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Of Fair Trade and Alcohol

May 04, 2021 / Alcohol

Nothing feels better than a drink at the end of a hard week of work. Except a Fair Trade certified one.

Vodka: Crystal Clear Smoothness

Apr 26, 2021 / Alcohol

Known for its crystal-clear appearance and neutral flavour, vodka is perhaps the purest example of a distilled spirit.

Whisky will be world’s second most popular spirit

Nov 18, 2015 / Alcohol

Whisky is set to overtake vodka to become the second-largest spirit consumed around the world by 2020, slipping in behind national spirits like baijiu and soju. You read that right, whisky is not already the most popular spirit in the world – that would be the aforementioned baijiu, thanks to 1.3 billion people in China. […]

James Bond to sip on Belvedere vodka in next film

Dec 18, 2014 / Alcohol

BELVEDERE, the luxury vodka brand owned by the LVMH Group, is partnering with the next movie in the James Bond franchise, “Spectre.”

Line your bar shelf with these award-winning spirits

Sep 30, 2014 / Alcohol

Winners of the 45th edition of the International Wine and Spirit Competition out of the UK have been announced.

Absolut to release Andy Warhol-inspired bottle

Sep 22, 2014 / Alcohol

Swedish vodka maker Absolut will be launching a limited edition Andy Warhol bottle for the holidays.

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