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Checklist: Renting Out Your Luxury Home

Aug 20, 2019 / Homes

The biggest pitfall of renting out your luxury home is that you may get stuck with some truly terrible renters, here’s how to vet them

Airbnb brings luxury rentals

Feb 23, 2017 / Travel

As a veteran in the market for budget-friendly alternatives to hotels, Airbnb diversifies in its latest acquisition of Luxury Retreats

5 Affordable Luxury Destinations Worldwide

Feb 18, 2016 / Travel

Ok, we should say ‘more’ affordable but you get the idea. We hitched a ride with TripAdvisor to find out the best seasons for a getaway.

You can rent Ronaldinho’s mansion for $15,000 a night

May 26, 2014 / Homes

Looking for somewhere to stay in Rio de Janeiro during the World Cup? Ronaldinho can help — if you can afford $15,600 a night.

Rent ‘Scarface’ villa for the holiday

Nov 29, 2012 / Homes

The iconic Californian villa where Brian de Palma shot Scarface is available to rent, for $10,000 a week or $30,000 a month.

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