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Live Inside A Piece of Moroccan History

Jul 12, 2019 / Travel

Hidden gem: The Palais Amani, an upscale boutique hotel located in downtown Fez, is Morocco’s best kept secret. Not anymore.

The Royal Mansour Marrakech

Nov 30, 2018 / Travel

The splendour of this hotel extends beyond an overnight stay albeit super luxurious – it’s a tradition-infused city in itself.

Art museums in Europe: Yves Saint Laurent Museums in Paris and Marrakesh opens October 2017

Mar 15, 2017 / Design

The Moroccan museum, the larger of the two dedicated to the life and work of the fashion icon, looks to attract 700,000 visitors yearly.

Morocco Unveils Mohammed VI Bridge, Africa’s Longest

Jul 25, 2016 / Design

Morocco now has the longest cable-stayed bridge in the African continent.

8 Most Eco-Friendly Luxury Hotels

Mar 17, 2016 / Design

Join us as we take a trip around the world to find eco-friendly hotels that balance luxury with a responsible outlook.

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