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Japanese food is third favourite for travellers

Japanese food has been being voted global travellers’ third favourite culinary delight, a new worldwide food survey from reveals.

Aug 02, 2012 | By AFPRelaxnews

Tuna sashimi

A new survey has found that Japanese fare is closing in on traditionally favored cuisines like Italian and French among globetrotters, with sushi the most sought after food within the Japanese culinary repertoire.

Among 27,000 respondents surveyed by online accommodation site, 18 percent of respondents said they crave Japanese food when traveling, compared to 32 percent who named Italian cuisine, and 24 percent who named French fare.

The Japanese dish most craved? Sushi came out on top, at 74 percent, followed by tempura, popular among 57 percent of respondents.

Meanwhile, ramen — bowls of noodles in a fish or meat-based broth — are also popular Japanese dishes. Here are the top Japanese food cravings among respondents in the survey.

1.  Sushi   74%
2.  Tempura   57%
3.  Ramen 33%
4.  Japanese soba 31% (thin noodles made with buckwheat flour)
5.   Okonomiyaki   27%  (known as Japanese pancakes or pizzas)
6.   Shabu shabu  24%  (the Japanese version of hot pot)
7.   Japanese curry 14% (served over rice)
8.   Yakiniku 9% (the Japanese version of Korean barbecue)
9.   Natto 7%  (fermented, sticky soybeans)
10. Fugu 6% (pufferfish)

Japanese Ramen

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