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Market for Vietnamese art on the rise

Jun 09, 2017 / Art Republik

Artworks by these pioneer graduates of Victor Tardieu’s École des Beaux-Arts de l’Indochine, a French-established art college in Hanoi, make up the core of the market for Vietnamese art

The Real Deal: Interviewing de Sarthe

May 29, 2017 / Art Republik

An exclusive interview with international art dealer Pascal de Sarthe

Art market in Vietnam saw steady rise in 2016 with more auctions of Vietnamese modern art

May 21, 2017 / Art Republik

Modern Vietnamese art realises its market potential in 2016 and beyond

Vietnamese Artist Lai Dieu Ha

May 03, 2017 / Art Republik

Notorious for her controversial performances, multidisciplinary Vietnamese artist Lai Dieu Ha asks us to listen, connect and love to overcome separateness

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