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Style & Substance: The Rise of Fashion-Branded Watches

Mar 16, 2023 / World of Watches (WOW)

We look at how fashion brands have introduced, and sometimes even nurtured, the tenets of high horlogerie.

Richard Mille Debuts Women’s Sports Watch

Mar 02, 2023 / World of Watches (WOW)

Designed for toughness, the RM 07-04 Automatic Sport comes in 6 references, with 6 women athletes tapped to celebrate its launch.

Military Watches vs. Smartwatches: Which is Better for Outdoor Activities?

Feb 24, 2023 / World of Watches (WOW)

Read comprehensive comparison of military watches and smartwatches for outdoor activities, covering topics such as durability, battery life, design, and price.

Fashionable Precision: The Collaboration of Watchmaking and Dressmaking

Aug 30, 2022 / World of Watches (WOW)

Luxury watch brands partner with fashion and other players to create amazing timepieces…

Setting Sail: The Best Watches To Enjoy on Your Yacht

Aug 06, 2022 / Style

Nautical-inspired watches are the perfect addition for your sailing day. From the classic Rolex Yacht-Master to Breguet’s new Marine collection.

Choosing Sides: Watch brands react on Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Mar 28, 2022 / World of Watches (WOW)

From charity initiatives to simply calling time on business in Russia, brands and international collectors are taking a stand.

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