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Fund Platform launches to offer protection to ICO investors

The number of investors without extensive knowledge of the rules of cryptocurrencies yet seeking access to undervalued digital currencies is rising. Fund Platform helps these investors

Dec 18, 2017 | By LUXUO

The rapid growth of the number and value of cryptocurrencies have led to a surge of general interest in blockchain technology. Combined with the immense popularity and growth of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), there are new possibilities and opportunities in the field of financial investment. While some cryptocurrencies have gained the trust of the community, some others unfortunately, fall into the category of scam, bringing some disrepute to the rising new asset class.

Every day, the number of investors without extensive knowledge of the rules of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, seeking access to undervalued digital currencies, is rising. To help such investors, a team led by Nikita Shevchenko, Vyacheslav Timoschenko, Olga Novitskaya and Aleksey Kazakov, has formed the Fund Platform. LUXUO speaks to Eric Ceret, long-time crypto-veteran, to find out more on this useful platform designed to protect investors from unreliable ICO investments.

Fund Platform launches to offer protection to ICO investors through ratings and risk/return indicators

Give us a brief introduction of Fund Platform.

Fund Platform is a fintech platform for creating trade and investment cryptocurrency funds on the decentralized, convenient and secure service. Fund Platform is made on NEM (New economy movement), which gives the possibility to create tokens for each separate fund and tokens inside the fund(sub-tokens) without using multiple smart-contracts.

As a service, Fund Platform is designed for individual traders and investors as well as for groups of traders (managers), investors. Managers will get at their disposal the newest technologies in a simple execution and even in more simple usage. And investors will receive a great tool for distribution of their own assets between different managers represented on the platform, by getting a guarantee of a transparent and mutual cooperation thanks to NEM platform.

Traders will get an opportunity to create cryptofunds in personal accounts instantly and users – to invest into them without worrying about their own investments.

Fund Platform founder, CEO Nikita Shevchenko pictured right.

How did the Fund Platform project come about?

For two years, our founder, Nikita Shevchenko had been investing in cryptofunds, and one day he asked himself: “How to create my own crypto-fund?” He discovered that creating a new cryptocurrency costs a lot of money, so then he thought: “How to allow people create funds in 2 minutes and without money spending?”

That’s how project came about.

What solutions do you offer in the current market place?

Cryptocurrency is fast growing in popularity, drawing attention of general investors. However still there are many of them who don’t have enough knowledge of rules of cryptocurrency, but also want to have an access to digital assets. To help such investors comes Fund Platform, where investor will have a huge choice of trade investment funds with professional managers.

Thanks to Fund Platform a private investor will be protected from unreliable investment and a direct deceit of the funds, because blockchain technology allows to make a system transparent and crystal clear.

Fund Platform is a «single window» system which allows cryptofunds to solve all infrastructure tasks with «here and now» principle. That favorably distinguishes the fund creation on the Fund Platform from independent solution development.

How Fund Platform works

How can experienced traders and fund managers benefit from Fund Platform?

Fund Platform offers a convenient investment interface that will help easily meet the challenges of creation, diversification, structuring and managing of investment portfolio. A wide range of different trade and investment funds, specialized in investments into cryptocurrency and ICO will be available the users.

For making a competent decision there are multiple indicators which can be used to assess the funds, such as:

  • a rating from the Fund Platform;
  • capitalization;
  • funds in management;
  • indicator of risk/return and others.

In just a few minutes it is possible to invest in several different funds at once, diversifying the funds. At any time, one can fill up the portfolio or to withdraw the funds, thereby to fix profit in periods of uncertainty and volatility.

Positive records of cryptofunds with in-depth analysis will allow the user to allocate the capital into attractive assets. Among other things, the users can exchange one internal tokens (types of shares in the field of hedge funds) into others within the same fund, by changing investment performance.

There are opportunities for traders and managers on the Fund Platform too. If you or your team lack the funds to commit more major transactions, our platform literally is one of the best decisions.

With the help of simplified and at the same time functional settings you will be able to create your own fund with own token in a few minutes, to issue the internal tokens, that allow investors to o er di erent strategies and investment decisions. And that’s without spending huge amounts of money on advertising, audit, ratings, analysis and security of your fund.

Also, without huge expenses for advertising, almost for nothing, you get investors, who already cooperate with funds on the platform. And it should be noted, that before Fund Platform appearance such solutions for managers and traders simply didn’t exist on the market. Now it will become a reality.

Does Fund Platform help inexperienced investors get involved in the ICO market?

Fund Platform plans to hold a pre-sale and an ICO. The purpose of the pre-sale is to raise funds necessary to create the beta-version of the platform and to launch a large-scale marketing campaign for the upcoming ICO. Soft cap for the pre-sale is $150,000 and hard  cap is $750,000.

After a successful pre-sale, the Fund Platform team will prepare a fundraising campaign for the ICO. We will officially announce the launch date of the ICO immediately after the pre-sale. If we do not reach the soft cap, the funds raised will be returned to their owners.

Pre-sale will be held between 10 December – 25 December 2017. For more information, please check our website

Can you explain the difference between an investor account and a manager account?

We have created a private forum for participants on our official web-site. You can purchase tokens by contributing with BTC, ETH, XEM or other cryptocurrencies at the current rate calculated at the time of the transaction.

When the ICO is over, the tokens will be added to the personal accounts of the participants, who will be able to withdraw their token into any available New Economy Movement (NEM) wallet.

Can you give us an overall view of your ICO?

Fund Platform plans to hold pre-ICO and ICO rounds. The pre-ICO aims to raise the $150000 (max. $ 750 000), necessary for creating of the platform prototype and holding a large-scale marketing campaign for the upcoming ICO.

If the outcome of pre-ICO the goal will be achieved, the Fund Platform team will prepare a fundraising campaign within the ICO, the launch date of which will be announced immediately after the finishing of the pre-ICO in the official information sources of the company.

If the amount of the collection will be less than $ 150 000, the raised funds will be returned to their owners. Our pre-ICO will take place from 10 December – 25 December 2017. At the pre-ICO stage, FUND tokens will be issued at a price of $ 0.075 per token. At the ICO an additional tokens will be issued at $ 0.1 per token.

Can you tell us how to participate in your ICO?

We have created a special private cabinet for participants on our official web-site Via a special form, you can purchase tokens by contributing BTC, ETH, XEM or other cryptocurrencies at the current rate calculated at the time of the transaction.

On completion, the ICO FUND tokens will be added to the personal account, and participants will be able to withdraw them into any available wallet of NEM project and to activate delegated harvesting (mining) for the purpose of selling them in the long term or storing, or trading them at the cryptocurrency exchanges for fixing a profit.

Can you share your views on hedge funds’ interest in ICO’s and cryptocurrency markets?

Experts and hedge funds have shown a real interest in cryptocurrencies. Recently, Man Group, a British hedge fund company, announced its plans to add cryptocurrency to its investment portfolio. The assets of the investment fund are more than $ 100 billion and its acceptance of cryptocurrencies demonstrates that a major player has entered the cryptocurrency market.

The catalyst for hedge funds moving towards cryptocurrency will be the start of bitcoin-futures trading on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME Group) in December 2017. This information was confirmed by Terry Duffy, CEO CME. This step will allow cryptocurrency to enter traditional business platforms, while institutional investors will enter the cryptocurrency market. According to Chris Concannon, CEO CBOE of Global Markets, the main futures exchanges believe in the crypto trade development and intend to develop investment opportunities in this field.

That’s why we feel quite optimistic about the future of Fund Platform.

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