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Delta Air All-suites business class

Delta One All-Suite Business Class

It is described by Delta Airlines as the world’s first all-suite business class called the Delta One suites that provide passengers with comfort like no other. Using sliding doors, the airline encloses fliers in a cozy little cabin for the duration of their journey. You can think of it as a high-end cubicle but it is clearly meant to mirror state rooms on cruise ships and sleeper compartments on trains.

Introduced earlier this week, the suites may feature a design that is already available for the highest-tiered tickets and first class tickets on board Singapore Airlines and Emirates respectively. The purpose of this new feature is meant to allow business fliers to catch a few winks to catch up on sleep during the flight before alighting for a big meeting upon arrival. The service will also aid those who wish to enjoy an undisturbed flight.

The first 32 individual suites will debut on board the A350 next fall and will serve routes between the US and Asia. The suites will be equipped with lie-flat beds, customizable lighting, stowage compartments for shoes, headphones and laptops, an 18-inch high-resolution monitor as well as a universal power outlet and USB port. Following the A350 debut, the Delta One suite will be rolled out on the carrier’s Boeing 777 fleet.

Of course, Delta One has competition in this area from none other than fellow American operator United Airlines. The rival airline recently announced a similar concept for its business class called the Polaris cabin equipped with flatbeds, electronic dividers and luxury bedding from Saks Fifth Avenue and will be rolled out December 1.

etihad-los angeles airport-premium lounge

Etihad Airways Opens Premium Lounge in Los Angeles

As with everything by Etihad Airways, expect the new First and Business Class lounge at Los Angeles International Airport to be as luxurious as anything you have ever experienced.

Set within the Tom Bradley International Terminal, the new premium lounge is the Abu Dhabi-based airline’s third premium offering in the United States, and will cater to guests on the daily EY170 Boeing services from the U.S West Coast’s commercial and entertainment hub. The facility sees an infusion of the same ‘Modern Arabian’ decorative elements that are now synonymous with the airline’s international lounges, inspired by Abu Dhabi’s traditional and modern architecture and famous desert landscapes.

etihad-los angeles airport-premium lounge

Exclusively open for Etihad First Class and Business Class guests, Etihad Guest Platinum, Gold and Silver members flying on the route, as well as Etihad Airways Partner (EAP) airlines’ equivalent Platinum and Gold members, the luxurious compound is less airport lounge and more hotel suite. The a la carte and buffet spread sees an amalgamation of Californian and Middle Eastern flavors, prepared on-site by experienced chefs with sustainable local seasonal produce. A carefully curated wine list matches the culinary choices available. The showcase bar, now a mainstay at any Etihad global lounge sees an impressive choice of range of premium spirits, champagne and aperitifs for a bespoke cocktail menu by London-based beverage consultancy Fluid Movement.

Expect all the other workings of a first class lounge, such as a TV area, shower facilities, and high-speed WIFI, multi-zone electrical and USB power outlets, and a selection of international magazines and daily newspapers.

The Los Angeles International Airport lounge marks Etihad’s growing collection of 15 Premium Lounges worldwide, and joins two other American lounges in Washington D.C and New York JFK airports. “Our new First and Business Class Lounge in Los Angeles demonstrates our unwavering commitment to travellers on the US West Coast, and in the United States as a whole, by providing them with the intuitive hospitality they have come to expect from our people and our brand,” said Martin Drew, Etihad Airways senior vice president Americas.

The Etihad Premium Lounges are just the beginning of course, or the middle as it may be. After all, the airline has already won the Skytrax award for Best First Class experience.

Airline Offers Business Class Pass for $35,000

A boutique airline has launched an all-you-can-fly pass for travelers who make frequent trips between New York, Paris and London.

It’s kind of like an all-you-can-eat buffet for frequent fliers: For $35,000, travelers can purchase the L’Unlimited flight pass on the all-business-class carrier La Compagnie for unrestricted travel on routes between New York and Paris and New York and London, valid for one year.

The pass is being launched to fete the brand’s second anniversary. Only 10 passes will be made available and sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. Payment must be made in a single installment. Unlimited flight passes are the latest new pre-paid flight schemes to emerge in the air travel industry.

Earlier this year, a startup called OneGo launched in the US, pitching itself as the first subscription-based air travel service for frequent fliers.

For a flat fee that starts at $1,500 a month, subscribers are entitled to take as many flights as they like on routes within the US. Participating airlines include the country’s major carriers. Flat fees are determined after answering questions about frequent travel routes and needs.

La Compagnie’s L’Unlimited pass is available to travelers in the US, Europe and the UK. Sales open July 18 – 23.

United Airlines Eco Skies

United Airlines Debuts Pod-like Suites

United Airlines has revamped its international business class cabin with custom-made, lie-flat beds set in suite-like pods that feature bedding designed by Saks Fifth Avenue, HD TV screens, as well as new airport lounges that include showers, private daybeds and restaurant-style dining. At the moment, there are no pictures released, except the teaser image message below.

Named after the North Star, the United Polaris cabin is designed with sleep as the prevailing priority for its business class passengers.

Each seat reclines into a flatbed and measures 6 ft, 6 inches of bed space in a pod-like suite that can be closed off for privacy with electronic dividers. Other features include mood lighting, one-touch lumbar support, multiple surfaces for working and dining, a 16-inch high-definition entertainment screen, and duvets, blankets, and pillows designed by the luxury brand Saks Fifth Avenue.

The in-flight menu was developed by chefs from The Trotter Project, founded following the death of acclaimed Chicago chef Charlie Trotter, and includes made-to-order ice cream sundaes, and luxury meals like lobster macaroni and cheese.

The carrier has also announced plans to open nine United Polaris business class lounges around the world that will feature private daybeds, spa-grade showers, and restaurant dining.

United Polaris launches December 1, 2016.

united polaris

SWISS Boeing 777-300ERs

Swiss Air takes luxury to new heights

SWISS Boeing 777-300ERs

From January, when its new Boeing 777-300ERs join its fleet, Swiss Air will become the first airline to offer passengers a host of industry firsts.


SWISS Boeing 777-300ERs first class

Chief among them will be the largest (32-inch) individual screens for first class travelers alongside individual wardrobes, electrically operated window blinds and furniture that moves to create what the airline describes as individual suites for each traveler.

SWISS Boeing 777-300ERs first class dinner

Business Class customers will get seats that can be adjusted cushion by cushion for comfort and that recline flat to the same length as a standard bed.

SWISS Boeing 777-300ERs first class bed

Economy passengers will get individual touchscreens and a self-service drinks and snacks kiosk to complement the on-board service.

Swiss International Air Lines SWISS Business


AirBerlin auctions off business class upgrades

AirBerlin business class

AirBerlin is giving travelers a chance to experience all the comforts of business class at a reduced price.

Economy class customers can simply state how much they are willing to pay for an upgrade, and any unsold business class seats will go to the highest bidder.

Under the new AirBerlin Exquisite program, travelers who have purchased economy class tickets on long-haul flights are invited to submit their bids up until 72 hours before takeoff.

Available business class upgrades will then go to the highest bidders, who are informed of the change 12 hours before departure.

Naturally, while all bidders are required to enter their credit card information, only the winners of the auction are charged.

AirBerlin offers the new service exclusively on select long-haul flights where business class seats are still available.

The German carrier is not the first company to launch this type of service. Cathay Pacific, Austrian Airlines and LOT Polish Airlines also give passengers the opportunity to bid on ticket upgrades.

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Qatar Airways A350 XWB

Qatar introduces double beds in business class cabins

Qatar Airways A350 XWB

 is rolling out lie-flat seats equal to the size of a double bed for business class flyers on their latest aircraft.

At a press conference in Doha this week, the carrier showcased the new features of the A350 XWB, their latest fleet acquisition that includes exclusive 80-inch flat beds to which Qatar has obtained proprietary rights.

The new cabin innovation is Qatar’s answer to rival Etihad, which threw down the gauntlet in luxury air travel when it launched its onboard apartment concept last year, a three-room suite that comes with shower and personal butler.

Qatar Airways A350 XWB business class

Qatar calls its latest double bed offering unrivalled in the industry and claims it could shake up traditional cabin configurations by making first class redundant.

On the A350 XWB, for instance, the airline has eliminated a first class cabin and kept the configuration to economy and business.

The double beds will be offered at business class fares. 

The maiden commercial service will roll out on a sold-out flight from Doha to Frankfurt on January 15.

Flight Attendant business class

Top 15 Ways to Get Upgraded on a Flight

Flight Attendant business class

Be nice. Get mad. Be early. Be late. These are some of the contradictory tips travelers have to offer when it comes to trying to score a free flight upgrade.

In a recent report out of Skyscanner, 61 percent of flight attendants said they’ve bumped flyers up from economy to premium class cabins, giving preference to well-dressed passengers, those with frequent flyer status, and good manners.

Readers of the same site offered their own tips on how to score a free upgrade based on their own experiences.


Here are 15 ways to get up front according to Skyscanner readers:

1. Travel off-peak

With more empty seats upfront, you increase your odds of filling one yourself.

2. “Spend lots of money”

Passengers who pay up the nose for their economy seat are more likely to be pitied by ticketing agents and score a free upgrade than those who got a deal.

3. Rack up points

Flyers with even the basic airline membership will be given preference over passengers who don’t have a loyalty card.

4. Be early

There are different camps for this one. In the first, some flyers say that checking in early increases your odds of scoring the last remaining seats in first class. Continue reading for the second school of thought.

5. Be late

It’s a bit of a gamble but some readers suggest that checking in late increases your odds of being bumped — but only if the stars align. For example, you have to hope that the flight is overbooked in economy, which would mean being bumped to first class. All depends on how much of a risk-taker you are.

6. Stay connected

Airlines will contact flyers offering upgrades on the day of departure if the flight is overbooked.

7. Throw a tantrum

Again, this can either work for or against you. Some readers say throwing a fit and getting angry can yield results — but only when the fit is within reason. Use with discretion.

8. Get sad

Skyscanner calls it emotional blackmail. Again, use with caution.

9. Be nice

One reader tells the tale of how he happily swapped seats with a man who wanted to sit with his wife. A flight attendant rewarded his good deed by seating him in business class.

10. Ditch the sweats, don the good threads

There is a certain cachet to being seated in business class. So if you want to increase your odds of  joining this elite group of flyers, dress the part. Because you can be sure that tracksuits will derail any chances of being bumped.

11. How charming are you?

If you’re a smooth talker, here’s where you need to turn it on. Some readers say throwing a compliment to check-in staff and cabin crew can go a long way — all the way up to the front of the plane.

12. Get a diplomatic passport — or marry one

Right. Well, more doable for some than others, readers say that a diplomatic passport is your passport to premium travel.

13. “Supersize yourself”

Again, questionable, but given the controversies brewing concerning overweight passengers, some readers suggest that those who are too fat to fit in economy seats increase their odds of being bumped to roomier seats upfront.

14. Befriend airline employees

They’re your best bet to getting behind the business class curtain.

15. Don’t ask

Check-in staff are unlikely to reward passengers who ask for a free upgrade. But those who are pleasant and solicit nothing may increase their odds of a bump up front.

La Compagnie

New business-class airline takes off

La Compagnie

A new all-business class airline is set to take off next month with daily flights that will shuttle jetsetters between Paris and New York.

Pitched as a premium transatlantic service with competitive pricing, the Boeing 757-200, which can hold 230 passengers, has been modified to fit 74 seats.

Flyers will be given Samsung Galaxy Pro 12-inch tablet for their in-flight entertainment and fed by Michelin-starred French chef Christophe Langrée.

Passengers flying La Compagnie will depart Paris Charles de Gaulle airport at 5:50 pm, and arrive the same day at Newark airport at 8:30 pm.

Flights out of New York, meanwhile, depart at 9:45 pm and arrive the next day in Paris 11:30 am.

La Compagnie flight attendants

Amenities like face and eye creams and lip balm are supplied by Caudalie, a French ‘vinotherapy’ skin care line based on the antioxidant properties of grape seed polyphenols

La Compagnie is hoping to succeed where others have failed. Eos, Maxjet and Silverjet also launched with the similar goal of running as transatlantic business class-only airlines, and all were eventually grounded.

Though La Compagnie has yet to launch, airline pundits have already been quick to point out a glaring deficit: the fact that seats are angled-flat seats, a potential deal-breaker given that Air France recently unveiled a new La Premiere cabin featuring four private suites with flat beds.

Similarly, British Airways’ OpenSkies runs premium flights between New York and Paris that feature lie-flat beds at rates for as low as $1,120 USD.

La Compagnie is launching a special promotional offer of €1,776 for two people, good for return flights between July 11 and September 5. Bookings must be made before Aug. 15. For more information, visit lacompagnie.com.

Boeing 757 230 LAvion

New all-business class airline taking off next month

Dreamjet, the latest newcomer to transatlantic air travel, is slated to launch its first flights this June. One detail makes this new airline unique: only business class seats are offered.

Dreamjet will begin operating flights between Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Newark, NJ in late June. Dreamjet flights will have a single cabin with 80 seats in a Business Class configuration, and the fares are expected to be lower than those of traditional airlines.

Boeing 757 230 LAvion

The new venture is co-led by the founder of L’Avion, an airline launched with a similar-all business class model in 2007. Purchased one year later by British Airways, L’Avion was merged into the UK brand’s OpenSkies division, which operates with a more traditional three-class configuration.

Reservations for Dreamjet’s first flights are expected to open in early June.

All business class jet launched by Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways has announced plans to launch a new all-business class flight from Doha to London that will be reserved exclusively for their top-tier flyers.

Qatar Airways all business class flight cabin

When the daily service is launched in May, there will be no curtain dividers to separate the cabins as everyone aboard the A319 aircraft will be a business class passenger.

The single-aisle aircraft is configured to seat 40 passengers in a two-by-two configuration, and seats recline fully into flat beds.

Qatar Airways all business class cabin

Passengers will have access to the airline’s Oryx entertainment system, with more than 900 movies, TV shows, video games and music channels.

And they will also be able to keep in touch with people on the ground, with access to SMS mobile texting GSM and GPRS services.

qatar london heathrow premium lounge airport

While waiting for their flights, passengers booked on to the new service will have access to the Qatar Airways lounge in Heathrow, and the Premium Terminal in Doha.

Launching on May 15, the extra flight will operate a work-friendly schedule, leaving London at 9.55pm, arriving in Doha at 6.40am the following day.

Premium Terminal Doha First Cass Lounge

The service, the first of its kind in the Middle East, is in addition to the five flights currently operated by Qatar Airways to Heathrow.


Bruges style shrimp

Brussels Airlines hires Michelin-starred chef

Belgian dishes

Starting next week, passengers on the Belgian airline will be able to savor a meal created by one of the top names in contemporary Belgian gastronomy: triple Michelin-starred chef Geert Van Hecke.

The chef, who has presided over his Bruges restaurant De Karmeliet for over 30 years, has prepared a starter with smoked Damme eel, tarragon yogurt sauce and mashed fennel.


This first course will be followed by a dish of “Bruge-style shrimp,” curried sweet potatoes and steamed snow peas. Flemish beer and cheese will accompany the meal.

This menu will be offered to business class passengers on long-haul flights leaving from Brussels for destinations in Africa or the US.

Bruges style shrimp

The collaboration with Geert Van Hecke is the first in a series of tie-ups in Brussels Airlines’ “Belgian Star Chefs” initiative. Every four to five months, the company will invite a different celebrity chef to renew its business class menu with gourmet dishes based on seasonal, regional ingredients.

Geert Van Hecke

cx business class

Business flyers offer advice for stress-free travel

cx business class

For stress-free travel, take cues from frequent flyers like business travelers who combat jet lag and fatigue by drinking plenty of water, stretching on the plane and taking advantage of the hotel gym.

After polling the habits of business travelers in the US, the UK and Australia, a survey released by American Express Global Business Travel found that overall, jet-setting business travelers are increasingly seeking balance during their work-related journeys and taking specific measures to find it.

Among the most popular strategies to keep healthy when traveling: almost three-quarters or 74% of respondents said they drink extra water — particularly important in-flight. Nearly half (48%) said they stretch on the plane and 44% said they use the hotel gym.

To meet nutritional needs that can derail when on the road, 44% of travelers also said they supplement their diet and vitamins, while 20% of business travelers said they avoid alcohol.

Despite the fact that planes are increasingly installing wifi connectivity, according to the Amex survey many business travelers (61% in the US) said they look forward to disconnecting from work and either catching up on a good book or watching an in-flight movie (56%).

Frequent flyers also cited being seated behind a child or infant as the worst place to sit on the plane, followed by the restroom, and next to someone who takes over the armrest.

This week, United Arab Emirates-based airline Etihad launched a Flying Nanny program to address the issue of crying babies during flights, with flight attendant Mary Poppins who will staff long-haul flights to help entertain children and keep them — and fellow passengers — happy.

Singapore Airlines Business Class seats

Singapore Airlines unveils new cabins

Singapore Airlines Business Class seats

Singapore Airlines (SIA) on Tuesday unveiled new seats and other in-flight amenities in all classes as part of a sweeping upgrade of its cabins in an attempt to stay competitive.

Passengers on selected flights between Singapore and London will be the first to experience the improved seats and entertainment system, wider TV screens and other improvements.

SIA said it will spend nearly $150 million on improved cabin amenities on an initial eight Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. The airline is battling strong competition from Asian and Middle Eastern carriers, and on the economy side from budget airlines, which have grown in number in Asia.

Singapore Airlines First Class experience

Like other airlines its net profit has been hurt by the sluggish global economy, which has hit both passenger and cargo demand, as well as high oil prices.

“The investment programme will be extended as the new products are introduced on Airbus A350 aircraft scheduled for delivery in the years ahead,” the airline said.

The airline said it worked with top global design firms to give passengers more comfort and luxury, including longer and more luxurious beds in first class and additional personal space in economy.

Singapore Airlines First Class bed

Qatar Airways

Doha airport home to world’s best ‘premium’ terminal

Premium Terminal Doha First Cass Lounge

Deep-pocketed travelers who fly business class have voted the Premium Terminal at Doha International Airport the best in the world for the third year in a row, for services like personal chauffeurs, five-star dining options and in-transit spa and sauna experiences.

Announced in Geneva this week, voters in Skytrax’s World’s Best Airport Awards named the luxury terminal by Qatar Airways the World’s Best Premium Service Airport, a US$100 million, 10,000-square-meter space built in 2006.

Doha’s Premium Terminal acts as a separate, self-contained airport for the fabulously rich and famous, with its own duty-free shopping area, self-service check-in kiosks and dedicated e-gates to speed up immigration formalities.

Premium Terminal Doha Duty Free

Reserved for first and business class travelers on Qatar Airways, passengers are privy to a personal chauffeur who will shuttle them to and from their plane.

After being greeted by a concierge, visitors can choose between an array of five-star dining options such as hot and cold Arabic and international cuisine,  unwind in a spa and Jacuzzi, or get a massage.

Showers and private layover rooms are also available for passengers who want to freshen up and squeeze in a nap before boarding their next flight.

Jacuzzi at Doha Airport

Families can likewise avail themselves of the nurseries and children’s play area, while business travelers have a conference and meeting room at their disposal.

Here are the Top 5 Best Premium Service Airports in the world:

1.      Premium Terminal Doha International Airport, Qatar Airways
2.      Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thai Airways
3.      First Class Terminal, Frankfurt Airport, Lufthansa
4.      Abu Dhabi International Airport, Terminal 3
5.      SATS Singapore Changi Airport, Terminal 2

Dining at Doha Airport

KLM World Business Class

KLM reveals new World Business Class cabin

KLM World Business Class cabin

Dutch airline KLM has unveiled the latest makeover of its new World Business Class Cabin, which is carpeted with discarded bits of old uniforms and is designed to evoke the comforts of home.

For the redesign, the carrier teamed up with Dutch designer Hella Jongerius, whose portfolio includes clients like Ikea, Nike, Evian, and the United Nations lounge.

With a color palette based on different shades of blue, a polka dot motif, panels, curtains and cushions are meant to warm up the cabin and help passengers feel more at ease during their flight.

KLM Business Class cabin

The cabin will feature new full-flat seats that can be reclined horizontally, while strategically placed TVs and partitions ensure greater privacy for passengers. Seats will come with more storage compartments.

The cabin’s carpet, meanwhile, uses recycled bits of old, discarded KLM women’s uniforms.

The changes are being made on the fleet’s Boeing 747-400s and will debut in an inaugural flight in July. The entire 747 fleet is expected to have incorporated the new design by April of next year.

KLM World Business Class

Hong Kong Airlines all Club Class

All-business class airlines are back!

Hong Kong Airlines all Club Class

Hong Kong Airlines has launched its all business-class service between HK and London, another stage in the revival of a type of travel many thought would die out.

The new all-premium plane touched down at London Gatwick March 8, adding a new type of service to a route already well-served by the likes of Cathay Pacific, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Qantas and Air New Zealand.
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SkyTeam Alliance Delta Air Lines

SkyTeam Introduces SkyPriority For Top Customers

SkyTeam Alliance Delta Air Lines

International airline alliance SkyTeam is to roll out a global premium service for its top-paying customers – based on a package offered by US airline Delta since 2010.

The SkyPriority service will standardize the luxury travel experience for customers flying with SkyTeam members at over 1,000 airports around the world.

The service includes specifically prioritized check-in areas, baggage drop-off points, ticket offices, transfer desk, boarding lines and baggage handling for customers flying First or Business class.
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Lufthansa windowside bed First Class

Lufthansa offers new First Class cabin

Lufthansa windowside bed First Class

Last week Lufthansa sent its first retrofitted 747-400 from Hong Kong to Frankfurt and those flying first class were in for quite a surprise.

Where previously these planes catered for 16 passengers in their ultra-luxury section, now they are fitted out for just eight and that means a full-length, window-side bed next to the seat, among other treats.

Lufthansa’s move comes as the likes of Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Air New Zealand and Air Canada have done away with first class cabins in favor of expanded business class facilities.

At the same time other carriers such as Qantas, Air France and British Airways have removed some first class seating from selected planes and increased the space available to business class.

With the European debt crisis affecting all airlines, Lufthansa is hoping the changes will attract more and more passengers from the South China region “and to attract more passengers to pay a full fare we need to offer an ever great product”.

According to market researchers China Elite Focus there are more than one million “Chinese Luxury Tourists,” who fly first or business class.

“Chinese tourists are big spenders, they are travelling more and seeking new venues. Traditionally, CLTs have holidayed mainly in Asia but are beginning to look further afield to Europe, the USA, Middle East and Australia,” said the company.

Lufthansa has not forgotten its business class passengers either. The airline is planning to roll out its first full flatbeds in business class in its B747-8 planes which are due to come into service early in 2012.