will get the route map with the breakdown of flight distance and duration of all the legs.

The Final Word

As the world recovers from the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for private jets remains relentless. In fact, the private jet industry’s market size, which was US$25.87 billion last year is projected to go up from US$29.03 billion this year to US$38.34 billion in 2029. More and more people are now enjoying flying privately without inhibitions. Flying on a private jet is not just about luxury after all, it’s also about practicality, efficiency, safety, and convenience. With many misconceptions being laid to rest, you can fly with confidence on a chartered private jet and enjoy air travel the way it’s meant to be.

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