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Petrossian Paris introduces 10kg caviar tin

Jan 03, 2014 / Gastronomy

French luxury caviar merchant Petrossian is selling the largest box of caviar in the world.

Caviar and champagne bar opens at LAX

Dec 16, 2013 / Gastronomy

Petrossian’s Champagne and caviar bar opened last week at the Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX.

Air France to serve caviar to first-class fliers

Dec 01, 2012 / Gastronomy

Over the Christmas and New Year season Air France will serve its first class passengers a new menu of dishes, including a special caviar appetiser.

Caviar: the ultimate delicacy, from a farm near you?

Dec 13, 2010 / Gastronomy

The grey pearls burst on the tongue to release their salty, marine aroma, lifted by notes of nut or fruit. Caviar remains the ultimate luxury food — except these days the Caspian delicacy likely comes from a farm near you. Exports of wild sturgeon eggs have been restricted since 1998 under UN quotas set to […]

Order your caviar online from

Oct 08, 2008 / Gastronomy

Some of you may already know Petrossian, the Paris-based caviar specialist. There are Petrossian boutiques in Paris, Monaco, New-York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles but until now, you could only order caviar from their French website ( Now online, you can also order from or and receive your caviar by express shipping (within […]

There is caviar-flavored ice cream!

Jul 23, 2008 / Gastronomy

Philippe Faur has taken out the ice cream of the universe of the desserts and has created new flavours always more surprising.

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