Golden Christmas tree on display in Tokyo

Ginza Tanaka christmas tree

A nearly two million dollar golden Christmas tree has been put on display for the holiday season in Tokyo.

Tokyo’s jewellery store Ginza Tanaka unveiled its 2.4 meters tall Golden Christmas Tree, which is made from 12 kilograms of pure gold, worth 1.95 million US dollars.

It took 15 craftsmen four and a half months to complete the creation. The store says it’s the most expensive Christmas tree they’ve ever created.

The jeweler had created a $1,500,000 golden Christmas tree in 2008, but he’s managed to top himself this year.

Ginza Tanaka gold mont fuji

The company had previously created the golden Mount Fuji, A gold Stitch and a Gold Mickey Mouse statue, a golden calendar, a gold beer mug and a Golden Tokyo Tower.

The Christmas tree will be on display from Nov. 22 through Dec. 25 at the store… But Ginza Tanaka has no intention of selling the lavish piece of art!

Emirates Palace, a seven-star hotel in Abu Dhabi, also unveiled a 13-metre fake evergreen tree in its lobby worth about $11 million last holiday season.