Performance artist Melati Suryodarmo

Feb 19, 2017 /

Suryodarmo’s stunning body of work includes ‘Butter Dance’, where the artist fell again and again while dancing on butter

Interview with Stéphane Le Pelletier

Feb 17, 2017 /

Art Republik talks with the gallery’s Director in Asia Pacific to find out more about the business and highlights from 2016

Origins of Art at Mona

Feb 14, 2017 /

Think art and science do not mix? The Museum of Old and New Art in Hobart explores art through biological frameworks

Interview with SWKIT

Feb 13, 2017 /

Known as Ah Kit to his friends, artist SWKIT sits down with Art Republik to discuss how his background in social work influenced his photography

3 additions to The National Museum of Singapore

Feb 10, 2017 /

The museum presents works by Suzann Victor, teamLab, and Robert Zhao in commemoration of its 130th anniversary

Weekend in Singapore: A guide to art, exhibitions and culture around the island 72 hours

Feb 09, 2017 /

Art Republik lists must-see places of art and culture for that perfect weekend around the island — or 72 hours to be exact

'Resonance of Nature' at Hermès

Feb 07, 2017 /

Art Republik cover star Takashi Kuribayashi discusses his critical commentary on nature and how incidents in his native homeland helped shape his work

72 Hours of art in Seoul

Feb 06, 2017 /

Art Republik takes you on a weekend-long journey through Seoul’s vibrant contemporary art scene.

Contemporary art showcase in Singapore: MAD Museum of Art & Design presents 10 artists

Jan 17, 2017 /

A look at MAD Museum of Art & Design’s latest futuristic group show that tackles various topics from contemporary artists

Artist Interview: Art Republik shines the spotlight on Art Porters’ Guillaume Lévy Lambert

Jan 16, 2017 /

Art Republik takes a Skype call with Guillaume Lévy Lambert to find out more about Art Porters and how he juggles the many roles in the art industry

Singapore Art Initiatives: “Cities For People” brings the community together with various programmes

Jan 15, 2017 /

Organised by the NUT CCA Ideas Fest, the 10-day programme aims to bring the community together through art

Art events in Singapore: Singapore Art Week 2017 calendar brings visitors around the city

Jan 13, 2017 /

With Singapore Art Week underway, we bring you a list of activities that might be right up your alley in and around the city

Abstract art paintings: “Crossing Over” New York City with JonOne and Galerie Bartoux

Jan 12, 2017 /

Art Republik captures the heart of the city with JonOne and Galerie Bartoux as the new series of graffiti-inspired pieces come to life

Contemporary Artwork: Intersections gallery features Burmese artists at Art Stage Singapore 2017

Jan 12, 2017 /

Get a glimpse of contemporary art from Myanmar at Art Stage Singapore 2017 with Intersections Gallery as the artists show us various aspects of Myanmar through their work

Art in Singapore: ART REPUBLIK magazine releases Issue 13 before Art Stage Singapore 2017

Jan 10, 2017 /

The thirteenth issue of ART REPUBLIK highlights Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Kuribayashi’s latest work with Hermès Singapore as well as the various art fairs being held in Singapore

Art gallery in Singapore: Ashok Jain Gallery

Jan 09, 2017 /

The New York based art gallery will have its own booth at Art Stage Singapore and will feature four artists including Elling Reitan who will make encourage new ideas and perceptions

Picasso exhibition in Madrid, Spain: Guernica and other paintings will be on display at Reina Sofia Museum

Jan 09, 2017 /

Madrid’s Reina Sofia museum will stage a major Pablo Picasso exhibition to mark the 80th anniversary of his famed “Guernica” painting, a universal symbol of the cruelty of war

Art events in Singapore: Singapore Fringe Festival 2017 to feature exhibitions, performances, talks and more

Dec 27, 2016 /

Major art event Singapore Fringe Festival 2017 last thematic installation “Art and Skin” is set to captivate art enthusiasts with a slew of provocative theatrical and visual art works,

Singapore Biennale 2016-2017 exhibitions: A short guide to An Atlas of Mirrors

Dec 25, 2016 /

The fifth edition of one of Asia’s most exciting contemporary visual arts fest returns to Singapore Art Museum with artworks by 63 artists and art collectives from Singapore, Southeast Asia, East and South Asia

Exhibition in Singapore: Last chance to catch Open A Door To Israel at Marina Bay Sands

Dec 22, 2016 /

From Israel with love, the country brings the best of its culture and heritage to our shores via nine doors at the Marina Bay Sands