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La Maison Du Whisky: Whisky Live Singapore 2017

Jan 03, 2018 / Alcohol

Whisky Live Singapore showcased specially curated photos and prints and La Maison Du Whisky’s very own artist collective and the artist seventh series.

An Interview with Mathieu Musnier, GM of La Maison Du Whisky

Jan 01, 2018 / Design

Mathieu Musnier, General Manager of La Maison Du Whisky speaks on the importance of this joint-partnership between LMDW and Signatory Vintage, an independent bottler to feature the artist series and how both are symbolic to art and whisky as well as the inextricable relation between the two.

Cheek by Jowl x The Balvenie

Feb 07, 2017 / Gastronomy

Sample Chef Rishi Naleendra’s Modern Australian fare paired with selections of the Scotch whisky from the famed distillery in Scotland

Why Taiwan is Thirsty for Whisky

Oct 10, 2016 / Alcohol

An upstart Taiwanese whisky is outshining veteran brands on the global stage as the island fast earns a reputation as a stamping ground for connoisseurs.

Kiln Embers Triumphs at Whiskies of the World Awards

Sep 28, 2016 / Alcohol

You may not be familiar with the name but Kiln Embers is a limited edition bottle created for lovers of smoky and peaty whisky.

Most Popular Spirit 2015: Cider?

Aug 24, 2016 / Alcohol

A fresh spirits’ industry report notes that cider, premium tequila and American whiskey enjoyed a spike in popularity in 2015.

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