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Chanel Segway

Feb 22, 2009 / Fashion

Chanel have created a special Segway x2 designed by Chanel chief designer Karl Lagerfeld. The Chanel Segway is all black and features quilted leather fenders and handles. Targeted at super-rich riders, the Chanel Segway is all set to become the urban personal transporter that gives as much fun as a car while looking as cool […]

Swarovski Segways

Nov 29, 2008 / Tech

We’ve seen a Ferrari edition version of the two-wheeled, self-balancing Segway. A new luxury model, the Titanium Diamond, is now available. It has a multi-layered titanium finish and 1,001 Swarovski crystals. The funky commute was launched just in time for Christmas for those looking for uber-expensive gifts. Only 25 of these special trinkets are offered […]

Limited Edition Ferrari Segway

May 27, 2008 / Cars and Bikes

Segway have teamed up with Ferrari to release a special limited edition version of their i2 Personal Transporter. The Segway PT i2 Ferrari edition is characterized by the Scuderia Ferrari logo in metal coated in enamel and it features the unmistakeable red colour. Moreover this special Segway PT i2 edition is equipped with an handlebar […]

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