Luxurious Victorinox USB Drive

Swissbit – a Flash memory company – and Victorinox – the maker of Swiss Army knives – have teamed up and joined forces with Bonfort- the popular penknife company – to create their Prestige line of USB drives.

The exquisite, limited edition executive present memory sticks come in white or yellow gold and are finished with over 600 brilliant-cut diamonds and finished to the highest level of quality. The USB key can be switched out if you decide to upgrade to a higher capacity drive.

Swissbit’s Prestige Swiss Army USB keys start at around €980 ($1,450), which we imagine will be for a silver version. Expect that price to climb considerably for the gold units and the diamond-encrusted ones.

Bonfort also offers an engraving service, in case you want your Prestige to be just that bit more exclusive ^_^