Lady Dior And Marion Cotillard Land In Shanghai

Marion Cotillard is back for the latest installment of the Lady Dior campaign titled Lady Blue. For this fourth chapter, Cotillard has been taken to Shanghai.

The short film follows a teaser clip that was released a few weeks ago, where Marion Cotillard, dressed in black, recites a poem penned by David Lynch, and dances with her blue Lady Dior bag.

Directed by David Lynch, the short film is a love story full of mystery. “It’s about memory, […] And then, when you remember, it’s different” Lynch said.

The Lady Blue film is a clip featuring Marion Cotillard, a Shanghai hotel corridor, and the blue Lady Dior bag, which contains a blue rose that triggers memories of a lost love with whom she shared kisses near the city’s Pearl Tower.

Word has it that he was given free reign for the movie apart from 3 things: the video would have to have the Dior bag, Old Shanghai and the Pearl Tower in it.

Galliano said of the 12-minute film: “Marion is reciting a poem that [David Lynch] wrote, and was inspired by the Pearl Tower itself.

The words and building fuse in the picture he paints on-screen. Shanghai is such a vibrant and inspiring city.”

Steven Klein shot the campaign which depicts the actress being pulled back by a spy against the impressive Shanghai skyline.