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Starting A New Business? Know That Customers Don’t Only Judge Products

A checklist to keep track of whether your business is satisfying the growing consumer demands of today’s digital and virtual world.

Jun 19, 2023 | By Florence Sutton

Impressing customers is a priority for all modern businesses. While potential target audience demographics are wider than ever before, it should be noted that prospective customers are also more demanding. The first step in finding prospective customers online is to have high-speed internet access and to understand where to get the best internet near you.

In addition to higher expectations surrounding your product, customers now demand a better overall consumer experience. The good news is that 86 percent of consumers are happy to pay more when the company delivers on this promise. Sadly, though, if you fall short, they will inevitably take their business elsewhere. 

Use the following checklist to keep track of whether your business is satisfying growing consumer demands today.

Does your brand stand out from the crowd?

Firstly, consumers won’t have any opinion of the brand if they are unaware of its existence. Therefore, it’s vital that you focus on brand awareness and recognition. 

Knowing how to come up with a brand name that captures the imagination should be at the top of your agenda. Getting this right will subsequently allow you to design a great logo, find a suitable domain name and develop a brand personality. In turn, members of your target audience will begin to actively take note of your business whenever they encounter it.

In today’s virtual, multimodal landscape, a strong SEO strategy is also essential. Online searches are the point of discovery for many new consumers. Stand out with your SERPs and you will see increased traffic both online and offline.

Is your brand trustworthy and in demand?

Consumers need to gain trust in your company before making a purchase. At the same time, they also want to choose brands that other people love. In short, social proof of consumers loving your products is key to your success.

One of the most effective ways to build trust is to use testimonials. It verifies that your business is legitimate and capable of satisfying customers. Meanwhile, social media influencers will gain a big response from followers that want to be like them. FOMO (fear of missing out) is a powerful tool for accelerate the conversion from casual viewer to confident buyer. Part of brand recognition also come down to creating merchandise and adding to marketability, take for example custom printed hoodies.

As well as building a trustworthy image, you need to maintain it. Therefore, investing in cybersecurity, data protection and intellectual security is vital. Otherwise, a single incident could spell disaster for your reputation. Not least because it’s hard to rebuild.

Are the people behind the brand likeable?

Your business is far more likely to generate sales when consumers feel like they can connect with the people behind it. You should make this a key part of your brand personality. 

A quick look at the world’s top philanthropists shows that supporting worthy causes and doing good can work wonders. It is especially rewarding when you tackle issues that your prospective consumers and clients feel strongly about. Sustainability is hugely important today and adopting a greener business model is an extremely smart decision, if not an almost necessary one.

You should remember, though, that a lot of client interactions are handled by employees. Finding staff that provide a friendly, approachable, and supportive CX will serve you well. This extends to social media interactions as well.

Does the brand deliver a smooth transaction?

It’s one thing to help customers fall in love with your products. But they also demand a smooth transaction, from the point of purchase to delivery and beyond.

Investing in the best POS terminals for your stores or e-commerce site is vital. Where appropriate, offering repayment plans or the chance to pay in multiple currencies can also make a huge difference. Whether completing a sale online or offline, you should also make it a fast process. 

Crucially, you must ensure that order fulfilment is quick and smooth. Using a quick courier service will help satisfy customers. In fact, many now actively look for it. And if a product needs to be manufactured, a quick lead time will get more sales over the line.

Do you provide good customer care services?

As well as receiving products fast, consumers demand quick answers to any problems that they may encounter. Therefore, your client support game needs to be very strong.
Nowadays, customer satisfaction hinges on providing quick replies and solutions to customer inquiries and issues. Having a strong connectivity solution from a reputed internet provider is essential for ensuring seamless communication and instant replies. To find a reliable high-speed option, search online for “internet near me” and explore providers offering the bandwidth necessary to facilitate real-time customer support.
It is important to get rid of poor internet connection as it can severely hamper your ability to address customer concerns promptly. With a robust internet connection, your business can meet consumer expectations for lightning-fast service and resolutions.
Additionally, a dedicated in-store customer advisor is a good option for brick-and-mortar stores. Meanwhile, using live chat or chatbot systems on your website is hugely rewarding. The latter is particularly useful as many people now prefer self-service customer care. An FAQ section and fair returns policy will take your success to even greater heights.
Many customers will now test your ability to solve issues before they even make a purchase. This is particularly noteworthy when looking at software or service-based products. So, as well as keeping clients happy, it will help you win new ones.

Is the company established in the industry?

Now that customers have the ability to conduct their own research from their smartphone wielding fingertips, they will. Therefore, it’s imperative that you walk the walk as well as talk the talk.

If your company is a registered member of a guild, for example, you should promote this. Likewise, any awards or accolades should be celebrated. They are signs of professionalism and your ability to outperform your competitors. Press coverage can also be used in a similar vein – it all adds to brand image. 

As a startup, a lack of history can work against you, but that doesn’t stop you from winning accolades in the early days. If you boast relevant qualifications, this is another source that could be used to cement your status. 

Does the brand reward loyalty?

Most customers like to work with brands on a long-term basis. Showcasing that you are the right choice for the long haul is key for winning clients as well as retaining old ones.

There are many ways to reward loyal customers. Sending an e-card on their birthday is a great starting point, not least when supported by a small discount on the next purchase. Alternatively, loyalty membership schemes are a great way to keep customers coming back for more. It also shows new leads that they will be valued by the brand.

While setting the right impression isn’t the only key step to success, it makes a big impact. If you use all of the above features to your advantage, there is no doubt that you can see increased conversions and increased client spending. Perfect.

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