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Brazilian Chef Wins ‘World Sushi Cup’ in Tokyo

Aug 20, 2016 / Gastronomy

A Brazilian chef won the World Sushi Cup Friday, bursting into tears of joy after his knife skills and artful preparation wowed Japanese judges.

Sushi Boss Pays $117,000 for Bluefin Tuna

Jan 06, 2016 / Auctions

A Japanese sushi boss shelled out more than $117,000 January 5 for a giant bluefin tuna, raising concerns once more about this threatened species.

Why foreigners aren’t allowed to eat here…

Apr 28, 2015 / Gastronomy

Sushi Mizutani, which has two Michelin stars, has an “across-the-board policy” of not accepting bookings by non-Japanese customers.

Japan star sushi chef warns against overfishing

Nov 06, 2014 / Gastronomy

Japanese sushi maestro Jiro Ono, whose creations are the best in the world, warned Tuesday of a sea change in ingredients due to overfishing.

Kate Moss collaborates with French sushi chain

Mar 14, 2013 / Celebrities

After calling on Lenny Kravitz last year, the French-based sushi chain Sushi Shop has given Kate Moss carte blanche to design its new gourmet box.

Japanese food is third favourite for travellers

Aug 02, 2012 / Gastronomy

Japanese food has been being voted global travellers’ third favourite culinary delight, a new worldwide food survey from reveals.

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