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AirBerlin auctions off business class upgrades

AirBerlin is the first German airline to offer an auction for Business Class upgrades on long-haul flights.

Feb 02, 2015 | By AFPRelaxnews

AirBerlin business class

AirBerlin is giving travelers a chance to experience all the comforts of business class at a reduced price.

Economy class customers can simply state how much they are willing to pay for an upgrade, and any unsold business class seats will go to the highest bidder.

Under the new AirBerlin Exquisite program, travelers who have purchased economy class tickets on long-haul flights are invited to submit their bids up until 72 hours before takeoff.

Available business class upgrades will then go to the highest bidders, who are informed of the change 12 hours before departure.

Naturally, while all bidders are required to enter their credit card information, only the winners of the auction are charged.

AirBerlin offers the new service exclusively on select long-haul flights where business class seats are still available.

The German carrier is not the first company to launch this type of service. Cathay Pacific, Austrian Airlines and LOT Polish Airlines also give passengers the opportunity to bid on ticket upgrades.

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