The Tranquil Escape of Japan’s Janu Tokyo

Mar 25, 2024 / Travel

This urban haven combines refined luxury with Japanese minimalism for an immersive experience dubbed the new era of “Modern Urban Village”.

High-End Yacht Chartering in Mykonos: The Best Experiences on the Island

Mar 10, 2024 / Travel

Mykonos, the quintessential jewel of the Aegean Sea, is a harmonious blend of traditional charm and modern luxury.

The Ultimate Guide To Hiking Kilimanjaro

Mar 05, 2024 / Travel

For all thrill-seekers and wanderlust lovers, make Kilimanjaro your next adventure with this guide to help you on your way up to the summit.

Discover the Depths of Adventure at Alila Hinu Bay

Feb 28, 2024 / Travel

Travel enthusiast Lucas Raven goes on a voyage through sand and sea as he unveils the “Extra Divers Diving Center” at Oman’s Alila Hinu Bay.

Why Botswana’s andBeyond Sandibe is a Must-Experience African Adventure

Feb 27, 2024 / Travel

Located in the Botswana’s Okavango Delta sits andBeyond Sandibe — a masterpiece of sight, sound, and sensation.

The Enchanting Spiritual Escape of Bhutan’s Amankora

Feb 22, 2024 / Travel

Bhutan’s ancient temples and serene monasteries are a living canvas come to life. LUXUO explores why a journey here transcends ordinary travel.

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