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Singapore and Thailand Yacht Shows join forces with Asia Rendezvous Events


In a joint statement issued today by Andy Treadwell, CEO of Verventia Pte Ltd, owner of the Singapore and Thailand Yacht Shows, and Gael and Olivier Burlot, owners of Asia RendezVous Pte Ltd organisers of the Phuket, Penang and Singapore RendezVous events, it was announced that the two companies have agreed to collaborate by jointly producing only one show in Thailand and one in Singapore – the destination hub and the business hub respectively for the yachting industry in South East Asia.

The move was precipitated by a request earlier in the year from the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) to gather the industry together in one major event in Thailand so as to demonstrate united support for the government’s yacht tourism initiative. In essence, after a three-year campaign spearheaded by the Thailand Yacht Show, the Thai government has agreed to change some of the prohibitive yachting regulations and allow foreign yachts to charter in Thai waters – effectively opening up the ASEAN cruising grounds to superyachts from overseas for the first time. This initiative is now in its final stages, with the Thai Marine Business Association (TMBA) working with the Ministries of Finance and Transport to work out a business model for collecting VAT on charter income, rather than on the value of the yacht itself.

A full on party from the recently concluded Singapore RendezVous 2017

Singapore and Thailand Yacht Shows join forces with Asia Rendezvous Events

In essence, after a three-year campaign spearheaded by the Thailand Yacht Show, the Thai government has agreed to change some of the prohibitive yachting regulations and allow foreign yachts to charter in Thai waters – effectively opening up the ASEAN cruising grounds to superyachts from overseas for the first time.

This initiative is now in its final stages, with the Thai Marine Business Association (TMBA) working with the Ministries of Finance and Transport to work out a business model for collecting VAT on charter income, rather than on the value of the yacht itself.

At the same time, the yachting industry has been vocal for years that there should only be one boat show in each strategic location and has requested just such a “get together”. The two show organisers acknowledge that they have different yet complementary strengths and skill sets that, combined, will create bigger and better single events in each country. Similarly, with their joined-up resources and budgets, they will be able to activate an aggressive and far-reaching promotional plan that should draw many more potential buyers and charterers into the market.

The new Phuket event will be a straight joint venture between the two existing businesses, called the “Thailand Yacht Show & RendezVous”, and there will be an additional jointly-owned event alongside the current Singapore Yacht Show which will be called the “Singapore Yacht Show RendezVous.”

Andy Treadwell explained: “It’s a classic example of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts, from every point of view. The TAT, our partners and main sponsor of the Thailand Yacht show, asked us to try to get everyone working together instead of competing and dividing the industry. The major industry players asked us to do exactly the same thing. Gael and Olivier have a great work ethic, an excellent region-wide digital and print media platform, and a direct line to the luxury lifestyle industries – which is a good complement to any kind of yacht show.”

Gael Burlot added: “We feel it’s a good time and a good place to get everyone working together – the luxury industries are coming out of a challenging period, and things are looking better and better, while the yachting industry should now be in a position to dramatically expand in the Asia-Pacific region. All our efforts over the last 15 years to promote the industry and educate a growing audience of prospects in Asia are paying off; so is the hard work Andy and his team have been doing with the regional governments to open up Asia to yacht tourism – an initiative we want to support and fully be part of. Exciting times ahead!”

Singapore Yacht Show Rendezvous: Key Dates

The Thailand Yacht Show & Rendezvous will take place from 4th-7th January 2019, with the venue to be confirmed shortly in conjunction with the consensus of industry opinion. The Singapore Yacht Show Rendezvous will replace the current Luxury Pavilion at SYS 2019, which will run from 11th-14th April.

For more detail, email [email protected]

Monetary Authority of Singapore: No plans to regulate Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has been such a fast growing, unregulated asset class in Singapore that Saktiandi Supaat, Member of Parliament for Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC raised a question in session yesterday, 4 October 2017. Supaat asked:

(a) How prevalent is the use of cryptocurrency in Singapore; and (b) what measures will MAS introduce to regulate Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

Singapore Financial sector, among the most private (account information security) and strictest (in terms of regulation), found the government’s position on the matter of cryptocurrency in Singapore vocalised by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Tharman Shanmugaratnam.

Monetary Authority of Singapore: No plans to regulate Cryptocurrency

The Minister of Finance highlighted that cryptocurrency is not considered legal tender by the government. While some people have put their trust in them and accept them as a means of payment, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether are not backed as a legal medium of exchange by the Central Bank, even if they can be used by people in the community to pay for goods and services.

According to Shanmugaratnam, MAS has been monitoring the use of such virtual currencies and at the moment,  about 20 Singapore retailers like restaurants and online shops currently accept Bitcoins, hence, the government does not consider their use to be prevalent. That said, Singapore is cognizant of the fact that in countries like Japan, use of cryptocurrency is approaching wide adoption but in the context of Singapore financial industry, use of virtual currencies as a mode of payment is not significant. Trading is generally for speculative investment purposes, and the volume is low compared to other countries such as US, Japan and Hong Kong.

Due to its relative low volume, Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) does not regulate such virtual currencies per se, However, MAS is regulating the activities associated with cryptocurrencies that fall within their purview as a financial regulator:

  • Due to the anonymous nature of the transactions, MAS shares concerns about the use of the blockchain medium for money laundering and terrorism financing risks.
  • Currently MAS is working on a new payment services regulatory framework that will address these risks.
  • In light of their use for fund-raising, these virtual currencies can go beyond their uses for just payments and evolve into “second generation” tokens representing benefits such as ownership in assets, like a share or bond certificate – also known as ICOs or initial coin offerings, MAs has been monitoring these ICOs given the recent number of ICOs have been structured out of Singapore in recent months.

As of 1 August 2017, MAS clarified that if a token is structured in the form of  securities, the ICO must comply with existing securities laws aimed at safeguarding investors’ interest. So the requirements of having to register a prospectus, obtain intermediary or exchange operator licences, will apply. These intermediaries must also comply with existing rules on anti-money laundering and countering terrorism financing. Currently, MAS has not issued new legislation specifically for ICOs but will continue to monitor their development and consider more targeted legislation if necessary.

While there is concern of public attraction to virtual currencies and digital tokens due to their recent exponential rise in value, it is not within MAS ambit as financial regulator to police all products that people put their money in thinking that they will appreciate in value – its focus is  securitised interests in assets – such as shares in a company. But recognising that the risks of investing in virtual currencies are significant, MAS and the Commercial Affairs Department have published an advisory alerting consumers to these risks, and are working together to raise public awareness of potential scams.

You can read the Minister of Finance’s full statement on Singapore Government stance on cryptocurrency at MAS. 

Singapore Rendezvous Kicks off with Men’s Folio’s 20th Anniversary

Set amidst the backdrop of shimmering twilight waters under a bed of stars, Men’s Folio’s 20th Anniversary Party was a prelude to the festivities, merriment and insouciant elegance of super cars, super yachts, classic cars and other high end luxuries known collectively as Singapore Rendezvous 2017.

With uptempo beats provided by DJ Eden, coincidentally, one of Men’s Folio’s 20 icon, who played the opening set and DJ Thomas who entertained the party-goers the rest of the evening, special guests were treated to cocktails: Cognac based from Remy Martin and Gin based concoctions with The Botanist, aesthetic activities like an old-school shave from Truefitt & Hill, facial treatments by LAB series and a cool Hello Stranger photobooth to capture it all.

On hand to kick off Men’s Folios 20th birthday bash was Fashion Director Titien Wang, Watch writer Yong Wei Jian and Stylist Writer Belda Chung. After an introductory speech by the fashionable director, Heart Media CEO Olivier Burlot thanked a sea of over 200 invitees, brand managers and notable local fashion designers before spraying a bottle of Bollinger’s Champagne into the awaiting audience; followed by an exciting menswear fashion show featuring 10 of Asia’s emerging designers where the top 3 most promising designers received the coveted Men’s Folio’s Designer of the Year award. The prizes included: An Ingersoll Watch (for 1st prize), Ensoul Aesthetic Treatment and $3,000 for first prize, $2,000 for second prize and $1,000 for 3rd prize.

Heart Media and Men’s Folio extends their thanks to sponsors Lab SeriesTruefitt & HillRed Bull SingaporeRemy CointreauPeroni BeerPorter International and Sothys Singapore.


SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS 2017 Offers Luxury Yacht Lineup

Princess S60 by Princess Yachts

Singapore Rendezvous 2017 has officially kicked off yesterday and the excitement for the weekend is now in full swing. Set in one of the most established marinas in Southeast Asia, the luxury lifestyle event will be showcasing some of the best yachts in Asia.

Led by Boat Lagoon Yachting, the exclusive distributer in the region for Princess Yachts will have 3 yachts on display including the Princess S60 (pictured above), as well as the impressive M/Y SEA BEAR (40m) available for charter. This weekend promises an exciting lineup at the SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS, all available for viewing with a guaranteed warmest welcome onboard!

ProMarine Yacht Sales will also be proudly showcasing two of its newest models, the Nomad 65 and the Majesty 48, for interested guests to view.

Nomad 65 by ProMarine

Hong Seh Marine, distributor of luxury yachts and boats, will be displaying the Ferretti Yachts 700 — the latest generation sporty flybridge and one of the greatest recent successes for Ferretti Group’s iconic brand — at the Singapore Rendezvous 2017.

The Ferretti Yachts 700 will immediately catch your eye for its slender, sporty profile. This recent model, which is the result of a longstanding collaboration between Zuccon International Project and Ferretti Group’s Engineering Department, offers the best an owner can expect in terms of both seaworthiness and onboard comfort. Besides that, the yacht also boasts innovative functional and aesthetic solutions that are bound to become key features of the brand’s forthcoming yachts.

Ferretti 700

On top of that, SGBoating will be welcoming guests with a strong display of award-winning boats (including Sea Ray, Meridian and Chaparral), customer-minded business practices and solid local management with the most talked-about after-sales services that many boaters will attest to. With SGBoating, you will soon find that it’s more about sharing the fun of boating on the waters with their customers. If you’re looking to pursue boating fun, you’ve come to the right place here with SGBoating.

On the charter side, Northrop and Johnson, a global yacht brokerage with a very strong presence in the USA, Europe and Asia-Pacific region, is exhibiting on land. Their prime focus is on yacht sales, yacht charters and yacht management. Their priorities also encompass safety, crew, maintenance, destination planning and high luxury services.

To enjoy a fun-filled weekend, visit the SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS 2017 website and get your tickets on Peatix.

Singapore Rendezvous 2017: JETCOIN presents Dj Motiv8 the Original Black-Eyed Peas DJ

When Wil.I.Am praises your DJ skills to be amongst the best in the world, one can take the respected multi-hyphenate musician-DJ-entrepreneur’s word at full face value. Dj Motiv8 was the original Black-Eyed Peas DJ and backed by such accurate glowing praise from Wil.I.Am, Dj Motiv8 is expected to create an unforgettable soundtrack for the year’s most epic luxury lifestyle event – Singapore Rendezvous 2017.

Singapore Rendezvous 2017: JETCOIN presents Dj Motiv8 the Original Black-Eyed Peas DJ

Performing at the Official Party of Singapore Rendezvous, Dj Motiv8 has spent a large part of his career not only mentoring and deejaying for the Black Eyed Peas but also deejaying for artists like Kylie Minogue and MC Supernatural, as well as producing for music legends like Madonna (“Ray of Light” album), Billy Idol and the Coors.

Now, this music veteran will be working his magic behind the decks amidst the glamorous yacht, classic and super car exhibits and fashion-art showcases. Supported by JETCOIN and musically aided by the talents of Dj Motiv8, the Singapore Rendezvous Official Party promises to be an exciting and entertaining affair.

This is Jetcoin’s second partnership with Singapore Rendezvous, riding on the back of a successful collaboration the inaugural year, Jetcoin decided to raise the ante with the sponsorship of this prolific musician and the cryptocurrency firm is excited to be associated once again with the luxury lifestyle event as it returns to Raffles Marina from October 5th to 8th.

The four-day affair will combine world-renowned brand showcases and all things which a luxury lifestyle should offer – opulence, elegance and fun. Against the dizzying backdrop of the best names in yachts, supercars and classic cars, art, fashion, fine wining and dining, Jetcoin is proud to present the Official Party headlined by DJ Motiv8.

To complete the line up are award-winning DJ/Producer CC Sound Factory who will drop her upcoming single “Almost There” and DJ Huntersson who has played the gamut of festivals across the world both large and small.

Click here to get your tickets for Singapore Rendezvous 2017 at Peatix.

SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS: Palace Celebrates 6 Years

At the upcoming SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS (Thursday 5 to Sunday 8 October), guests can look forward to several lifestyle options that are sure to be a treat for the whole family. Come sundown, the Raffles Marina will host selected cocktails and parties such as the Palace 6th Anniversary cocktail.

The cocktail will start from 5.30 pm on October 6, with a walk-through of the upscale property showcases in the ballroom. There will be complimentary wines from Epicurio for invited guests at the cocktail to be held at the Veranda.

Celebrating another yearly achievement for one of the upscale publications under Lux Inc Media, this is an opportunity for a discerning audience to meet the team behind PALACE. With a circulation of 38,000, PALACE is a leader among the region’s property magazines, featuring upscale residential real estate available for sale from around the world. PALACE, a quarterly publication, is the go to source of information for serious institutional or individual buyers.

Kindly RSVP of this cocktail event at: [email protected].

For more information, visit the SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS website or Facebook page.

ProMarine Joins SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS 2017 Lineup

Majesty 48

Classic cars, luxury properties, and a range of dazzling jewellery, beautifully crafted handmade watches and leather goods: these are what you can expect exactly a week from now at Raffles Marina, where Singapore Rendezvous will be returning for its second edition.

If you haven’t already marked your calendars for October 5 to 8, here’s a little preview of what’s to come that just might make you do so.

This year, Southeast Asia’s most anticipated luxury lifestyle event will be joined once again by ProMarine Yacht Sales, a yacht brokerage and management company. ProMarine Yacht Sales & Gulf Craft will be presenting two of its newest models, the Nomad 65 and the Majesty 48, for interested guests to view. Once you step foot on to these two fine yachts you will know the quality and open living for space & comfortability — perfect for Singapore waters.

The Majesty 48 will be anchoring at Raffles Marina throughout the four-day event.

Acquaint yourself with the Majesty 48. This 14.9-metre stunner will be anchored right by the marina throughout the four-day extravaganza for all your viewing pleasure. Aside from its gorgeous exterior, the yacht also features three spacious decks that can accommodate up to six guests — plenty of room for you and your companions to relax and unwind.

The long range Nomad 65 deserves no less attention. The yacht showcases some of the best design, engineering, and craftsmanship that Gulf Craft has to offer, as illustrated by the many awards it has received throughout the world. The 20-metre yacht also makes room for 3 cabins and 2 crew cabins, all featuring a sleek, contemporary interior finished in olive wood veneer.

Majesty 48

Whether you are looking at buying for charter, living on board or for your corporate clients, Promarine Yacht Sales is committed to fulfilling their client’s dreams and requirements. Head down to Raffles Marina next week, where Promarine Yacht Sales will provide all in giving you the comfort and service that you ask for.

Plus, the venue also happens to be the best sunset location on the island, so you’ll get to admire some of Asia’s finest yachts as they are bathed in beautiful golden light. That’s certainly not a sight to miss.

Visit the SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS 2017 website to find out more and get your tickets on Peatix.

SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS 2017: P1 PowerBoats revs up for an exhilarating nautical adventure

P1 PowerBoats – JETSKI

The Formula One season in Singapore may be at a close, but here’s a piece of good news to keep your spirits up: Singapore Rendezvous 2017 is only a week away. Happening from October 5 to 8 at Raffles Marina, Southeast Asia’s most anticipated luxury lifestyle event is back for its second edition, promising an even better experience this year.

The four-day extravaganza will showcase an array of beautifully crafted classic cars, supercar convoys, high-end properties and fine dining options. The spotlight, however, will shine on the display of the region’s finest yachts. Set against a breathtaking nautical backdrop, Singapore Rendezvous will also host a range of water activities for those with a taste of something more hands-on.

P1 PowerBoats – Sail Boat

From October 6 to 8, P1 PowerBoats has quite a line-up planned for boat enthusiasts as well. The FOCUS Adventure company will be offering free joy rides on its diverse selection of boats, taking place from 2PM to 6PM on Friday; 12PM to 6PM on Saturday; and 12PM to 5PM on Sunday.

Visitors can speed along the bay on the P1 PowerBoat, which is basically the boater’s answer to a Formula One car; or cruise the glittering blue waters on a sail boat, which holds up to 15 people and measures 42 feet in length. The adrenaline-driven will hop on the chance to try out P1 PowerBoats’ JETSKI, while those looking for a calmer experience can opt for a kayak.

There is something for everyone — including novices — of all ages to discover at P1 PowerBoats’ booth, where the experts of sea-based activities will be showcasing their many basic courses. Kids aged 7 to 12 can take up their “Learn to Sail – Sailing Course”, while those slightly older can sign up for the “Basic Sailing Course” instead.

For those looking to get certified, you can find out more about P1 PowerBoats’ Powered Pleasure Craft Driving License (PPCDL) and Competent Crew Course. The company also offers a JETSKI Safari and JETSKI Expedition for the adventurous at heart, as well as a team-bonding Dragon Boat Expedition.

Singapore Rendezvous 2017 is certainly shaping up to be THE luxury lifestyle event of the year — definitely one not to be missed. Find out more on the SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS 2017 website, or get your tickets on Peatix.

Spot Lamborghini Huracan Rear Wheel Drive Coupe at Singapore Rendezvous 2017

The folks over at Singapore Rendezvous 2017 just gave LUXUO the head’s up that the new Lamborghini Huracan Rear Wheel Drive Coupe will be showcased at Singapore’s premier luxury lifestyle event. According to Lamborghini Singapore, the new Huracán RWD Coupé will provide the most exhilarating driving experience possible thanks to newly developed technology which will give you full control of your car, turning a regular drive into a natural endorphin-releasing experience.

Lamborghini Huracan Rear Wheel Drive Coupe at Singapore Rendezvous 2017

When launched, the original Lamborghini Huracan powertrain was designed as an all-wheel drive, today, Lamborghini’s most affordable super car has been made even more affordable thanks to the latest RWD or Rear-Wheel Drive coupe variant of the Lamborghini Huracan. Have no fear, none of the heritage nor potent legacy of the Huracan has been lost, returning is the same 5.2-liter V-10 set within a  rigid aluminum and carbon fiber chassis for some of the most exciting rear-wheel-driving of all time – the result of the new Lamborghini Huracan Rear Wheel Drive Coupe strikes the perfect balance between agility, steering response and drivability with less two wheels driven.

The Lamborghini Huracan RWD coupe is a high tech, thoroughly modern super car turned into a relatable driving experience – in short,  a super sports car which happens to be really fun to drive thanks to the development of Lamborghini’s Adaptive Network Intelligence MAnagement or ANIMA system, which allows you to adjust the performance characteristics of the Huracán RWD Coupé to your driving needs.

New Huracan RWD coupe: ANIMA Explained and the Driving Experience

The new Huracan RWD coupe’s Adaptive Network Intelligence MAnagement or ANIMA system comes with three pre-set modes: SPORT – for enhanced oversteering behaviour if your looking for some thrills during an otherwise routine drive. CORSA – for true race driving as you push the Lamborghini RWD coupe for maximum performance. Finally, there’s STRADA, a mode of driving for the latest Huracan RWD best suited for comfortable driving with maximum grip for simple travels and commutes.

Beyond the Huracan RWD coupe’s ANIMA system, you have the raw engineered power and acceleration of a longitudinal mid-mount naturally aspirated V-10 engine, where you can take advantage of other technologies such as the Lamborghini Double Clutch (Lamborghini Doppia Frizione – LDF) transmission and rear wheel drive, which you can use to create the exhilarating drive you desire and do so in a way which keeps you as safe as possible thanks to the new EPS system. EPS or electromechanical power steering is Lamborghini’s way of giving you the same finesse and control of the Huracan Rear Wheel Drive coupe at low speeds as you do at higher speeds and thus adaptable to a wide variety of driving conditions. An optional add-on is also available in the form of an innovative Lamborghini Dynamic Steering (LDS) system dynamically varies the steering ratio so you always have the ideal steering response for all driving conditions.

Featuring new front and rear bumpers, exhaust pipes, rear grills and 19″ Kari rims, Lamborghini’s latest Huracan is more aggressive than ever. Every line and detail was designed for not just taking the driver’s metaphorical breath away but also literal re-direction of wind across the Lamborghini’s plane surfaces for performance aerodynamics.

Beneath the surface, the latest Huracan Rear Wheel Drive coupe enjoys a chassis of carbon fiber and aluminum: adding to the incredible characteristics which contribute to the driving experience thanks to the lightweight chassis matched by incredible torsional stiffness.

Furthermore, the double wishbone architecture of the latest Huracan Spyder suspension system offers the perfect balance between day-to-day convenience and sports performance.
In addition, an optional magnetorheological shock absorber system is available, designed to adjust the damping effect almost instantaneously on the basis of three factors: driving style, road conditions, and the selected driving mode.


Lamborghini Huracan Rear Wheel Drive Coupe Technical Specs

Engine V10 90°, MPI (Multi Point Injection)+ DSI (Direct Stratified Injection)
Max Power 580 CV (426 kW) @ 8.000 rpmv
Max Torque 540 Nm (398 lb.-ft.) @ 6.500 rpm
Power to Weight Ratio 2,39 kg/CV (5.28 lb/CV)
Transmission Rear wheel drive system with rear mechanical self-locking differential
Acceleration 0 to 100 kmh 3.4 s
Max Speed 320 km/h (198 mph)



Virtual Currencies : An Insider’s perspective

When cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and a host of other alt-coins first appeared in 2009, the financial establishment was quick to dismiss the new, fast rising asset class as a fad. Today, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and other alt-coins are accepted by major retailers including Whole Foods, JC Penny, Gap and even the renowned Dadiani Art Gallery in Mayfair, London.

Virtual Currencies (Cryptocurrencies) : An Insider’s perspective

10 years on, cryptocurrencies have reached new heights. According to CoinMarketCap, a data provider tracking Cryptocurrency Market Capitalizations, the total value of the more than 800 publicly traded cryptocurrencies is currently 795 percent higher for the year, pushing past $158 billion for the first time ever as of 28 August 2017, with Bitcoin  accounting for nearly half of that growth.

In fact, Goldman Sachs’ chart analyst Sheba Jafari, previously made a prediction to CNBC that bitcoin could hit $4,800 and with Bitcoin currently trading at $4668, he looks on track to meet his forecast. Of other major coin cryptocurrencies – Ethereum valued at $340 today has grown 470%. Meanwhile, Litecoin is up an extraordinary 1300% from the beginning of the year.

With 5 to 10 million unique users to date, the question is no longer one of the legitimacy of cryptocurrencies as an asset class and medium of trade, but rather how does one discern the alt-coins backed by real fundamentals and those flash-in-pan dotcom type of coins.

Some Major Big Name investors in Cryptocurrency

  • The Winklevoss brothers, founders of Facebook
  • Venture Capitalist and former Bitcoin critic, Mark Cuban
  • Billionaire Tim Draper, one of Bitcoin’s earliest investors

How to Invest Cryptocurrency like these Heavyweight Investors: A Seminar at Singapore Rendezvous 2017

In short, 2017 has been a defining year for Blockchain and the virtual currency world. With a big push from countries, large corporations and even startups adopting the technology and framework to build a whole range of ecosystems and applications that transcends all industries and sectors and creating disruption like never before.

Thus, in a luxury industry first, spanning over two afternoons during the Singapore Rendezvous 2017 weekend, a cryptocurrency seminar will be held to offer an insider’s view on Blockchain and virtual currencies.

Designed to be an inclusive program , the first day will explore a better understanding into Blockchain and the exciting applications that have arose from them. Supported by the Aditus Foundation, the seminar aims to aim to bring about a new level of understanding into the Blockchain world by bringing thought leaders to inspire and to engage with the growing elite investing community.

Here’s a broad overview of the upcoming Singapore Rendezvous cryptocurrency seminar:

  • Day 1: A showcase of upcoming ICOs with real legitimacy and fundamentals with tips on how to participate in these initial coin offerings.
  • Day 2: Insights on cryptocurrency or digital money, market trends of this new asset class and where keynote speakers believe the industry is headed

You can now follow in the footsteps of the fore-mentioned heavyweight investors at this upcoming seminar at Singapore Rendezvous is where you will want to be.

Please indicate your interest at [email protected] and we will send you the detailed program.

Zeelander Z44 by Dutch manufacturer Zeelander Yachts boasts unique shape

The Netherlands is home to many of the world’s premier yacht builders and the latest offering from the land of clogs and windmills is the Zeelander Z44. Now many of our readers might not be too familiar with the brand. The prestigious shipyard was founded in 2002 with the aspiration to create a “pocket super yacht.” They have brought their latest model, the Z44, to our shores, after making its Asian debut at the Singapore RendezVous recently.

As its name suggests, this Zeelander is 44 ft long and offers exceptional space on board. It’s designed by Cor D. Rover and Zeelander Yachts, while the naval architecture was undertaken by Frank Mulder. What you end up with is a yacht that is second to none and features an abundance of high-quality leather and woods, adding to its exclusive appeal. And there is no need to worry about maintaining her exterior, as faux materials mean no real teak and varnish.

Designing and building any Zeelander is an engineering feat and this model takes 42 different moulds to create its unique shape. You will not be able to find a single straight line anywhere on the Z44. Even the windows are double curved, blending in with the curved lines of the hull which is made of GRP Core Infusion Vinylester Glass fibre. This yacht is not a style over function machine though. For instance, the high bow prevents slamming into waves, creating a more stable ride in high seas and the double chines deflect waves, keeping everything a little bit drier.

On the main deck, everyone has a 360-degree panoramic view of their surroundings, regardless of whether you’re inside or outside the yacht. You’ll also be nice and cool during those hot summer days, due to the exceptional air-conditioning system. The main deck also features plenty of seating both inside and out, as well as a swimming platform that emerges from the stern. As you head below deck you’ll find two spacious cabins, a restroom and the galley. Everything is beautifully crafted and maintains the curvaceous design of the exterior.

When it’s time to get a move on, she slices through the water with pinpoint accuracy. The 2 x Volvo Penta 375 hp engines produce a top speed of up to 36 kts depending on if you have the IPS 500 or IPS 600 model. With the 600, you also achieve a cruising range of around 300 to 400 Nm. That will easily get you from Phuket to Langkawi and back on a single tank.

It’s curvaceous, it’s sexy and it’s fun, but most importantly it has quality in spades. Whether you’re island hopping or berthed at your favourite yacht club, the Zeelander gets all the right looks. It’s like an Aston Martin for the waters, beautiful without being too ostentatious. If you’re looking for something truly unique, then you should definitely look Zeelander’s way.

This article was first published in Yacht Style 37.

For more information about  Zeelander motoryachts, please visit www.zeelander.com.

Exclusive boat shows in 2017: Save the date for these yachting events happening around the world

What’s not to like about exploring the China Coast, circumnavigating Australia, wining and dining on the French Riviera, or living it up on Miami’s hip South Beach? Big boat shows take place at such venues.

Well-heeled boaters may consider buying a motor yacht to impress clients, or for company conferences, or to facilitate incentive cruises. Perhaps the charter market appeals. Other visitors could try selling marine accessories, or even luxury brands, from fine wines and watches to sports cars and helicopters. Marketing, PR and media roles qualify, as do promoting exotic marinas and resorts.

Agreed payments, tax benefits and expense refunds can thus accrue, and some Asia-Pacific countries offer financial incentives to exporters. A rationale is needed for travel anyway. Why not mix business with pleasure, and use boat shows as a prime purpose for voyaging abroad? It’s fun, and personal contacts often lead to glamorous new lifestyle opportunities. Some youngsters even become superyacht crew. What are the current options?

North Asia

Hong Kong Boat Show

Let’s begin with the powerhouses of North Asia: North China, South Korea and Japan. French lass Delphine Lignieres, founder of the Hainan Rendez-vous, has tried So! Dalian events since 2014 to hopefully attract Beijing boaters to this Russian-established coastal city in Liaoning. The next one, targeting people who have a passion for the sea and beach polo, is to be held on the weekend from July 8 to 9. Twenty brands are taking part.

Yantai, formerly Chefoo, on Dalian’s opposite peninsula, is where several superyachts have so far been built, including the 90m proa Asean Lady based at Raffles Marina in Singapore, and Nero, recently the largest superyacht shown at the Monaco Yacht Show.

South Korea, on the eastern shores of the Yellow Sea, is more formally organised, in a pleasure boating sense, with their Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries backing two events: the Busan International Boat Show (BIBS), held from March 23 to 26, and Korea International Boat Show (KIBS), held on the outskirts of its capital Seoul from May 25 to 28.

I visited South Korea’s second city Busan in 1986, ‘87 and ‘88 for the Asian Games Sailing, Pre-Olympics and Olympic Regatta, when the action was at the newly built Suyeong Yachting Centre. That venue is still used for the boat show today. Not a lot has happened in the past 30 years, but Busan and its famous Haeundae Beach are definitely worth a call, as is the offshore holiday island Jeju, still recovering from the loss of over 300 mostly schoolchildren in the Sewol ferry disaster in 2014. Another show, Yacht & Boat Korea, is trying to establish in nearby Changwon. It has not announced its 2017 dates at our deadline.

Japan International Boat Show (JIBS) is held from March 2 to 5. It has moved to Tokyo’s port city Yokohama. One can easily stay in Tokyo and commute daily, or Yokohama itself can also be quite interesting. After the heady entrepreneurial 1980s, JIBS has been relatively quiet, reflecting the country’s long, slow recession since then, but there have been recent signs that boating may be picking up. Tokyo and Sagami Bays have seen locally owned superyachts cruising their waters in the past, and the likes of Oceanco’s 91.5m Equanimity is among big boats making a recent return. Berth availability and fishermen’s rights are both issues in Japan.

Back to the China Coast, where Huang Zhengang, Secretary General of the China Boat Industry and Trade Association, says that there are now an astonishing 41 boat shows. Not all would meet our criteria for listing, so starting in the north, near Yantai, there is the yachting centre at Qingdao set up for the Beijing Olympic Regatta in 2008.

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston’s around-the-world Clipper Race has had a strong association with Qingdao since 2004-05, and in 2012 the latest 12-strong fleet of Tony Castro-designed Clipper 70s were built there. Local lass Vicky Song became the first Chinese woman to circumnavigate the globe in the 2013-14 Clipper Race, and will make her usual call in at the 2017-18 event. Boat shows in the city, however, are sporadic.

South China

This is not so in Shanghai, where annual events began in 1996 at the old Russian-built exhibition halls off Nanjing Road, near People’s Square. The show moved across the Huangpu River to the Shanghai World Expo Centre in Pudong for some years, and this year, the 22nd China (Shanghai) International Boat Show (CIBS), held from April 26 to 29, changes venue again to the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC).

SNIEC is located in Pudong too, but further inland. This joint venture display facility, whose partners include Messe Dusseldorf, was opened in 2001, and is thus not so new either. No easy in-water links, tried in the past, appear possible in the latest set-up, and CIBS Shanghai will be held alongside another unrelated mega show called Hotel Plus. Features this year are “Business Matchmaking” and “Superyacht Showcase,” although superyacht exhibitors are few and far between these days.

I’ve been to a dozen or more Shanghai boat shows, including the first one, and suspect that visiting Shanghai itself has always been the strongest lure for foreign exhibitors. There are few facilities for boaters, and local cruising waters are poor, so CIBS has become effectively a core marine trades event.

But this is also a city of immense wealth. Its citizens can and do keep quite big boats abroad, and the wife of China’s richest man runs a distinctively-coloured Sunseeker on the Huangpu. A separate approach is needed for this market. Ms Lignieres for example, has a discreet Bund Classic Cars event in association with Simpson Marine on the weekend from October 14 to 15. China (Xiamen) International Boat Show (CIBS) in Fujian Province, opposite Taiwan, is a different story, although like Shanghai it was a foreign trading port, known as Amoy, and crumbling colonial homes can still be seen on offshoot island Gulangyu, now a lover’s retreat.

In Xiamen some sizeable marinas have been built in Wuyuan Bay, and the 45m Feadship Helix was alongside during one event we attended recently. Locally owned motor yachts to circa 80 ft are used primarily for business-related cruises, and there is some sailing. Attractive destinations are nearby, and bonded store facilities are offered. Redevelopment of the Wuyuan Bay waterfront has caused the boat show, held in November, to be split into separate in-water and hard standing sectors of late, but like Sydney’s show, it is now re-merging.

American Nordhavn and Marlow brands are built in boating- friendly Xiamen, which displays a huge statue of Koxinga, a famous pirate-cum-patriot who once ruled the Taiwan Straits and repelled colonial incursions, notably of the Dutch.

Taiwan International Boat Show was relaunched in 2014, ‘15 and ‘16 in Kaohsiung, where most of the boat building yards are located, and it is presently slated for March 10 to 13, 2018, moving to a biannual schedule. Prime movers include Taiwan Trade or Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), Kaohsiung City and Horizon Yachts, one of the world’s top 10 builders. A new in-water exhibition centre and hard standing are located close to leading hotels and the Central Business District (CBD). Lately renamed Horizon City Marina, this facility can be visited anytime. Other well-known builders in Kaohsiung include Ocean Alexander, Kha Shing with its Monte Finos and American Hargraves, Johnson, President, Global and New Ocean.

Hong Kong International Boat Show at Club Marina Cove, on Sai Kung’s eastern seaboard, is held from December 1 to 3, 2017. A fairly full marina has restricted in-water display space in recent years. Hong Kong Gold Coast Boat Show at Gold Coast Yacht and Country Club, in the territory’s western approaches, is usually held late April or early May, but a substantial marina upgrade taking place means this event has been suspended until further notice. Various venues in Hong Kong-Kowloon CBDs have been tried when regional dealer Mike Simpson and I were running the Hong Kong Marine Traders Association, but choppy conditions in the harbour have always proved a problem.

Around the Pearl River Delta, apart from Hong Kong, there are boat shows in Shenzhen, Nansha, Macau and other smaller locations. Shenzhen rivals Hong Kong and Guangzhou, formerly Canton, on the fast-growing Chinese billionaires list, and its boat show held last year at Shenzhen Sevenstar Yacht Club has been evolving since 2007. Like Macau and the less frequent Yacht CN show at Nansha, these events are spread from late September to November, making it possible to visit say Xiamen, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Macau in a month.

Macau has established casino moguls. This group does buy big boats and charter superyachts, although vessels are kept in Hong Kong, Asia-Pacific waters, the Mediterranean and sometimes the Caribbean. The Macau Boat Show has oscillated between Fisherman’s Wharf near the Ferry Terminal and The Venetian on the Cotai Strip between Coloane and Taipa. It is presently back at Fisherman’s Wharf with upgraded in-water facilities.

Finally the Hainan Rende-zvous. I’ve called this island “China’s future Florida” since the 1970s, as assorted five-star hotels have been built there, and PR people have also added “China’s Hawaii” and the “Chinese Riviera.” Ms Lignieres again was the motive force behind the Hainan Rendez-vous boat, private aviation and luxury lifestyle showcase event that was launched in 2009.

The boatyards of Europe, America and Asia-Pacific have long coveted one place where they can showcase their vessels to Asian and Australasian clients, conveniently forgetting that Europe and America require many more venues, even for superyachts.

For a while it looked as though Hainan would be the new focus after Shanghai. Early teething troubles were overcome, and by the 3rd or 4th Hainan Rendezvous, displays at local entrepreneur Wang Da Fu’s Visun Royal Yacht Club and Hotel began to look really impressive.

However, when the five-year partnership between Lignieres and Wang broke up, each went their own way, and the character of the event subtly changed. The last Hainan Rendez-vous was moved back from its usual April 2016 timeslot to December. Dates for 2017 have not been announced so far.

South East Asia

The Singapore Yacht Show (SYS) at One° 15 Marina had in the meantime, been getting support. Some background here, when British outfit Informa bought Monaco Yacht Show (MYS) from Lord Irvine Laidlaw in 2005, it was decided to try to clone the MYS brand in America, the Middle East, Australia and Asia, in full frontal opposition to existing boat shows.

High-level presentations were made. America and Australia were not interested. The heavily sponsored, but sparsely-attended Abu Dhabi Yacht Shows lasted three years against the incumbent Dubai Yacht Show, and then folded. In Asia, Informa first bought Andy Dowden’s Phuket International Boat Show or PIMEX, rebranding it as “Asia’s largest in-water event,” and launched “Asia’s First Superyacht Show” in Singapore, which saw a handful of assorted boats huddling under heavy storms.

Changing its title to Singapore Yacht Show, the event later went head-to-head against the long-running Boat Asia, formerly at One° 15 Marina and then at Marina at Keppel Bay, by announcing it would be held on the same dates. Boat Asia closed. Informa earlier severed its ties with SYS, and gave Phuket Boat Show back to Dowden.

Despite this somewhat chequered history, Singapore Yacht Show is now supported by One° 15 Marina’s owner Arthur Tay, and has steadily built up exhibitors, attracting a few passing superyachts.

As a yacht show with high-value accessories on display, it is certainly the largest in Asia at present, and Singapore’s famed East- West ambience and central geographic location helps its image, as does the city-state’s growing reputation as the financial hub for the whole region. The next SYS is scheduled from April 6 to 9, 2017.

Meanwhile, six months apart, a new entity called Asia RendezVous, associated with YACHT STYLE and its sister lifestyle titles in the Lux Inc Media and Heart Media stables started a complementary boutique event called the Singapore RendezVous at Raffles Marina.

The first edition last October proved highly popular. It brought together all the key luxury components from properties, yachts, supercars and classic cars, to watches, fashion art, fine wines and champagne. Said a spokesman: “An affluent audience of 5,800 visitors had a chance to interact with carefully selected brands, and were able to broaden their interests and experiences. Yacht dealers in particular, reported many qualified leads, and exhibitors in general said the format was very successful. A second Singapore RendezVous takes place from October 5 to 8, 2017. Get your tickets to Singapore RendezVous 2017 here.

In Thailand, SYS started Thailand Yacht Show (TYS) in Phuket in February 2016 at Ao Po Grand Marina, having first announced a charter yacht show at rival Phuket Yacht Haven. Thai Government backing was obtained, and TYS was held again at Ao Po mid- December, only weeks before Andy Dowden’s 14th annual Phuket Boat Show (PIMEX) at Royal Phuket Marina over January 5 to 8, 2017. This was well-booked, and went ahead regardless.

The first TYS had more exhibitors than visitors. The turnout for the second TYS merely improved with the participation of leading local dealer Lee Marine, and organisers said 55 vessels took part, including the 90m Lauren L hosting a Titan Brokers party, the 41m Norman Foster-designed Ocean Emerald, 50m Northern Sun being offered for charter by Burgess Yachts, an eight-vessel line-up from the Boat Lagoon featuring a Princess 32m, and the steel Sanlorenzo 46m Forwin. The third TYS is scheduled December 14 to 17, 2017.

As this issue of YACHT STYLE closed, it was announced that PIMEX was taken over and rebranded Phuket RendezVous with an inaugural edition to be held from January 4 to 7, 2018, with Andy Dowden aboard and building upon his 14 years of experience. This is the second such event under the Asia RendezVous umbrella, and more are planned for other Asian cities.

In the Gulf of Thailand, the annual Ocean Marina Pattaya Boat Show at Pattaya-Jomtien is held in late November, and offers direct access to the Bangkok market only a short drive away, whereas Bangkok to Phuket is a one-hour flight. This event is normally well- attended, and vessels like Ocean Emerald above are based there for the last charter season.

Vietnam’s largest show is of a more maritime commercial bent, but some pleasure boats are also built on the coast. The 4th Indonesia Yacht Show takes place April 21 to 23, at Batavia Sunda Kelapa Marina in Jakarta, and there are other fledgling events in Sri Lanka and India.

Australia and New Zealand are advanced boating markets. The largest events on Australia’s East Coast have been at Sanctuary Cove from May 25 to 28 on the Gold Coast, the epicentre of the country’s boat building industry, and at principal city Sydney, from August 3 to 6. The latter has been split for several years while new exhibition halls are built at its lovely in-water Darling Harbour location. This year marks its return to one easily navigable central CBD venue.

Rest of the World

The Gold Coast Marine Complex near Sanctuary Cove has long been holding its own events, some conflicting with the ambient resort. This year, it has rebranded itself Gold Coast International Boat Show, to be held over three days from March 17 to 19. Riviera is a prominent participant, as is Gold Coast City Marina, which offers in-water berths to other non-Riviera exhibitors.

Other Australian capitals have smaller boat shows that can be checked out online. In West Australia, one well-supported event is at Mandurah, south of Perth and held from October 6 to 8, not far from Henderson’s Australian Marine Complex where 70m to 90m superyacht builders like Echo and SilverYachts are based.

Across the Tasman Sea, the more local Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show is held in suburban Auckland showgrounds from May 18 to 21, and the International Auckland On-Water Boat Show is in September.

Further afield, September is the month to visit Europe, when late summer weather lingers and the tourists have mostly gone home. Start at the superb Cannes Yachting Festival in early September, drive down the coast to explore the Genoa Boat Show and boat building centre Viareggio, perhaps calling at Santa Margherita Ligure and Portofino in between, then finish with the inimitable Monaco Yacht Show. Paris, London and Dusseldorf are three other big ones, but they take place in mid-winter.

In the United States, Ft Lauderdale International Boat Show, held from November 2 to 6 in Florida, is a month after Monaco. Billed as the world’s largest, a claim challenged only occasionally by Dusseldorf, it spans five venues, and one could spend all five days in the principal Bahia Mar site alone. Miami is in February, and Palm Beach in March, geographically located on either side of Ft Lauderdale.

In the Middle East, the Dubai International Boat Show (DIBS) is held from February 28 to March 4, and is definitely worth attending for anyone who wants to get a hang of what’s happening in the always-evolving United Arab Emirates and the wider Middle East. Other boat shows are also held in Turkey and Lebanon.

Here, space decrees that we must wrap up this potted tour of particularly Asia-Pacific boat shows and their 2017 dates, hoping that readers have found something of value, and that they will check out more of these events this year and in the future.

This article was first published in Yacht Style 37.

Things to do in Singapore: 35 luxe activities for the well-heeled traveller – from attractions to top restaurants and bars in the city

Singapore may be known as a “Little Red Dot”, but contrary to popular belief, there is a long list of activities to immerse yourself in — whether you’re a local or just visiting. Garden City and Lion City are just a few nicknames that this island metropolis holds, but do these nicknames have any weight to them? We say of course! From tourist attractions to bars and restaurants, we’ve put together a list of 35 must-see-do-smell activities for the luxury traveller.

1. Hop on for a magical helicopter ride

© Singapore Heli Services

Forget boring land tours of the city and go on a helicopter ride over the sunny island. Singapore Heli Services is a company that offers 45-minute helicopter tours around the island. The package includes bird’s eye views of Bukit Timah nature reserve and the Marina Bay area, just to name a few. Equipped with two-way stereo-headsets, passengers will be able to ooh and ah together upon seeing the panoramic views of the island. Visit Singapore Heli-Services for more enquiries.

2. Charter a yacht around Singapore

© Amethyst Yachts, Marine Bookings Singapore

Hate flying? Opt for a yacht tour instead. Choose from a list of luxury yachts for rent to enhance your trip around the island. Other than a cruise around the mainland, you can spice up your experience with visits to nearby sister islands such as St. John’s island. Yacht charters can be found at ONE 15 Marina and Marine Bookings.

3. Try your luck at the Marina Bay Sands Casino

© Skyscraper Cities

With one of the world’s largest Swarovski chandeliers as its centerpiece, the Sands Casino is nothing short of opulent. Located in the stunning Marina Bay Sands, the casino is a favourite amongst travellers around the world. Try your hand at one of the 1,000 gaming tables or 1,400 slot machines — you may have Lady Luck smiling down on you.

4. Dine at Waku Ghin

© Karmatrendz, Waku Ghin restaurant

Waku Ghin by Tetsuya Wakuda is a Michelin star restaurant located at Marina Bay Sands. ‘Waku’ stands for ‘arise’, and ‘Ghin’ stands for ‘silver’. The restaurant’s namesake promises an exquisite fine dining experience. The award winning, one–star Michelin star restaurant serves modern Japanese cuisine through a unique dining setting. Serving up the seasons’ best produce every day, the restaurant has 3 private rooms as well as a main dining room, with a chef helming each kitchen Omakase style. Waku Ghin’s specialities include the Marinated Botan Shrimp with Sea Urchin and Caviar and Wagyu.

5. Rent a luxury car

© Marina Bay Sands

Want to travel in style? With a wide array of luxury car rental companies, find the sports car of your desires. From Lamborghinis to Maseratis, cruise around Singapore’s busy streets. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll feel like you’re part of the Grand Prix line up. Visit Ultimate Drive Singapore to take a look at their catalogues and the list of supercars up for grabs.

6. Take a dip in the iconic infinity pool

© Marina Bay Sands

A fan of infinity pools? You’re in luck. The world’s largest rooftop pool rests above Singapore’s very own Marina Bay Sands hotel. Feast your eyes upon Singapore’s sparkling skyline 57 floors above ground, and relax in the clouds (almost!). The MBS Skypark is also home to several celebrity chef restaurants such as Spago by Wolfgang Puck, perfect for a night of wine and dine.

7. Have a meal at the 3 Michelin Star Joël Robuchon Restaurant

© Facebook Robuchon Restaurant

Helmed by Chef Joël Robuchon, the Joël Robuchon restaurant is Singapore’s first and only three-starred Michelin restaurant. With 30 Michelin Stars under his belt, Robuchon is one to beat in today’s culinary scene. The restaurant has an exquisite menu serving up the chef’s signature French haute cuisine, coupled with refined presentation skills it is no wonder this hotel has its level of prestige. The restaurant is located on level one of Resorts World Sentosa, under Hotel Michael.

8. Dive into the ocean suites at RWS

© Resorts World Sentosa

After your meal, check into one of Resorts World Sentosa’s 11 Ocean Suites. Yes, these 11 duplex units are literally underwater. Framed with floor to ceiling length tempered glass, these windows provide a stunning ocean view of the world’s biggest aquarium exhibit, the Open Ocean Habitat at the SEA Aqaurium. The upper level consists of an outdoor patio and Jacuzzi, while the lower level provides the stunning view of the aquarium — along with a bathtub that is situated alongside the window to complete the underwater experience.

9. Chill out at Sentosa beach club

© Tanjong Beach Club

From Palawan to Siloso beach, explore Singapore’s many beaches along Sentosa Island. Besides some fun in the sun, Sentosa also boasts an array of beach clubs such as FOC — a restaurant bringing a Mediterranean punch, as well as Tanjong Beach Club— a local favourite. Both locations offer a much needed respite away from the hustle and bustle of the city, along with extensive menus to suit your personal tastes.

10. Party at Capital

© Zouk Singapore

When veteran nightclub Zouk announced its closure of Velvet Underground, many felt a sense of loss. Thankfully, that sadness was shortlived. Curated specifically for those who enjoy finer things in life, Capital is an ultra-luxe version of its counterparts Zouk and Phuture. Paying homage to the iconic Velvet Underground, Capital ignites a lounge-like atmosphere with plush seating areas. The club also has a cigar lounge, decorated with art pieces personally curated by The Artling.

11. Have Champagne brunch

© St Regis Brasseries Les Saveurs

What better day to end a meal than with a glass of bubbly? Choose from a variety of Sunday Champagne brunches offered by grandiose dining locations. Brasserie Les Saveurs at the St Regis Hotel is one of these locations offering wondrous spreads of international cuisine alongside free flow champagne choices. With their palatial space and a menu set to tingle your tastebuds, this will no doubt be a luxurious brunch experience. Do visit St Regis Hotel Singapore  for more information.

12. Try indoor skydiving

© iFLY Singapore

Fulfill your dream of flying in Singapore’s first indoor skydiving simulation, IFLY Singapore. Made up of a five-story vertical wind tunnel, take a leap of faith into wind speeds blowing up to 180km/h and experience what it is like to skydive at 12,000 feet in the air. There will be an instructor on site at all times to guide all participants during their flight, so hop on down and give it a whirl!

13. Shopping at Orchard Road

© Your Singapore

The most famous strip in Singapore is undoubtedly Orchard Road — Singapore’s number one shopping district. Lined with shopping centers such as the renowned Ion Orchard as well as Takashimaya, we have to say that a day simply isn’t enough to finish this stretch. Filled to the brim with luxury brands such as Chanel and Dior Homme, Orchard Road is the one stop destination to satisfy your shopaholic tendencies.

14. Visit Botanic Gardens, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

© Your Singapore

The Singapore Botanic Gardens is the island’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, having earned the title just two years ago in its Jubilee year. A symbol of Singapore’s status as a Garden City, the Botanic Gardens is home to a National Orchid Garden, which boasts the world’s largest orchid display. Consisting of a beautiful Swan Lake, the gardens are a perfect place for some fresh air during an evening stroll. If you’re lucky , you might also be able to catch performances at the Symphony Stage.

15. Go museum-hopping

© Your Singapore

With many museums located within the Civic District, museum-hopping is a must-do in this part of the city. We recommend hitting the National Museum of Singapore first, followed by a trip to the Singapore Art Museum. Last but not least, head down to the newest addition to Singapore’s cultural scene — National Gallery Singapore. With both permanent and temporary exhibits, these museums will give you both a taste of the past and current Singapore.

16. Go for sunset drinks at 1-Altitude

© 1-Altitude Singapore

What’s better than a great drink? A great drink with a killer view, of course. The highest rooftop bar in Singapore, 1-Altitude offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the cityscape. Hit up 1-Altitude’s Sundown Affair, happening daily from 6-8pm.

17. Relax at ESPA, Resorts World Sentosa

© ESPA Singapore

After a long day of shopping and sightseeing, visit the ESPA Spa at Resorts World Sentosa for some serious pampering. The massive luxury wellness center is an oasis far away from the concrete jungle that is the mainland. Immerse yourself in the Crystal Steam Room— where chocolate and gold mosaics twinkle. Or treat yourself to an hour in the Rock Saunas, which boast a gorgeous view of the lush surrounds.

18. Find the secret underground bars in Singapore

© Straits Times, 28 HongKong Street

Fancy a little peace a quiet away from the crowds at Clarke Quay? Visit Singapore’s speakeasy bars— some of which are located right under your noses. With top-notch cocktails and spirits that can only be unlocked with secret passwords and serious detective skills, you’re guaranteed a night filled with adventure. These secret locations include top bars such as 28 HongKong Street and Operation Dagger.

19. Golfing

© Today

Get a hole in one at  Singapore’s sprawling golf courses, some of which are located along the ocean. Known as the Number one championship golf course in Asia, The Serapong a unique course set along the beautiful backdrop of the Singapore Harbour. Headed by the Singapore Golf Club, the course also has a sister course — The New Tanjong Course. This course is set against the Singapore Straits, proving that the sport also comes with a splendid view.

20. Universal Studios Singapore VIP tour

© Worlds To Trek

The Universal Studios Singapore (USS) is the island’s equivalent of Disneyland! With eight different attraction zones, there’s something for all ages. Feel like a celebrity at USS with its exclusive VIP tour. Start your day at the VIP lounge along with complimentary drinks, complete with red carpet treatment. With the VIP tour, get your own private escort and skip the long lines on all attractions to ride your favourites as many times as you want! The tour lasts up to five hours, with adult tickets at $298 and child tickets at $228.

21. Gillman Barracks

© Gillman Barracks Singapore

Singapore’s first contemporary arts cluster, Gillman Barracks, is comprises of ten galleries located in five different buildings. Home to international galleries, restaurants and bars, the estate was built back in 1936 and was used as military barracks until the 1990s. Now a prime spot for art events such as the annual Art After Dark, Gillman Barracks remains a tranquil location for art buffs.

22. Watch a performance by the Singapore Lyric Opera

© Singapore Lyric Opera

Since its inaugural performance in 1991, the Singapore Lyric Opera has been an undeniable piece of this little red dot’s arts scene. Having put on classics such as Madama Butterfly and Turandot, the opera puts on yearly shows of Opera in the Park in the Singapore Botanic Gardens, as well as the performances by the SLO Children’s Choir. For more information, visit Singapore Opera.

23. Attend the Singapore Grand Prix

© Bryan van der Beek

A fixture in the Singapore night scene, the annual Singapore Grand Prix holds the title for being the first night race in the Grand Prix series. The event takes place on the stunning Marina Bay Street Circuit and is the first street circuit in Asia for F1 races. Far from being just another street race, the Grand Prix also consists of music performances at the Padang, with notable alumni Queen and Maroon 5 having performed in previous legs.

24. Singapore Rendezvous

An annual luxury lifestyle event, the Singapore Rendezvous hosts a variety of luxury exhibitions and shows for property, collectible vehicles, motoring, art and more. Guests will be able to enjoy bites from fine classical restaurants and a sunset bar, along with an extensive wine list. Held at the Raffles Marina, this is an event poised for the glitterati. Get your tickets here.

25. Ride the Jewel Cable Car

© MothershipSG

Connecting Sentosa Island to the mainland, the Singapore Cable Sky Network runs from Mount Faber to Sentosa Station. Enjoy a VIP tour onboard a glass floored, Swarovski crystal covered, ambient-lit cable car cabin. Th tour provides a different perspective on the city’s skyline, and even consists of an exclusive set meal at Faber Peak Singapore on top of the personalized experience.

26. Fly in or out of Singapore in a private jet

© Changi Airport Singapore

Singapore’s Changi Airport is one of the world’s top airports, providing world-class service and facilities. The airport also consists of Asia’s first standalone private jet airport located next to Changi’s Terminal 2, JetQuay. With Guest Relations Officers handling your travel formalities, you can sit back and relax with the many luxury facilities available such as the private spa and massage chairs.

27. Take a private buggy through Singapore Zoo

© Singapore Zoo

Charter a buggy for your own safari adventure at the Singapore Zoo. A private guide will take you through the attractions on a seven-seater limousine buggy. The tour also allows one to fix their own itinerary, including visiting animal shows and feedings.

28. Savour Singapore Art Week

© Art Stage Singapore

The annual Singapore Art Week is a pioneer event in the Singapore arts scene. Taking place in the first quarter of the year in January, Singapore Art Week brings excitement and inspiration to start off the New Year! Soak yourself in art at the annual Art Stage Singapore, an exhibition that showcases the best galleries and works from the region. Additionally, visit the annual Singapore Biennale for a lesson in both history and art.

28.  Enjoy the SEA Aquarium VIP Experience

© S.E.A Aquarium

Get an insider’s look on marine life with the exclusive SEA Aqaurium VIP Package. With a chance to enter the aquarium before anyone else, as well as access back-of-the-house feeding areas and sections, the VIP package is sure to take you under the sea. Included in the package is access to the back-of-the-house at Dolphin Island, allowing visitors to play with and marvel at these graceful animals.

30. Walk around Tiong Bahru estate

© MothershipSG

Tiong Bahru is lauded as the oldest housing estate in Singapore, yet it is rather bustling for its old age. A prime spot for up-and-coming as well as established cafes and eateries, the estate has become a hipster hotspot for tourists looking to soak up some heritage as well as locals seeking an adventure. The estate is also home to several hidden bookstores and galleries, perfect if you’re looking to have a quirky trip.

31. Fill your stomach with hawker food at Newton Food Centre

© Straits Times

A trip to Singapore simply isn’t complete without a taste of its famous local food, and Newton Food Centre is known for its variety of Singapore’s local delicacies; from Chili Crab to Prata to Chicken Rice. Wash them all down with a refreshing glass of sugarcane juice — the perfect remedy to the island’s humid weather.

32. Find your Zen at Como Shambhala

© Como Shambhala

Como Shambhala is Singapore’s most exclusive wellness retreats, located at a convenient location along the streets of Orchard Road. Pop by to the centre after a long day of shopping, and be treated to a holistic wellness experience. Offering a range of activities such as Yoga, Pilates and massage therapy, Como Shambhala is the one place to get OM-board with your body and mind.

33. Create your own fragrance

© Fragrance Du Bois

Create your own bespoke perfume at Fragrance Du Bois Singapore, a workshop that specialises in olfactory art and perfumery. Located in the heart of the city at the Fullerton Hotel, the fragrance house provides consultations with their master perfumer to find out what your personal preference is. Your signature fragrance will come packaged in a crystal bottle, perfect for either a gift or for your own usage.

34. Have high tea

© Ritz Carlton Singapore

Settle down in a plush armchair with a stack of pretty pastries at one of Singapore’s many high tea places. Try Colony at Ritz Carlton Singapore for a relaxing meet up and chat over coffee and cakes. However, there is a clever twist to this location. Instead of your normal english tea trays, the pastries and cakes are served in a five tier ceramic tiffins, a subtle nod to local Singaporean culture.

35. Marvel at Gardens By The Bay

© The Lion City

A sprawling 101-hectre garden, Gardens by the Bay features two massive greenhouses: the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. Both attractions contain some of the most exotic flora and fauna, along with seasonal exhibits such as “Blossom Bliss”— featuring cherry blossom flowers. With sprawling lawns and giant art pieces adoring its facade, Gardens by the Bay is  a horticultural heaven for locals and visitors alike.

SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS 2017: The ultimate luxury lifestyle event returns to Raffles Marina from October 5 to 8

Southeast Asia’s most anticipated luxury lifestyle event will be back in October 2017. The SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS 2nd Edition will take place from October 5th to 8th 2017 at Raffles Marina to close the F1 season in Singapore and coincide with China’s Golden Week.



After a successful first edition, the experienced and passionate team behind Asia Rendezvous Pte. Ltd is all set to surprise the public with an alluring set up. The four-day affair will combine everything luxury and fun. Visitors can look forward to world-renowned brand showcases offering unique customization options. Fine jewelry, curated leather goods and handmade watches are some items that will be available for personalization. On top of yachts, properties, supercars and classic cars, art and fashion, the event will offer a great selection of wining and dining options.

singapore rendezvous 2017

The second edition will be focused on creating opportunities for interaction in the luxury context. The partnering brands are being carefully selected to ensure an impressive impact on the VIP visitors. The event is curated to appeal to a broad audience of HNWIs. The day activities – kid’s entertainment, panel discussions and wine tastings – combine with the night parties to create a formula for the ultimate luxury lifestyle experience in Singapore.

singapore rendezvous 2017

Raffles Marina has been chosen as the strategic venue – providing the opportunity of sea trials thanks to its open water access, welcoming regional visitors being positioned close to Malaysia and offering high quality existing facilities.

The venue comprises of more than 5,000sqm of indoor and outdoor exhibition space, with flexibility for creative branding, promotion and advertising on land and water.
singapore rendezvous 2017

SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS is a pioneer in the luxury sector with its innovative approach to showcase brands and create upscale experiences. The 2017 edition is expected to welcome more than 10,000 visitors with over 30 yachts, 20 high-end property exhibitors, over 30 supercars and classic cars, and 20 luxury service providers.

singapore rendezvous

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Watch the official inaugural edition aftermovie below:


singapore rendezvous

SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS 2016: Official Aftermovie

The inaugural edition of SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS 2016 has been a great success.

Welcoming over 5,800 guests during 4 days, the event transformed the Raffles Marina into a bustling hub for all things luxury lifestyle, including luxury properties, yachts, supercars, classic cars, watches, fashion, art, fine food, wines and champagnes.

Watch the official aftermovie:




For four days, the Raffles Marina was transformed into a bustling hub for all things luxury lifestyle thanks to the inaugural SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS. The event marked the first time that various luxury lifestyle components were brought together under one roof in Singapore. From luxury properties, yachts, supercars, classic cars, watches, fashion, art, fine food, wines and champagnes, over 5,800 guests were able to enjoy the best that selected brands had to offer.

singapore rendezvous



Kicking off the event was a lion dance troop that on a winning performance that wowed the audience at the Raffles Marina. With Band on the Run – who funked up the crowd on all four days – serenading the assembled guests, the atrium proved to be a glimpse of what was in store for the weekend. As guests explored the venue, they were treated to Artheline’s range of quirky and fun creations. The art duo’s famous hippos and whales helped to brighten up the lawn as visitors enjoyed the JetLounge as well as vintage and super cars.

Supercars and Vintage Cars


The SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS featured several modern classic cars from the region such as the 1959 Jaguar XK150 FHC (below), 1939 Lincoln Zephyr Coupe and 1966 Alfa Romeo 2600. Supercars such as those from Lamborghini were out in full strength over the four days.srv-classic-car

Apart from its official supercar display, visitors were also treated to a parade of 20 cars thanks to the Lamborghini club. Joining this impressive showcase of motoring goodness were the ExotiCar club, Driving Passion Porsche car club, the Ferrari car club and the Jaguar car club.

Luxury Yachts & Properties

Zeelander 44’s Asian premiere

Fans of luxury yachts were in for a treat with the regional premiere of the Zeelander 44 by Northrop & Johnson, a showcase by Burgess which included the superyacht S/Y Bliss, as well as the presentation of the sailing yacht Ron Holland Golden Opus by ProMarine. With four yachts at the marina, British yacht builder Princess Yachts was the biggest exhibitor at the event while Leopard Catamarans also brought along the brand new Leopard 43 Powercat for guests to experience.

Leopard Catamarans

Leopard’s brand new 43 ft catamaran

The final yacht exhibitor to join the list was Simpson Marine, who did more than present the Lagoon 42 that made its debut earlier this year. The brand also promoted its Yacht Care service that allows for absentee owners to leave their yachts docked in Thailand. Additionally, Simpson Marine also promoted its charter program that allows yacht owners to cover operational costs by chartering their yachts.


Luxury Properties


In the ballroom of the Raffles Marina, 15 leading property developers showcased an impressive array of projects. From Malaysia and Thailand were tropical waterfront properties such as BRDB, UEM Sunrise, Anamaya, Samujana and Glam Habitat. From Australia were urban condominiums proudly presented by Central Equity and Little Projects. Rounding up the property developers were exclusive projects from the French Riviera, Corsica and Brittany that featured the finest luxury properties that France had to offer. From Brittany for instance, was a chateau on a 53-hectare property surrounded by woods, a bio-farm, a fishing lake and an equestrian center.

Luxury WatchesSingapore Rendezvous deLaCour Reflet Tourbillon

The atrium of Raffles Marina was home to a booth by deLaCour that featured the finest wares that the luxury watch brand had to offer. The official timepiece partner of the SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS, also brought along the Reflect Tourbillon (above) that made its Asian debut at the event.

Anniversary Parties

Along with kicking of what is set to be an annual event, the SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS hosted the anniversary parties of two publications under Heart Media and Lux Inc Media. The first, was the WOW Anniversary Party that celebrated 15 years since the first watch periodical was first published. Held in the JetLounge, the anniversary party was the perfect opportunity for guests to mingle and get to know the team behind the publication. During the party, two of WOW’s longstanding partners Jager-LeCoultre and Omega brought along some of their finest creations to highlight their watchmaking savoir faire. As guests explored the JetLounge and enjoyed the beats from HED KANDI, they were treated to fine Italian wine sponsored by SSMA Enterprises.

The second party held at the the SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS, was for the luxury property magazine, PALACE. A publication under Lux Inc Media, the party was held to commemorate the fifth anniversary of PALACE Magazine. Held in the Veranda, guests were able to enjoy not only the scenic view of the Raffles Marina but also complimentary wines from Épicurio.

Food & Beverage

The lovely champagne served by Perrier-Jouët

We need to give you no further introduction to the partners who kept everyone well fed and hydrated over the course of the event but we certainly would love to share more about what they had in store for us. With their very own lounge, Perrier-Jouët was proud to present the latest Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque Autumn 2005 as well as the Perrier-Jouët Blason Rosé. Another of our favorites was the set up by The Lifecycle Concepts — Coastal Lifestyle who provided us with their signature concept. This included a sunset bar, live acoustic music, vintage cars, a Vespa display and a Somersby cider van that treated all with refreshing cider slushies.


Épicurio Wine Fair

Away from the heat but still with an impressive view, was the Épicurio wine fair that gave guests a chance to sample and purchase wines that had been specially curated for the event. On the final day of the SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS, the Royal Albatross hosted the Opera Dinner by SingExperience, the first ticketed event of its kind in Singapore.

singapore rendezvous

The Royal Albatross that hosted the Opera Dinner on the final night of the SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS.


The Deboneire fashion show

Apart from Band on the Run, who performed Top 40 hits, SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS provided more dance-friendly entertainment options with the HED KANDI DJs at the JetLounge. The JetLounge was proudly sponsored by JetCoin. The lounge also served as the backdrop for the DEBONEIRE Affaire fashion show (above). Speaking of fashion, our friends at L’Officiel Singapore had their very own photo exhibition that featured images from the cover spread of the luxury fashion publication’s September issue.

The Monaco Experience

Winner Nick Tay with Benoit Badufle, Regional Director of Monaco Government Tourist Bureau Asia.

One lucky couple won the coveted chance to travel to Monaco thanks to the Monaco Government Tourist Bureau. Included in the package that Nick Tay (above) collected were round trip business class tickets, limousine transfers in a Maserati Quattro Porte and a three-day two-night stay at the iconic Hôtel Hermitage Monte Carlo.

The Panel Talks

It wasn’t just fun, games and luxury lifestyle at the SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS. The event also featured panel talks by industry insiders such as sports heritage magazine publisher Eli Solomon, champagne partner Perrier-Jouët, photography partner Leica and Alfred Terzibachian of luxury watch brand deLaCour.



To capture the events and happenings over the four days, SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS partnered with none other than Leica. Apart from the professional photographers who were out and about throughout the weekend, Leica also brought along several professional cameras and binoculars for guests to enjoy. In fact, every single image you see here was captured on Leica cameras. Experts were also on hand to pass along tips and tricks to help capture scenic photography.srv-day-4


On the heels of its sponsorship of the Sky Grande Prix F1 event in the cosmopolitan city state, Jetcoin is pleased to follow up with the announcement of its first airdrop, happening at the JET Lounge during SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS, the inaugural luxury lifestyle showcase event from October 20 to October 23.

This is the first partnership of Jetcoin and SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS which features luxury brands like Lamborghini, Ferrari, deLaCour, Perrier-Jouet, Leica and other luxury yachts, timepieces, super and classic cars.

Sponsored by Jetcoin, the stylishly conceptualized JET Lounge is a 220 sq meter lounge facing the marina, replete with entertainment and art. During the four-day event, JET Lounge entertains invited guests with fashion and art showcases and provides a mix of ambient chill out beats during the day and Balearic party beats in the night, thanks to the slew of international DJs engaged for the event.

To celebrate the completion of the Jetcoin Wallet app in Android and IOS versions, first-time downloads of the app from users anywhere will automatically receive 50 JETs. In addition, all SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS guests will be provided a complimentary drink when they download the app. Truly an exciting affair for Jetcoin and Jetcoin users as a large turnout of jet-setting sophisticates is anticipated to be downloading and interacting with the new Jetcoin app over the course of the event.


estelon av intelligence

SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS welcomes AV Intelligence

Great wine and great music go hand in hand. If you attend SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS this weekend, head over to the Epicurio Lounge where AV Intelligence, Singapore’s number one purveyor of bespoke hi-fi and home theatre equipment, has kindly provided SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS with one of their luxury music systems, with loudspeakers from Estelon and amplifiers from Moon by Simaudio.estelon av intelligence
AV Intelligence also brought many novel ideas guest can experience for themselves, including the la Boîte concept, the ingenious French supplier of speaker systems hidden in beautiful desks and coffee tables. Also making an appearance here is Ciclotte, the world’s most luxurious exercise bike, with Italian flair and design so beautiful it is a sculpture as much as a machine. Below is the Lamborghini version, which comes with leather accessories designed by Tonino Lamborghini himself.
 lamborghini av intelligence

Lamborghini Ciclotte exercise bike

Attendees will also meet Connexion D’Art, the newest kid on the block for luxury lifestyle – bonding the finest leather backing, or engraving fully bespoke art and jewelry to any iPhone.
leather av intelligence

leather backed iphone

And last, but not least: AV intelligence brought a masterpiece to the Jet Lounge. Designed by Italian design house Impatia, the Lungolinea ping pong table is a crystal glass and stainless steel ping pong table that doubles as a family dining table. Impatia’s luxurious design embodies Italian style, innovation and peerless build quality.
crystal pingpong table AV intelligence

Lungolinea crystal ping pong table

Get more info on the products on AV Intelligence website and get your tickets for SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS here


In case you have yet to discover the lineup for the SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS, we are on hand to provide you a quick rundown of what is in store. Today, the team behind Epicurio was on hand to kick off the Epicurio Wine Fair at the Raffles Marina. The Epicurio Wine Fair will run from 4 to 6 pm each day.

Épicurio founder Clément Hochart

Épicurio founder Clément Hochart hosting a wine tasting on board the Royal Albatross

Over the next three days, wine lovers and aspiring sommeliers will have a chance to sample over 50 boutique and fine wines. From brands such as Vintec Cellar, Riedel Glass and Fiji Water, the Epicurio Wine Fair awaits. Apart from the wide selection available at the SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS, the wine fair is also a chance for visitors to learn more about the Epicurio App. Created by Clement Hochart and Nikhil Gupta in November 2015, the app is a platform through which wine lovers and experts alike can provide reviews and tasting notes.singaporerendezvous_rafflesmarina_14092016wed_mg_1219

At the Epicurio Wine Fair, the experienced users of the app will be on hand to show new users the best ways to utilise the functions on the app. While the wine fair is expected to run for two hours each day, guests will be able to enjoy wines and spirits from Epicurio all-day at the VIP Lounge. Bottles previously tasted at the Wine Fair tasting sessions, will be available for purchase at the VIP Lounge. With a view of the yachts and a perfect spot to catch the sunset, the Epicurio Wine Fair is the perfect place to be.



The inaugural SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS kicked off at Raffles Marina Thursday night. Friends from the media and VIP guests were on hand to enjoy a sneak peek at what can be expected over the coming days. Band on the Run got the crowd going with a rocking performance, followed by speeches from Raffles Marina President, Francis Lee, the Indonesian Ambassador to Singapore, His Excellency I Gede Ngurah Swajaya and Executive Director of the SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS, Gael Burlot.

This was followed by a spectacular lion dance performance in the main atrium of the marina clubhouse. Guests then headed out to the Jet Lounge for a spot of mingling, some groovy tunes from the DJs and champagne from Perrier-Jouët (who also had their own very lovely lounge next door on the lawn).

Singapore Rendezvous Raffles Marina

Classic Cars on display at Raffles Marina for the SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS

The evening didn’t stop there. World of Watches (WOW), Singapore’s premier watch periodical, held its 15th anniversary party overlooking the yachts at the marina. Guests from the watch trade and business partners from the global editions of WOW partied the night away. As Olivier Burlot, CEO of Heart Media reminded the crowd at the party, WOW has grown from a local title to having a footprint across Asia, with eight editions now.

Being that this party celebrated the world of watches and WOW, there were also showcases of what fine watchmaking is all about.

Artheline artwork at SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS

The Lawn at Raffles Marina with artwork by Artheline

Swiss manufacture Jaeger-LeCoultre showcased their Atelier Reverso collection. For those of you that don’t know, the Reverso is a properly iconic watch and Jaeger-LeCoultre was on hand to offer guests of the event the opportunity to customize their straps, dials and case back engravings.

Swiss watchmaking powerhouse Omega went a slightly different way with their display at the party. The firm showed off their unrivalled antimagnetic collection of watches and gave guests a demonstration of why they should care about the effects of magnetism on their watches. They demonstrated how household appliances’ magnetic fields have an effect on quartz and mechanical watches and how that differs from Omega Master Chronometers, which are built specifically to completely resist such fields.


The view from the JetLounge at SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS

One lucky guest also won Leopard Catamaran’s Lucky Draw. An incredible bare boat charter onboard the Leopard 40 sailing catamaran from Ao Po Grand Marina in Phuket, Thailand. The trip is worth $8,600 and the winner and seven friends will enjoy the beautiful Andaman Sea next year.

The SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS is open to the public from October 21 -23rd. An expected 5,000 visitors will be in attendance.