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Hermès launches Silk Bar pop-up space in NYC

Oct 02, 2013 / Events

French luxury house Hermès is opening a pop-up ‘Silk Bar’ in New York City to celebrate the release of its new Silk Knots app, which launched in September on iOS devices.

Gold Silk Cape Spun By Spiders

Jan 27, 2012 / Fashion

An astonishing golden outfit made from the silk of spiders has gone on display at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. It took more than four years to make the four-metre-long hand-woven textile from the silk of 1.2million female golden orb spiders, native to Madagascar. It was made by Englishman Simon Peers and American Nicholas Godley, both […]

Unique Spider Silk Tapestry on Exhibit at AMNH

Oct 02, 2009 / Culture

The American Museum of Natural History has unveiled in New York something never before seen: an 11-by-4-foot tapestry made completely of spider silk. Weavers in Madagascar took four years to make it, with the help of more than 1 million spidersand the museum says there’s no other like it in the world. The color is […]

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