“Fracture” chairs by Itay Ohaly

Israeli designer Itay Ohaly has proposed a series of chairs called Fracture, made of benches of various materials which are torn or smashed into individual chairs.

Club Coke 2009 by Justice and So-Me

Ed Banger Records SO ME and Justice hooked up to create this special bottle design in celebration of the new Club Coke. The bottle launched last week at the VIP Room in Paris. The bottle comes in a red colorway and features the “Do The Dance By Justice And So_Me” slogan. At night the bottle … Continued

Tsai Residence by HHF Architects

HHF Architects designed the Tsai Residence for two young art collectors. The design reflects their request for a simple and abstract looking piece, almost without scale sitting on top of the site, which is located two hours upstate from New York City. The whole outside of the house is wrapped with corrugated metal panels.


Lighting up the street, these plastic flowers and bushes are coated and molded with special glow paint. Created by Pent Talvet & Kristian Paljasma, these special paints called “Luminaarparaad” absorb the solar energy during the day and thus glow at night.

Sinus chair by Cor – a nice comeback

We like the new Sinus chair from Cor. Makes you want to seat on it and stretch your legs… Originally designed in 1976, Reinhold Adolf and Hans-Jürgen Schröpfer’s reissued Sinus chair offers comfort and support, together with contemporary design. Even in 1976 the Sinus chair was ahead of its time, with swinging spring steel rockers … Continued

iPod Dock + Speaker + Bed Light

This is not the first iDock we’re featuring but this particular iPod dock can also be used as a table lamp. The iPod Dock light comes in a simple reverse C design that allows you to dock your ipod and be bathed in a soothing light at the same time. The iDock also incorporates a … Continued

Luxury Tableware Collection

In a fast paced world of ever changing trends and concepts, the ‘J collection’ by award winning designer Adi Fainer is an innovative and bold move to bring 5000 years of traditions and cultural themes into the 21st century home. Inspired by historical artifacts commonly known as Judaica items originally designed for spiritual celebration, The … Continued

Lego Lamp By Tzuwei Tai

Lego Lamp by Taiwan designer, Tzuwei Tai. This clever desk lamp get their inspiration from the popular block game playthings. Everyone has the experience of playing with Lego as kids. “Lego Lamp” lamp remind us of the creative spirit we used to have and enlighten us with the unlimited possibilities of building with blocks

Chen Changwei for Daum

Since 1878 Daum have been crafting world-renowned beauty in lead crystal using rare and ancient techniques. Daum´s perfect mastery of pate de verre has earned it a worldwide reputation for excellence. This year, artist Chen Changwei breaks with tradition, reinventing the Chinese zodiac in a series of surrealist busts in the time-honored tradition of pâte … Continued

Purple Rain In Your Glass

Designed by Matilda Sundén Ringnérs, the Rainman Carafe is a wonderful little accessory that allows you to serve drinks with style, simplicity and class. Unlike most other serving pots, it has 8 holes at its top end which allows the drink to pour out like a beautiful shower. It is not just ergonomic, it reduces … Continued

The Ermis Dining Table

The Ermis Dining Table is the first creation of Theodore Fotiadis for the Excelsior Elements collection. Designed in the Med following minimal lines it is formed so the eye will flow around its curves. Made out of fine crystal and aluminium it is sure that it will be the center of attention in your dining … Continued

BMW designs coffee machine for Saeco

BMW Group DesignworksUSA, an international design studio and subsidiary of BMW Group, announced yesterday that it has developed a new coffee machine for Saeco called Xsmall. The BMW Saeco Xsmall is the smallest model in the company’s portfolio and comes with a two-color combination of the machines with a strong color contrast. The operating elements … Continued

Egg shaped beds by lomme

Lichtenstein design brand Cycle 13 launched this futuristic cocoon-like egg bed called ‘Lomme’ (abbreviation of « Light Over Matter Mind Evolution »). his naturally shaped shell combines state-of-the-art sleep enhancement technologies with a classic organic shape – the egg. Prior to the development of the LOMME egg-bed, a 2 year study into sleeping habits and … Continued

Dog by Charles Kalpakian

Inspired by graffiti, nature, sculpture, lighting, music and souvenirs, designer Charles Kalpakian’s playful lamp ‘dog’ stores books on his back and lights up by pulling his tail several times, a dynamo stores energy and provides light. More work on his site

Pool Table

This Acrylic resin table conceived by the Freshwest studio was unvelied at London Design Festival, Tent London. “Pool Table had a serene and calming Zen like quality in the surrounding bustle of the show. The coffee table made from 50mm acrylic with miniature diving board, reflected and refracted light in such a way that it … Continued

The Cara Pendant Lamp – Andreas Ostwald

German designer Andreas Ostwald has created the Cara pendant lamp for lighting manufacturer ANTA. The lamp features a cluster of white/silver printed circuit boards equipped with LEDs. 70 LEDs are attached to pentagonal pieces of silvery polycarbonate to create a mobile that changes continually. It faintly gives the appearance of a constellation of stars hanging … Continued

Artemide Mercury Suspension Lamp

This chandelier, made of molded thermoplastic “pebbles” with a polished chrome finish, can make any room look like it has fragments of a T-1000 liquid Terminator dangling from the ceiling. Designed by Ross Lovegrove this year for Artemide, this lamp is called “Mercury, obviously named for the cool blog-like organic shapes that resemble mercury. During … Continued

Glass lighting by artist John Pomp

John pomp has redefined contemporary design through the art of glass blowing. for the past decade, he has been living and working in new york city, and has established himself as one of the leaders in modern design. Master of fine glass, lighting, and sculpture, he utilized all three of his specialties to create this … Continued

A New Luxury Lighting Line

We would like to briefly introduce a world-class line of decorative indoor/outdoor spherical lights that are colorful, versatile and create an alluring setting for home and garden. Moonlight globe lights are dramatic, contemporary lights in whole- and half-spheres from 13 to 30 inches in diameter that operate on standard household wiring, extra-long cord, hardwired or … Continued