Luxury aquarium : hand-pick your exotic fish and take it home

NYC-based Okeanos Aquascaping, is an international custom aquarium and pond company specializing in the integration of cutting edge designs, hand-picked exotic fish, coral and other livestock, brilliant colors, and mesmerizing effects.

Sure, you could go to a beach or an aquarium anytime to see exotic aquatic life. But you guys deserve the finest luxuries in life, right ? So why not take a trip or build a customized aquarium in your home?

Okeanos is now offering five-star experiential vacations where customers can travel with Okeanos’ staff around the world to see exotic fish, coral and other livestock in its natural habitats.

The client will have the opportunity to pick out the fish, coral and livestock that he/she wishes, and Okeanos will replicate the environment in the customer’s location of choice.

That sounds very “luxury” though… but a bit selfish too (bad joke…time to sleep). Although fish must not really suffer in such big aquariums, I just hope I’m not actually doing publicity for a company which help people who plan to bring back some endangered species home! And unfortunately at $100,000 each, I guess we cannot find this kind of fish everywhere…

Though, if customers get bored with their luxury fish, they can still turn them into the world’s most expensive sushis, we will be glad to feature them once again on Luxuo ^_^