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7 Most Unforgettable Fashion Shows of All Time

Nov 23, 2021 / Fashion

From Versace’s iconic supermodel finale to the picturesque scenery of Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda 2021, these 7 fashion shows are the most memorable.

Versace Chief Jonathan Akeroyd to Head Burberry From April Next Year

Oct 21, 2021 / Business of Luxury

The British national will return back home to take over the chief executive position of Burberry from Marco Gobbetti.

Top Boots to Wear This Fall

Oct 05, 2021 / Fashion

Gear up for the fall season fashionably, with these nine boots.

Fendace: A Marriage of Fendi and Versace

Sep 27, 2021 / Fashion

The rumours appear to be true as Versace and Fendi had not only collaborated for their secret second show, but also swapped houses to design for each other.

Fendi x Versace Collaboration Rumours at Milan Fashion Week

Sep 24, 2021 / Fashion

Italian fashion houses Versace and Fendi are rumoured to have a collaboration in the works. The partnership could potentially debut today at Milan Fashion Week.

Fashion’s Hottest Brands of 2020

Jan 19, 2021 / Fashion

Covid-19 has not only reset shopping patterns and habits, but accelerated the shift towards digital commerce – a reality that 2020’s top 10 luxury brands have adapted to.

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