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The New Bentley Continental GT is not just for a Grand Tour

The launch of the new Bentley Continental GT is not fresh news, it was supposed to be launched six months earlier.

After an extra long model cycle of its predecessor, the new Bentley Continental GT has a high performance and refinement targets to match up to its competitors, especially on the technology edge – that it has certainly lived up to.

Bentley CEO Adrian Hallmark says the company was not satisfied even with the PDK gearbox, so the official launch was delayed in favour of obtaining supremely smooth shifts. With so much detail and attention given to this launch, it certainly conveys Bentley’s commitments to perfect this continental model.
Bentley encapsulates quite a contradiction of ideals – it represents a paragon of tradition but also a crude signifier of wealth. The 99 years of heritage has to be balanced precariously with the increasing fascination with automotive one-upmanship in the industry, while the parent company tries to commit to innovation but remains adverse to experimentation.

Bearing the famous winged ‘B’, the first Continental GT was released in 2003 before an overhaul in 2011. Its striking, big, though slightly brutish body was loosely inspired by the legendary 1950s R-Type, clearly created for the mass-market.  Over 65,000 GTs have been sold since its introduction, standing out as the most successful model of Bentley. From the design studio to details under the bonnet, the Continental has been sought after by enthusiasts.

While the concept remains close to that of 66 years ago, there are noble upgrades that reflects the great technological progression of this two thirds of a century – fast, powerful and comfortable on the road. The chassis and suspension are well harmonised that there are no bump, groove or hole this car can’t iron out.

The algorithmically controlled, pressurised air that it sits on also eliminates any roll on the tight, fast curves of a grand tour. Speed wise, Bentley claims a maximum of 207 mph for the GT, and a 0 to 60 of around 3.6 seconds. While the throttle response is not the sharpest, the overall driving experience is still a delightful and well-balanced one.

The Bentley Continental GT features endless and immediate accessible reserves of power in any gear or engine range. If you’re feeling impatient, the huge and responsive engine can propel forward with almost Tesla-esque levels of power and torque that’s available from a 1,350RPM. There’re even a dozen of buttons, knobs and dials offering massage options to work out a knot. While not the best on the market yet, the Bentley software also includes a smart satellite navigation that will smoothly cosset you through half a dozen European countries.

Bentley has taken meticulous care down to the smallest details that make a driving experience, such as the banging 16-speaker sound system with its very intuitive Bang & Olufsen touchscreen-based equaliser. You can opt for analogue and distraction-free dials with a simple click of a button, and the head-up display and driver’s screen dims upon entering a tunnel. It’s really really hard to think of a better car to take on long journeys around Europe.

On windier roads, however, the Bentley Continental GT suffer from its heavy weight, despite its weight loss of a good 80kg. The “sport” mode does help by tightening the suspension and automatic gear shifts thanks to the CEO’s extra thoughtfulness, but it pales to more sport-focused models like the Aston Martin DB11 on a twisty mountain tour.

All in all, the new Bentley Continental GT is a fine automobile that offers smooth and refined comfort for an impeccable drive, with just a dash of sportiness of a Grand Tourer.

For a reasonable price of £159,100, the new Bentley Continental GT now available for retail.

1949 Bentley B Special Speed 8 by Racing Green Engineering

1949 Bentley B Special Speed 8

This beloved 1949 Bentley B Special Speed 8, with the chassis number B337DZ is going on auction in three days’ time at RM Sotheby’s Fort Lauderdale 2018. The lot 3159 (between $325,000 – $375,000) only had one owner since it was built in 2011.

This beloved Speed-8 once belonged to the legendary ‘Bentley Boys’ and company chairman Captain Woolf Barnato. Built using components from Bentley and Rolls-Royce, the 6.5 litre Bentley racing car with the Speed-8 has established itself as an iconic racing car to that of a Speed-6, which is said “to be W.O.’s favorite of all the cars to bear the Bentley name and became the iconic racing car of the early ’30s.”

Put to the test in the 24 Hours of Le Mans between 1927 and 1930, this early day Bentley has achieved four consecutive victories on top of several other successes. Eighty years later since the last examples built, beloved will continue to make impression and command allegiance wherever they are seen.

The Speed 8 features an original 1949 Bentley Mk VI chassis, the period’s B81 6,516-cc straight-eight engine as well as Bentley’s four-speed transmission with the custom coachwork by Racing Green Engineering. The body styling follows the construction and design of the original Le Mans cars illustrated by an ash frame covered in aluminum panels and fabric. The car parts include a proper fold-flat windscreen and wind deflectors.

The interior is nicely appointed with an aluminum instrument panel, and seats enveloped in Connelly leather together with quality woven carpets, all matching with the exterior finish. Packed with modern reliability and in exceptional condition, this car is all ready to be enjoyed on the road be it in vintage tours or rallies.

This auction, only one very lucky bidder will own the period’s example of the 6.5 litre racer as this example is nearly impossible to obtain in today’s market. So if you do own one, the 1949 Bentley B Special Speed 8 is indeed the next best thing you’ll ever have.


Bentley: Drop That Top

“Its muscular, sporty and masculine disposition will have you feeling like a boss from the minute you hit the engine starter button.”

When looking into the ultra-high-end cabriolet market, only a few brands and models that come to mind. However, one stands tall above the rest: the Bentley Continental GT V8 S convertible. I recently had the opportunity to drive this tour de force of a GT car through the streets of London. It was my first time in the soft top version and the suave sophistication it oozes is intoxicating.

Bentley: Drop That Top

Top up it’s quiet, comfortable and refined. However, if you want to liven things up a bit, drop the top, put it in Sport mode and hear that raspy twin-turbo 4.0L V8 come to life through the sports exhaust. Fortunately, it was quite warm in London, so the possibilities to enjoy the full range of this car’s abilities were endless. And when the temperatures did cool, a heated steering wheel kept my hands warm, vents in the seat blew warm air at my neck, while the rest of the seat kept me toasty with a massage function to boot. With a television tuner and a hugely impressive 900W audio system, I could have easily packed up my belongings and called the Continental home.

So, it’s comfortable, refined and has all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a Bentley. But I know you’re wondering what it’s like to drive. Does it live up to the pedigree, or has it gone all soft?

For a car that weighs more than 2.4 kg, it’s faster than you’d think. That’s thanks to 521 hp, all-wheel drive, and a slick 8-speed ZF transmission. The GT V8 S convertible will hit 100 km/h in 4.7 secs and go on to a top speed of 308 km/h.

Bentley has managed to create a very responsive and unadulterated driving experience. Lag is limited and thanks to hot-side inside technology of placing the turbos inside the V of the V8 cylinders, the Continental is more efficient with reduced weight and energy wastage. The 10mm lower suspension over the regular V8 model and enhanced aerodynamics mean that high-speed stability and handling are improved and will keep you planted, even if you’re driving like your hair is on fire. And mine came fitted with large ceramic brakes that promptly dealt with stopping at any speed, which comes in pretty useful for driving in vehicle-dense London.

Cruising around the city – like most Bentley owners will do – is a breeze in the Continental. It also looks the part, with 21-inch diamond turned wheels, beluga glossed body panels and a chrome tipped sports exhaust. Its muscular, sporty and masculine disposition will have you feeling like a boss from the minute you hit the engine starter button.

To take luxury to an entirely new level, in-house specialist Mulliner is at hand to offer a range of options to make your Bentley one-of-a-kind. Owners can customise everything, from bodywork to interior trims and even bespoke luggage to fit special items easily into your vehicle.

The car that I drove featured a Mulliner package which included special black and diamond wheels, diamond-quilted and perforated hide seats (my personal favourite feature of the car) and embroidered Bentley emblems, to name but a few.

Driving the Continental GT V8 S convertible was better than I expected. I knew it would be good, but the levels of refinement and composure are something else. It’s spacious while still feeling sporty enough to remind you that it’s capable of catching a bullet train. If you’re looking for a luxury drop-top grand tourer, then look no further.


Visit the official websites of Bentley and Wearnes Automotive for more information.


Words by Robbie Wilson

5 cars to look out for at the 67th Frankfurt International Motor Show (IAA) 2017

It’s that time of the year again. Some of the world’s biggest carmakers gather to show off their latest accomplishments and automotive innovations at the International Motor Show (IAA) at Frankfurt, Germany. From September 14 to 24, the annual auto industry show will host bigwigs like Ferrari and Bentley, as well as homegrown brands such as Porsche, Volkswagen and Audi.

The 67th edition of the IAA will also be shining a spotlight on cleaner cars of the future, following the “dieselgate” scandal at last year’s show. In response to the criticism surrounding harmful emissions from diesel and petrol engines, automakers around the world have been shifting their focus to electric and automated vehicles, many of which will be unveiled at the IAA.

Nevertheless, the trade show will still feature good old automobiles that meet all the requirements of a traditionalist: excellent craftsmanship, ingenious functionality and beautiful design. Here is a round-up of cars to look out for at one of the industry’s biggest events of the year.

Ferrari Portofino

Ferrari will be celebrating its 70th year anniversary with a bang that comes in the form of the Ferrari Portofino. The 2+2 convertible, which succeeds the longtime fan favourite Ferrari California, boasts a twin-turbo V8 engine capable of unleashing an impressive 600hp. According to the Italian carmaker, the Ferrari Portofino is also able to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds. With its retractable hardtop and gorgeous Rosso Portofino coat, the Ferrari Portofino will undeniably be one of the most powerful — and stylish — supercars on display.

Bentley Continental GT

You know what they say: the third time’s the charm. And it certainly is for Bentley’s third-generation Continental GT, the latest incarnation of the British brand’s Grand Tourer. The all-new Continental GT has been revamped with a heavily revised 12-cylinder engine that outputs an impressive 626bhp. With the makeover, the car can now go from 0-100km/h in 3.7 seconds, and accelerate to a 333km/h (207mph) top speed. The successor to Bentley’s most popular car also boasts sleeker exterior lines and a range of cutting-edge driver aids, which will no doubt be a source of fascination for visitors later this week.

Porsche Cayenne

One of the major contenders from Germany itself is Porsche, which will be unveiling its third-generation Cayenne SUV. For a while, fans had only a rendering of the new car to go by. However, those who make the trip to Frankfurt will get to see for themselves exactly what Porsche has in store for them: an impressive Cayenne that is now longer and wider, yet lower and lighter. The SUV will also feature a range of technologies from its seminal 911, including rear-wheel steering to boost handling and poise — even off the road.

Audi A8

Guests at the biennial Frankfurt show will get to say hello to Audi’s all-new flagship vehicle: the A8 luxury sedan. The A8 has already been at the vanguard of motoring technology for some time now. The new model that was unveiled to the international press back in July, however, promises to be the first production car with a Level 3 autonomy. The all-round high-tech beast will be premiered alongside its sportier little brother, the A7 four-door coupé.


Besides a range of SUVs and other concepts, BMW will also finally reveal its new M5 super sedan. Set to be one of the highlights for this year’s show, the 600bhp supersaloon is the company’s first vehicle to come with all-wheel-drive as a standard. The new M5 also breaks a previously long-held tradition of BMW’s with its 190mph top speed. That puts the car miles ahead of the company’s past production cars, which were electronically restricted to 155mph.

The 4 Most Desirable (and Expensive) Cars to Drive in Singapore: Bentley Bentayga, Aston Martin Vanquish S, Lamborghini Aventador S, Bugatti Chiron

In 2014, a high net worth Singaporean with the initials PL debuted his US$3 million bespoke Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse ‘1 of 1’ special edition at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance show in California. Though he wished to remain unanonymous, it became readily apparent to all and wealthy who the Bugatti Veyron belonged to since the statistics of high net worth men in Singapore with PL initials (easily identified since the letters were laser cut into the grille of his new Grand Sport Vitesse) could only be the famed Peter Lim, Singaporean business magnate and investor.

The 4 Most Desired (and Expensive) Cars to Drive in Singapore

With COE prices what they are in Singapore, the $3 million price tag shouldn’t faze anyone but what is especially mindblowing, even by standards of conspicuous consumption is that his special edition Bugatti Veyron is left-hand drive and thus illegal to be on Singaporean roads. That said, here are 4 of the most desirable and expensive cars you could drive in Singapore. First up:

Bentley Bentayga – US$278,380 or SG$920,000 (not incl. COE)

Hand-built, all-terrain and to borrow Gandalf’s description for Shadowfax, “the Lord of Horses”, Bentley’s Bentayga SUV is the “Lord of luxury SUVs” in a Singaporean landscape of Land Rovers and Porsche Cayennes. The distinctive muscular powerline of the Bentley Bentayga’s advanced aluminium exterior is defined by the sharply-defined crease that draws your eye from the front wheel along the front of the car and the B-shaped wing vents.

Bentayga’s distinctive design cues don’t stop at the exterior. The interior is beautifully handcrafted, too. Bentley employs exquisite wood veneers to create a seamless ‘ring of wood’ around the driver and passengers while light floods into the cabin via panoramic sunroof. Solid metal detailing with precision-knurled finish and the hand-stitched leather interior features serve to augment the ultimate expression of opulence – an analogue clock by way of Breitling, which can even be further customised with a white or black mother-of-pearl face and even diamonds inset in eight index positions.

Performance wise – the 2017 Bentley Bentayga is the fastest, most exhilarating production SUV in the world, with a top speed of 187 mph (301 km/h) with its powertrain producing an impressive 900 Nm (664 lb ft) of torque.


Aston Martin Vanquish S – US$312,950 or SG$420300 (not incl. COE)

The Aston Martin Vanquish S embodies the essence of Aston Martin while redefining the core aesthetic and technical elements which make the British automobile such an icon of sportive capability, craftsmanship and power – everything a suave MI6 operative needs.

Building on the heritage of Aston Martin’s flagship Grand Tourer, the Vanquish S delivers improved engine power via an uprated 8-speed Touchtronic III Transmission 6.0 V12 engine producing 603 PS, enhanced dynamics throughquad-exhaust tailpipes, and revised inlet manifolds for increased engine airflow and all new styling to create a Grand Tourer of unprecedented grace, performance and superlative driving experience.

Form follows function as the design choices for the Aston Martin Vanquish S build on its powerful technical characteristics with functional aesthetics – a suit of carbon-fibre – creating a Grand Tourer of unprecedented lightness: Its new aerodynamic focused design features carbon fibre 2×2 twill front splitter and rear diffuser, improving high speed stability and accentuating exterior styling. Inside the cabin, Vanquish S delights with interior features such as Filograph quilt design options, Bang & Olufsen audio and the AMi III Infotainment system with all new satellite navigation.

Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster – on application

Building upon a legacy of Lamborghini’s historic S models like Miura, Islero, Countach, and Urraco, the Raging Bull returns with its most exciting version yet – the Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster. Highly desirable, make no mistake, with new V12 engine with a whopping 740 HP, it’s no Aventador S coupe with its roof removed, the Aventador S Roadster is an entirely different beast thanks to the new LDVA (Lamborghini Dinamica Veicolo Attiva) and all new aerodynamics designed specifically for open-air driving like the electrically-operated rear window that maximizes air flow during normal operation but lets you hear the throaty Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster’s new V12 engine when down. Performance-wise, the Roadster outputs 740 horsepower like the coupe, delivering its century sprint in 3 seconds with a top speed of 349 kmh.

The new Aventador S Roadster delivers the utmost driving experience thanks to its innovative Lamborghini Active Vehicle Dynamics (LDVA) control unit, a system of active technologies that can manage each of the dynamic axles of the vehicle. LDVA system combines all the information coming from the car’s sensors and establishes in real time the best setting for each driving condition – what results is a steering system that involves all four wheels using Lamborghini Dynamic Steering (LDS) and Lamborghini Rear-wheel Steering (LRS) while the vertical vehicle dynamics is handled by the Lamborghini Magneto-rheological suspension (LMS) and the active rear aerodynamics.

Above the hood, lies a combination of deep and bold lines, dressing the Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster for topless aerodynamics, inspired by nature and aeronautics, with exhaust terminals that transform the rear end into that of a space shuttle and a front end that recalls the strength and elegance of nature’s apex predator. Inside, the interior of the Aventador S Roadster includes the finest materials and superior bespoke possibilities like the new S-trim configuration and use of exclusive innovative material such as Carbon Skin® to be the covering for some of the interior details. It’s little wonder that this Aventador Roadster is among Singapore’s most desired cars to have.

Bugatti Chiron – US$2,998,000 or SG$4,027,200

A successor to the Veyron, the Bugatti Chiron is the most powerful road car ever produced, with newly developed W16 engine producing an insane 1,500 hp, 25 percent increase in performance compared to its predecessor,from its 8 litres of displacement.The engine reaches its maximum torque of 1,600 Nm thanks to the 4 double-powered in-house Bugatti turbocharger which guarantee maximum torque at 2,000 rpm where the torque is maintained at this level all the way up to 6,000 rpm. The result is unbelievable acceleration which only comes to an end in the twilight zone somewhere beyond the 400 km/h mark, helped along by the seven-speed dual clutch gearbox, multi-plate clutch four-wheel drive system, and carbon fiber monocoque.

The jaw-dropping performance of the Bugatti Chiron is matched only by the opulence of its exterior and interior – stylistically, it carries the demanding design characteristics worthy of the world’s most exclusive production super sports car, inspired through Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic, the new design language is characterised by extremely generous surfaces, which are demarcated by pronounced lines in the case of the Chiron. The interior is extremely luxurious, with hi-res digital displays, lush leather upholstery and a world-class audio system. Production is limited to 500 cars, and nearly a third of them have already been spoken for. Each and every Chiron is a one of a kind – as individual as its owners as the level of bespoke custom options that can be achieved is subject to very few limitations.


The 2019 Bentley Continental GT might just be Bentley’s finest car in decades

First launched in 2003, the Bentley Continental GT may not particularly stand out in Bentley’s arsenal of motorcars, but it’s always kept a track record of being a decent drive for most. The all-new third generation Bentley Continental GT, however, might have just raised the bars for British brand altogether.

The first noticeable change is the exterior. The 2019 Continental GT sports a new surfacing of electric blue, easily makes it is the cleanest, clearest interpretation of a modern GT car to have ever rolled out of Bentley’s production line. As noted by company CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer, the car is “the pinnacle of our design and engineering achievements and marks the next step in Bentley’s journey.”

Under the hood, the ultra-stylish Grand Tourer hides its secret weapon: a revamped 6-liter W12 engine. The upgrade allows the car to output a whopping 626bhp and 900Nm of torque. That translates into a 0-100km/h time of 3.7 seconds and 333km/h top speed.

The driving experience has also been redefined, thanks to the Continental GT’s new adaptive chassis. On one end, the car can feel like it’s floating over bumps on the road; on the other, it acts like a rock, staying superglued to the tracks and rigid in the corners.

The cockpit features every conceivable modern digital and active safety convenience: a high-resolution digital display in the dashboard, a central infotainment and navigation screen, and analogue dials for the car’s external thermometer, chronometer and compass.

The 2019 Contintental GT will be on display at the upcoming Frankfurt autoshow later this month, where visitors will get to marvel at Bentley’s new luxury vehicle for themselves.

New luxury fragrances for him: Introducing Bentley Momentum and Bentley Momentum Intense

Luxury car manufacturer Bentley is bursting back into the fragrance scene with Bentley Fragrances’ vibrant new scent — Bentley Momentum. The new addition comes in two intensities, each with its distinctive character: Bentley Momentum Eau de Toilette and Bentley Momentum Intense. Described as successful, style-conscious and driven, the Bentley Momentum man is inspired by challenge. Lauded as a masculine scent, the fragrance is a combination of aromas that wind around each other to bring a powerful essence.

Created by master perfumer Nathalie Lorson, the Eau de Toilette opens with an aquatic wave, spinning in sparkling bergamot and a breezy green violet. Refreshing this combination is a subtle sprinkle of the herbaceous clary sage that acts as a prelude to the next act.

The fragrance builds to a crescendo. The heart of the fragrance is weaved by the cashmere wood and ambergris, softened by a touch of Jasmine to produce a sweet, earthy scent. Sensual and reminiscent of deep forests, the heart opens to reveal a mix of sandalwood and tonka bean, anchored by a stream of musk and moss.

The Bentley Momentum Intense leverages on this foundation by increasing the intensity of the blend. Introducing new ingredients into the mix amplifies the strength of the aroma, highlighting the contrast between the top and base notes. With Elemi, a resin that boasts green, zesty and peppery facets, the added punch lifts the clean lavender and geranium harmony. The woody finish of ambery notes propels the vibrancy of the blend.

What is a sleek fragrance without a bottle that is just as sleek? Using New York’s breathtaking skyline as a muse, Bentley Momentum’s bottle design parallels the strength and confidence in its aroma. Made out of luxuriously heavy glass, the front and back of the bottle is printed with Bentley’s iconic “Flying B” logo as well as the name of the fragrance.

Both bottles come in silver hues, with Bentley Momentum Intense sporting a darker shade. Juxtaposing the bottle’s angular corners, the metal stopper is rounded and embossed with Bentley’s signature knurling. On the Bentley Momentum the knurling motif is seen in light grey with metallic silver sides and top while the Bentley Momentum Intense features it in a dark grey with a dark silver top and sides.

For more information, visit www.bentley-fragrances.com


Fastest car of 2016: Bentley Continental Supersports four-seater makes history

When Bentley started teasing the new model — the current generation Continental GT’s swansong — they promised a car of extremes. And now that it’s arrived it’s clear the company wasn’t exaggerating.

Fans had been expecting a stripped back, bare bones car with two seats and a V8 calling the shots.
And the Supersports is lighter than any other Continental GT thanks to some carbon fiber exterior fittings, huge carbon ceramic brakes, lightweight forged alloy wheels and a titanium exhaust system.

However, Bentley has managed to shave 25kg off the car’s kerb weight without sacrificing any of the car’s creature comforts or interior cossetting.

Instead, the mighty performance is due mostly to a totally reengineered W12 motor under the hood. Thanks to a new air cooling system, higher capacity turbochargers plus new conrods and bearings, that 6-liter engine offers a 79bhp increase and a further 217Nm of torque over even the last Supersports model built back in 2009.

And because it’s lighter it means an overall 10% improvement in terms of power-to-weight ratio.

“The Supersports name is legendary at Bentley. From the very first Supersports of the 1920s to the Continental Supersports of 2009 — and now with the third iteration of this iconic model — it is a name which excites, impassions and thrills,” said Bentley Motors CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer.

So that the new model is more than simply a muscle car in an impeccably tailored suit, the car has a clever four-wheel drive system with torque vectoring — it can simultaneously apply the brakes to one wheel while re-routing power to another — to maintain grip in the tightest bend.

The suspension has also been stiffened, there’s an external aerodynamics package including a front splitter and there’s a fixed rear wing spoiler to provide downforce at higher speeds.

Inside, the seats are trimmed in a three-color Alcantara split (unique on this model). There’s also the option of checkered carbon fiber fascia panels instead of the more traditional bookmatched wooden veneers.

The finishing touches are a unique steering wheel and gear lever, also trimmed in Alcantara to continue the racing theme. And for those that feel that all of this isn’t sufficiently dramatic, the car is also available as a convertible.

bentley extreme teasing

New Bentley model launch: Luxury car maker teases most extreme design

Following hot on the heels of its new Black Edition Continental with aggressive body kit, Bentley is getting ready to launch another special GT but this one promises to offer supercar-like acceleration to match the external styling.

Thus far, the company has only offered a tiny glimpse of the car via a teaser video but even that is enough to suggest the car will offer epic performance.

Until now, the title of the most extreme and supercar-like Bentley in history has been held by the very rare and very expensive Continental GT3-R.

Unveiled in 2014 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and inspired by the company’s GT3 racing car, the limited edition model (just 300 examples) served up 572bhp via its twin-turbo-charged V8 engine and a 0-100km/h time in under four seconds.

And while it kept a host of the creature comforts associated with Bentley’s luxury GT car, in order to cut weight, improve handling and boost acceleration, it jettisoned the rear seats and added a huge carbon fiber external aerodynamics package. And even though it came with a US$370,000 price tag, it sold out in a matter of weeks.

The new Supersports model is also expected to be extremely lightweight (for a Bentley anyway) thanks to generous use of carbon fiber and by the removal of certain heavier creature comforts.

It is also expected to go with a V8 rather than 12 cylinder engine. However, that eight-cylinder engine is going to boast a host of innovations developed by the company’s racing team in the GT3 class between 2014 and 2016. That should translate into a continent crossing coupé that can hit 100km/h in 3 seconds and onto a top speed in excess of 205mph.

But to find out exactly how extreme the Bentley is going to be, we’ll only have to wait 48 hours.

Mansory Iteration Bentley Bentayga

  • The Bentley Bentayga is a knight in carbon fiber armor. Mansory’s latest variant has upgraded the powerful SUV in its appearance and performance. The result? Probably one of the most powerful and exclusive SUVs in the market. That’s quite a feat of course given that the Bentley Bentayga is made to order.

Let’s talk about the specifications. The ‘standard’ Bentayga is five meters long, nearly two meters wide and stands 1.7 meters tall. It sports a 6-liter W12 engine, giving it a capacity to reach 100km/h in 4.0 seconds, with top speed of 190mph. Mansory’s tweaked the base Bentayga powerplant to the tune of 700hp (100 more than the standard Bentayga) which increases the car’s top speed to 190mph. The torque is also boosted to 1050Nm.

However, it is Mansory’s visual treatment that stands out. In Mansory’s iteration, the Bentayga is covered with a carbon fiber outerwear – from the grille, front apron (including bumper and chin spoiler) and the hood. New side skirt and and rear wheel arch extensions give the vehicle the illusion of a wider front. The Bentley Bentayga also sports two spoilers, one on the tailgate and one mounted on the roof, for a better ride in high speeds and hard corners. A new carbon fiber diffuser and rear bumper package that cover the custom exhaust system add extra support in this regard.


The car sits on newly created lightweight 22-inch wheels that have been diamond cut and designed to optimize brake cooling. Mansory also added a new wood and leather steering wheel, re-upholstered seats and individually designed, hand-stitched interior surfaces in this variant. Overall, the Mansory Bentley Bentayga does stand out – in a world where expressing one’s individuality has never been greater.

Hooked: Bentley Bentayga Fly Fishing by Mulliner

There’s no better way to spend a summer’s day than to sit by the river bank, fishing rod in hand and taking a swig of ice cold beer while waiting for a bite. That is, unless, you drive this special edition Bentley Bentayga Fly Fishing by Mulliner to said river bank, complete with everything you’d need for fly fishing, and finished with a good dose of luxury. And yes, for those wondering, that is the actual name of this Bentley model.

Dubbed the ultimate luxury car for fly fishing enthusiasts, coachbuilder Mulliner started its project off on the best note possible by choosing Bentley’s big, lumbering soft-roader, the Bentayga, which offers the best off-roader driving experience of the lot with its Responsive Off-Road Setting. Together with the multi-mode air suspension, the SUV will also tackle just about every road surface you throw its way.

Bentley Bentayga Fly Fishing by Mulliner (5)

But it is what’s inside that truly counts, and we’ll start with the best bit. Four leather-wrapped tubes (finished with linen cross-stitching, mind you) on the underside of the parcel shelf accompany a pair of landing nets in matching leather bags. These are stored in a customized, carpet-trimmed hard pocket, conveniently located at the side of the boot.

Then there are the customary fishing essentials, which Mulliner has also thoughtfully doused with in Saddle leather: a master tackle station, a refreshment case and waterproof wader-stowage trunk. Built upon a sliding tray for easy access, the master tackle unit sees an exclusive Burr Walnut veneered drawer that houses fly-tying vice and tools, alongside cotton, hooks and feathers. The removable refreshment case will hold up to three metal flasks, a set of Mulliner fine-china tablewear and a separate storage compartment for food. And because nobody wants their Bentayga getting damp and smelling like fish, Mulliner has also gone to great lengths to not only make the floor waterproof, but also install an electronic dehumidifier.

Bentley Bentayga Fly Fishing by Mulliner (4)

“The Bentayga Fly Fishing car showcases the breadth and level of detail a customer can expect from Mulliner. This is an individual bespoke solution and our skilled craftspeople can design elegant and exquisitely executed bespoke solutions to complement any customer lifestyle or hobby. Fly fishing is a sport that requires a variety of equipment and clothing, so it was essential to package the rods, reels, waders, boots and fly-tying station into the car in a luxurious, accessible and elegant way – and the end result is truly extraordinary,” said Geoff Dowding, Director of Mulliner.

Bentley Bentayga Fly Fishing by Mulliner (11)

Mulliner isn’t stranger to pushing the boundaries of Bentleys. In March, the coachbuilder presented the world’s longest limousine, the Mulsanne Grand Limo, and have also teamed up with the Breitling Jet Team to commission a limited edition series of seven Continental GT Speeds.

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Bentley Delivers Bespoke Irons For Golf

While the luxury car marque Bentley has stepped into worlds other than motoring before, most notably fashion and luggage, but this time it is aiming for something out of its comfort zone but that will certainly speak to its core audience. The top brass at Bentley decided to come up with a new bespoke collection of golf clubs, bags, and accessories in partnership with Professional Golf Europe. These products still keep the levels of exclusivity and customizability that Bentley’s well known for – maintaining the peak of exquisite metalcraft and aesthetic flair. The collection will go on sale in September, meaning Bentley Bentayga owners will have new toys to play with.

The collection consists of irons from the 3 through to PW range, and woods including a driver with three loft options (Utility, Hybrid and fairway), plus three wedges and a putter. Other accessories like a tour bag, a cart bag, and a stand bag will also be a part of it. For those who’ve already got their hands on a full set of pro clubs but still want something Bentley and golf-related, they can take a look at specially branded Bentley goods including an umbrella, a sterling silver ball marker, and a leather scorecard holder.

Bentley umbrella 2016

In order to craft tools worthy of the best golfers out there, Bentley turned to the Japanese town of Ichikawa – a town with a rich tradition of metalworking skills and hand-forging samurai swords. This ensures that every single club isn’t just placed through the rote process of manufacture, and is actually tailored to suit the precise needs of a client. Yet, the traditional technique of crafting is also combined with up to date technologies and the CNC milling process is also used for each iron.

Customization options include a choice of performance steel or graphite for the shafts, as well as a host of custom leather grips. There are also quite a number of nods to Bentley’s automobile aesthetics and design ethos, such as the knurling done on the end caps of the clubs, and diamond quilting done on caddies, matching luggage and other accessories.

The price for all of that? Well it probably depends on how much customizability you want, but for those who intend to go all the way in spiffing up their irons it could probably lead to a very hefty sum. Forbes notes that some upgrades include “custom-made $10,000 shafts or alligator skin grips”. Only aim for those (see what we did there?) if you really want to be the envy of the golf course.

Good Wood: Bentley Mulsanne First Edition

Always aiming to push the limit in terms of luxurious exclusivity, Bentley came to the Beijing Auto Show with a handcrafted car that exemplified all of the high-end bespoke craftsmanship that the brand is well-known for. Limited to only 50 examples, the Bentley Mulsanne First Edition is full of functions and adornments that aim to pique the interest and desire of any car enthusiast willing to chase the peak of refinement.

The car will be offered in three forms – standard, speed, and Extended Wheelbase. While Bentley already happens to be the company car connoisseurs look to for high standards, the First Edition aims to be the car that demanding Bentley connoisseurs will turn to, and Bentley has pulled out all the bespoke stops to make that happen. Instead of the picnic tables integrated into the rear of the front seats that usually drop down to take the weight of a table or a computer feature, an integrated sterling silver vanity kit will pop out instead. This was created for the car by Asprey of London, and includes a mirror, hairbrush and a comb – each carefully weighted like a professional chef’s knife. Even the ‘Flying B’ emblem that adorns all Bentleys is uniquely engraved here, while throughout each car there are First Edition motifs, either embroidered on the leather or inlaid in the extensive wood finishing.


Speaking of wood, the Extended Wheelbase model goes a step further, proving that such a thing is very much possible, with a cabin boasting a Fulbeck veneer sourced from a 350-year-old walnut tree. This is obviously one of the most expensive, rare and sought-after wood. The tree happened to fetch a record fee (undisclosed) at auction and Bentley only managed to secure enough of it to adorn its flagship; other first editions have to make do with mere antique Ash veneer.

To prove that Bentley is on the cutting edge of technology, the Extended Wheelbase will come with Bentley 10.2-inch tablets for the rear-seat passengers – running on Android with a Bentley interface overlaid. Content can be streamed to the car’s audio system and the devices can be taken from the car and used at home or in the office.


“The Mulsanne is the epitome of Bentley’s DNA — exquisite, individual and powerful. It defines luxury in the automotive world and offers the unique Bentley blend of luxury and performance” said Wolfgang Dürheimer, chairman and chief executive of Bentley Motors. We’re inclined to agree.

This story was written in-house, based on an AFP report.

Pop Artist Peter Blake Creates Unique Bentley

The Peter Blake-styled Bentley Continental GT V8 S Convertible seems like a straight call-back to some older, bolder and altogether kitschier past. It has an exterior decorated with primary colors and strong geometric shapes, right down to the massively unambiguous heart shape painted on the hood. Honestly, it makes us think of Janis Joplin’s Porsche

The pop artist’s claim to fame was his pop-collages but he achieved special renown with his design for the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band Beatles album cover. Now he’s collaborating with Bentley for a one-off model that will be auctioned by Bonhams (as a part of this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed) on June 24 for charity.

In this case, all proceeds from the sale will go to the Care2Save Charitable Trust, which provides palliative and hospice care around the world. “The end of someone’s life should bring dignity, love and comfort both to the person who is dying and all those who care about them. We hope that this amazing car will deliver a lasting legacy of care,” said Andrea Ladeira, CEO of Care2Save. This charity also has another initiative involving Bentley that we find very clever indeed.

“I am proud to have been involved with transforming this beautiful car, and have enormous admiration for the people at Bentley who brought my design into being, to produce this one-off lovely car” said Blake. Blake’s art in general has been known to consist of a palpable sense of play, especially with the mixing up of old styles and new styles of art. Transferring that sense of play into a luxury product creates within the vehicle a certain exclusivity and of course nostalgic value.

Besides the exterior adornment, the Bentley will also feature the artist’s signature embroidered on the car’s leather seats, and even a playlist pre-loaded into the infotainment system of Blake’s all-time favorite songs. The finished product was completed with Bentley’s famous team of leather, paint and wood experts at their bespoke division, Mulliner.

With this marriage of artistry and established elegance, you can be sure that those avid collectors looking for models with that special je ne sais quoi will have something to whet their appetite. Find out more about the regular production car here.

This story was written in-house, based on an AFP report and other sources.

Bentley GT Speed Now Faster, More Exclusive

The fastest production Bentley, the Continental GT Speed, just got faster and more powerful with the Continental GT Speed Black Edition. The model took on some power tweaks to raise its power output from 633hp (from 626hp) and a torque up to 840 Nm. This translates to a race to 100km/h time in 4.1 seconds (it was 4.2 seconds). According to Bentley, the best of the new power is available between 2,000 and 5,000 rpm, which is the magic range of daily driving. While the improvement doesn’t sound like much, at least compared with the last reported performance, all that is being reinforced with new and unique styling options to sate the personalization tastes of the luxury consumer.

Bentley Continental GT Speed Black Edition (4)

One of the possibilities of the Continental GT Speed Black Edition, which pulses with sporty character, is the exterior brightware, like the window opening and lamp bezels, glossed in an all-black style. Similarly black 21” five-spoke directional rims cover distinctive brake calipers, which can be specified in red or black finishes.

Want a bit of a stand-out contrast to all that? A choice of contrast-colors can be added to the front splitter, side skirts, and rear diffuser in four different shades: Hallmark, Beluga, St James’ Red, and, a new shade – the spicy Cyber Yellow.

Bentley Continental GT Speed Black Edition (5)

The interiors are the standard high quality handcraft you’ve come to expect from Bentley (every Continental GT takes 110 hours to handcraft) with sumptuous leather and diamond quilting. The seats and center console are bordered by contrasting leather, and are available in Porpoise (yes that is a real color), Beluga, Pillar Box Red or new Cyber Yellow to match the exterior styling accents.

Bentley Continental GT Speed Black Edition (1)

“We have developed the GT Speed Black Edition to meet demand from customers for a model in the Continental line that offers both increased sporting capabilities and instantly recognizable styling cues. The Black Edition has a subtle but purposeful look that is backed up by exceptional performance” commented Paul Jones, Product Line Director for Continental GT.

Bentley Continental GT Speed Black Edition (2)

The new GT Speed and GT Speed Black Edition models are available to order now, with customer deliveries this summer. For more information, you can visit Bentley’s site at www.bentleymotors.com.

This story was compiled in-house, with a news report from AFP as the primary source.

Bentley Flying Spur V8S: Smooth and Sporty

Buyers can expect a fiercer ride as Bentley’s third model for the Flying Spur series, the Flying Spur V8S, is set to make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show during a press conference March 1. A pitch-black finish on the radiator grille is a start, as is the rear diffuser (both a major change from Bentley’s standard models). Still, let’s unpack the rest of what this comfortable monster has in store for us.


Racing from 1 to 100km/h in 4.9 seconds, the 4-liter twin turbo engine boasts 521 horses. Take note that its sibling, the 507 PS, only has 500hp. This extra power boosts the model up with a sportier and urgent touch, ramping up to a 306km/h, max.


Yet for those thinking green or leaving a smaller carbon footprint, the V8S retains the impressive fuel economy and CO2 emissions of the old V8 engines. Fuel consumption stands at 10.9L/100km while emissions are rated at 254g/km. Furthermore, the new variable displacement triggers the system to balance fuel between its 8 cylinders. On cruising it switches to 4, and retains all the refinement, whereas when you need to pump it up, it seamlessly revs up to 8 again.


In terms of dynamism and comfort, the car has never been sharper. A reworked suspension stops body roll, while backed up with a Continuous Damping Control (CDC) system to smoothen the bumps further. Spicier drivers will want to set it on ‘S’ mode, which automatically locks out the highest gear, giving more space to push things. Yet if the play is taken too far, and too many wrong moves are made, the electronic stability controls kicks in to save the day.


As with other Bentley creations, it’s all about the owner. Clients can choose from various customizations, such as darker aggressive colors and cosmetic changes for both the interior and exterior. A luxurious and spacious cabin boasts advanced acoustics and electronic, while a Touch-Screen remote taps in to an extensive Rear Entertainment System. It even comes with a WiFi hotspot, making the V8S great for work-on-the-go and leisure anywhere.


“The Flying Spur remains unrivalled in its ability to combine class-leading comfort with remarkable dynamic ability” claimed Wolfgang Dürheimer, the chairman and chief executive of Bentley Motors. We can expect them to be churning out the top luxury cars for the time to come.

Bentley Wins 18 Awards in 2015

With oil prices seemingly on an endless slide and, on the flipside, an increasingly visible commitment from automakers to moving away from the black stuff, it is indeed a good time for motoring. Volkswagen’s unfortunate dishonesty aside, the news from carmakers worldwide has been uplifting and encouraging recently. Bentley, a Volkswagen-owned firm, has been having a particularly bright moment, what the delivery of the first Bentayga and now this announcement that it has racked up no less than 18 awards this year, in markets as diverse as USA, Russia and China, as well as its home market of the UK.

Four different models, spanning the full range of Bentley’s family, received plaudits across three continents in 2015. The most celebrated model? The Flying Spur of course, which claimed six prizes.

New Flying Spur V8 Grand Tour in Yunnan-r50

In the UK, for example, readers of the Daily Telegraph voted it the ‘Best Luxury Car’. Judges praised the Flying Spur for being “as enjoyable to drive as it is to be chauffeured in,” which is serious praise indeed; typically the fun factor of cars built for backseat lounging tends to drop dramatically once you get behind the wheel.

The world’s fastest road-going luxury sedan was also well received in Russia this year, with awards including Auto Goda’s ‘Car of the Year’ and Klaxon magazine’s  Golden Klaxon both emphasizing the Flying Spur’s unparalleled luxury and refinement.

Bentley’s pinnacle flagship Mulsanne Speed, meanwhile, was crowned ‘Best of the Best – Luxury Sedan’ by Robb Report. The world’s “fastest, ultra-luxury driving experience” was praised for its “superior performance and limitless customization possibilities”.

Bentley Claims Record Number Of Awards In 2015 (2)-r50

Below is the full list of awards the Crewe-based firm has racked up in 2015.

Award Awarding Body Winner Region
Industrial Excellence Award – Europe Industrial Excellence for Manufacturing Bentley Motors Ltd UK
Best Luxury Car The Telegraph Flying Spur UK
Best of the Best – Luxury Sedan Robb Report Mulsanne Speed USA
Best of the Best – Convertible Robb Report Continental GT Speed Convertible USA
Luxury Car of the Year Digital Trends Continental GT Speed Convertible USA
Best Suite at Golden Key Awards – The St Regis Hotel Istanbul Boutique Design Trade Fair NY Bentley Suite at The St Regis Istanbul USA
Top rated Sedan Edmunds Testing Team Flying Spur USA
Design Award for Concept Cars and Prototypes Villa d’Este Concorso d’Eleganza EXP 10 Speed 6 Italy
Golden Klaxon Klaxon magazine Flying Spur V8 Russia
Car of the Year Auto Goda Flying Spur Russia
German Design Award – Transportation German Design Council EXP 10 Speed 6 Germany
Car of the Year Local Car of the Year Committee Kazakhstan Flying Spur Kazakhstan
Most Beautiful Automobile Car and Driver EXP 10 Speed 6 China
China’s foremost luxury brands – Best of Best Ga Fencu Men Magazine Bentley China
Car of the Year Auto Industry Professionals Flying Spur V8 China
Car of the Year Car Magazine Continental GT3-R China
Middle East Car of the Year – Large Luxury Sedan Middle East Car of the Year Awards Mulsanne Speed Middle East
Best Large Luxury Sedan Arab Wheels Awards Mulsanne Speed Middle East

Bentley Claims Record Number Of Awards In 2015 (1)-r50

Bentley Claims Record Number Of Awards In 2015 (3)-r50

First production Bentley Bentayga Debuts

Not since Porsche redefined the SUV with the Cayenne for the luxury market has another marquee gained quite as much attention as the Bentley Bentayga. Now it finally gets real, with the first Bentayga rolling off the production line in Crewe, England. After four years of conceptualizing, design and development the first real-world example of the world’s most powerful and most luxurious SUV is now a reality.

The occasion was marked with a special event at Bentley’s plant in Crewe, last week attended by the UK Prime Minister.

“Bentley Bentayga will be the benchmark against which all other SUVs are measured, defining a new segment — the luxury SUV,” said Wolfgang Dürheimer, Chairman and Chief Executive of Bentley Motors. “This is an important moment in our history, where we reflect and celebrate, but also look ahead to delivering this extraordinary car to our customers.”

If nothing else, this tells the world what Bentley thinks of other luxury SUVs – not much. Interestingly, reports indicate that the Bentayga, like the Cayenne, is built on the

The Bentayga is a bold step for a company more closely associated with luxury GT cars and limousines, but demand for performance, exclusivity and supreme luxury at the highest end of the SUV market has never been greater. Hence the new car boasts a twin-turbo W12 engine capable of delivering 600hp and a 0-100km/h time of 4 seconds as well as a cabin awash with the finest wood and leather.

“I am delighted that the first Bentley Bentayga has rolled off the production line in Crewe. It marks the culmination of a period of exceptional hard work by Bentley and its dedicated workforce as they brought this remarkable new vehicle to market,” UK Prime Minister David Cameron, said.

Unfortunately, the first completed model is not heading to a client, it will be going straight to the Bentley Heritage centre for preservation.

Bentley Debuts Bentayga SUV First Edition

To mark the launch of the Bentayga (possibly the world’s most luxurious SUV) and as a tribute to its most important clients, Bentley has designed a special edition model of its first SUV that will be limited to exactly 608 examples globally. The Bentayga has already been making waves on the Internet just for existing.

Unveiled in Los Angeles in front of a select group of invited guests, the Bentayga First Edition will be packed with features and details that the company promises will be unique to the model.

Kevin Rose, Board Member for Sales and Marketing, Aftersales, said: “With the First Edition we have created the ultimate expression of the Bentayga’s spirit. It is equipped with an array of striking features that celebrate both the pioneering nature of the Bentayga and its unique abilities.”

Although the car is yet to go into production, its uniqueness comes in the form of its vital statistics. It is the most powerful, the fastest and most luxurious SUV money can buy. It has a 0-100km/h time of just 4.1 seconds and a top speed of 301km/h. And, thanks to a new twin-turbo 6-liter W12 engine, it can output 600bhp or 608PS, hence Bentley’s decision to build 608 units.

The First Edition will be available in a very limited palette of 10 pre-selected exterior colors to ensure that the paint perfectly complements the unique 22-inch black-painted, polished five-spoke alloy wheels. Each car will also feature Union Flag badging and illuminated treadplates.

Inside, Bentley has put a special twist on the quilted leather for which its cabins are famous so that the finish is diamond within diamond, essentially a double quilting that extends to the door panels as well as enveloping the seats. The wooden fascia and door caps continue the Union Flag badging scheme, this time in polished metal rather than enamelled red, white and blue. The seats are embroidered with the First Edition legend and also feature special double contrast stitching.

The final special feature is one that can be enjoyed whether in or away from the car. Each First Edition owner will get a unique Breitling watch. The German watchmaker has developed three different timepieces inspired by the Bentayga.

The Emergency has a dual frequency personal locator beacon; the Cockpit B50 boasts an electric multifunction calibre; while the Chronomat 38 has a smaller form factor and is designed for women.

Each watch has a certified Breitling movement, a mother-of-pearl dial and bronze-toned hands.

Bentley to recall 27,640 cars

German auto heavyweight Volkswagen’s woes continue, this time on the luxury front. Bentley, the luxury marquee fully owned by the Volkswagen Group, has recalled 27,640 cars worldwide because of potentially faulty battery cable connections, a Bentley spokesman said on Tuesday. While this is virtually nothing compared with the 11 million diesel vehicles worldwide affected by the emissions scandal, it will still be a PR nightmare for the Group as a whole, and Bentley in particular of course. The Bentley models affected were all Continental GT/GTC/Flying Spur and new Flying Spur cars built between February 2011 and June 2014, the spokesman said in an emailed statement.

“On a limited number of cars, a bolted connection for a battery cable joint could be loose,” the statement said. “To address this, we will replace the components with a new connection system for all vehicles, which will take approximately two hours per car.”

All Bentleys built outside of these dates, and all Mulsanne models, are unaffected. The number of recalled vehicles included 5,906 cars in China, the brand’s second-biggest market after the Americas, Bentley said.

“This is a voluntary recall and is in no way connected to any other recalls from other automotive manufacturers,” it added. For some context, Bentley manufactures less than 10,000 vehicles a year (2012 stats list the annual production at 9,107).