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The next iPad could have a 12.9-inch display

May 30, 2015 / Tech

Speculation is heating up regarding the rumored “iPad Pro,” so nicknamed in reference to Microsoft’s Surface Pro.

The iPad: 5 years of innovation

Apr 04, 2015 / Tech

April 3 will mark the five-year anniversary of the very first iPad’s release in the US. Since then, we’ve seen the launch of 9 different tablets.

Apple Reportedly Planning 12-inch iPad Pro

Nov 04, 2014 / Tech

Apple is reportedly gearing up to release a 12.2-inch ‘iPad Pro’. The report added that the iPad Pro will challenge Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 tablet.

Interactive dining at Dubai restaurant

Mar 01, 2014 / Tech

A Dubai restaurant has installed interactive tables that allow guests to swipe through the menu, update their Facebook status and even order a taxi home.

Android Coffee Table Is On The Way

Feb 18, 2014 / Tech

Ideum has built a 46-inch Android tablet that doubles as a coffee table and that can respond to 60 touches simultaneously.

Samsung Shows Off Crystal Covered Tablet Cover

Feb 11, 2014 / Tech

Samsung has shown off a crystal covered case for the Galaxy Note 3 as a limited edition version in association with Swarovski.

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