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Evian x Alexander Wang water bottle

Sep 10, 2015 / Design

Fashion designer Alexander Wang has collaborated with Evian to design the French mineral water company’s latest bottle.

Most Expensive Water Menu Debuts in LA

Aug 15, 2013 / Gastronomy

A Los Angeles restaurant is making waves for announcing plans to launch a 23-page water menu that will serve 20 “varietals” of water as well as an H20 “tasting menu” for $12.

Beverly Hills 9OH2O is the champagne of bottled water

Jun 28, 2013 / Collectibles

Beverly Hills 90H20 – a new mineral water created by a ‘water sommelier’ – claims to be the first expressly made to match fine wine and dining.

“The Drop” by Perrier

Jul 11, 2012 / Design

“The Drop” features model Amy Bailey trying to save the melting earth from the ravages of the sun with just one drop of Perrier Sparkling Mineral Water.

Evian by Issey Miyake Water Bottle

Sep 22, 2010 / Design

Evian has partnered with fashion designer Issey Miyake – known for his innovative and minimalist style – to unveil its fourth annual limited edition designer bottle. Miyake joins a celebrated line-up who have unveiled designer bottles for the brand since 2008, including Christian Lacroix, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Paul Smith. The new bottle design is […]

Paul Smith for Evian

Sep 26, 2009 / Gastronomy

Paul Smith, known for his sense of fun and optimistic attitude, has designed a bottle for Evian which will be on sale in limited amounts until Christmas. It is a nice glass bottle with colourful stripes around the top, printed with organic ink! The annual Evian designer bottle tradition began in 2008 with a limited […]

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