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Stradivarius viola could sell for $45 million

Apr 17, 2014 / Collectibles

A rare Stradivarius viola valued at $45 million could become the most expensive musical instrument ever sold when it is auctioned later this year.

Titanic violin sold for world record $1.4 million

Oct 21, 2013 / Auctions

The violin played by the bandmaster of the Titanic to calm passengers as it sank sold at auction for £900,000 ($1.45 million) on Saturday, a world record fee for memorabilia from the doomed liner.

A Grand Cru nestled in an original Stradivarius case

Nov 13, 2012 / Alcohol

The owner of Château Fombrauge, Bernard Magrez, chose to present the 2008 magnum special edition in an original Stradivarius case.

Musician Hahn-Bin leaves $500k violin in cab

Aug 21, 2009 / Art Republik

South Korean-born violin virtuoso Hahn-Bin accidently left his $500,000 18th century Giovanni Francesco Pressenda violin in the back of a New York City cab. It was only after the exhausted fiddler had taken a shower in his Chinatown apartment that he realized what had happened. City taxi officials say a GPS device in the cab […]

Maxim Viktorov Inks $3.54 million Deal For Guarneri Violin Sotheby’s

Mar 26, 2008 / Auctions

Sotheby’s lately sold a Guarneri violin once a lavish possession by the musician Henri Vieuxtemps to a Russian entrepreneur for the maximum auction price ever paid for any musical instrument. Word is around that Maxim Viktorov paid an unrevealed sum, “well in excess” of pre-recorded last auction of the device. The preceding record was inked […]

Meet the Toyota’s new violin-playing robot

Feb 24, 2008 / Gadgets

If Honda is swollen with pride of their humanoid robot Asimo, it’s Toyota now to flaunt its new humanoid robot. The new personal robot is a part of Toyota’s Global Vision 2020. The 152-centimeters (5-foot) tall two-legged robot is capable of playing violin. It makes use of its mechanical fingers to push the strings and […]

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