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House in Landscape

Dec 04, 2019 /

This prime slice of Russian Real Estate expresses legendary architect Wright’s organic architectural principles in its purest form.

'Peter the Great, a Tsar in France. 1717'

Apr 25, 2017 / Art Republik

Paintings, sculptures, maps and other exhibits at the Grand Trianon Palace narrate major diplomatic event in the time of Louis XV

St Petersburg Named Best Cruise Destination

Sep 16, 2016 / Travel

The world’s cruise travelers have spoken and they have named St. Petersburg, Russia, the best cruise destination for 2016.

St. Petersburg Named Europe’s Leading Destination

Sep 06, 2016 / Travel

World Travel Awards awards the former Russian imperial capital the accolade for its remarkable architecture and unique Old World charm.

Russian Impressionist Museum Opens In Moscow

May 31, 2016 / Art Republik

A new building in Moscow aims to celebrate the lesser known legacy of Russian Impressionism.

KGB-favored Restaurant Reopens in Moscow

May 18, 2016 / Gastronomy

Open during the time of Stalin’s reign, the restored Aragvi restaurant carries a long legacy.

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