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The Circular Nature of Luxury Good Ownership

Mar 22, 2021 / Business of Luxury

As the stigma surrounding the resale of luxury goods fades, a market has popped up catering specifically to resold goods. It has now become the norm for people to buy, sell, and buy again creating, for lack of a better term, a cycle of ownership.

Illusion of China's Wealth and Consumption

Oct 30, 2018 / Billionaires

With official releases pegging China’s third-quarter GDP growth at 6.5%, the “world’s factory”  is hitting its slowest pace in nine years and if the luxury goods industry continues to depend on the market for revenue growth, it would a recipe for disaster.

Heidi Slimane to Head Céline

Jan 22, 2018 / Fashion

Heidi Slimane will lead and develop all creativity for Céline collections, including menswear, couture and leather goods

Prada unveiled "The Postman’s Gifts"

Dec 24, 2017 / Style

Prada presents The Postman Dreams, a humorous series of five shorts, showcasing the Prada Galleria bag by American filmmaker Autumn de Wilde

All eyes on Japan's luxury industry

Apr 30, 2017 / Culture

Is Japan’s luxury industry slowing down? We take a look at the trends affecting the luxe goods market

China luxury market shrank in 2014

Jan 24, 2015 / Billionaires

Sales of luxury goods in mainland China fell`1% to 115 billion yuan ($18.5 billion) in 2014 compared to a year earlier according to Bain & Company.

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