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Louis Vuitton Mon Monogram for small leather goods

Sep 28, 2012 / Accessories

The Louis Vuitton Mon Monogram services have been extended to their small leather goods collections.

Animal sculptures made from Louis Vuitton bags

Oct 07, 2011 / Art Republik

Louis Vuitton hosted a cocktail on Monday night at the storied Paris taxidermy store Deyrolle to celebrate the launch of the My Monogram service on Small Leather Goods To set the mood, British artist Billie Achilleos transformed the maison’s signature wallets, coin pouches, belts, and bag hardware into a menagerie of animals. The hardy armadillo, […]

LV Mon Monogram for the private jet traveler

Jun 17, 2010 / Accessories

In celebration of Father’s Day, Louis Vuitton has selected four different styles of men’s luggage to showcase the Mon Monogram program for the private jet traveler. On offer are the Pégase 45 ($2,800) and 55 ($3,270) wheeled cabin cases (top row), designed as the perfect accompaniment to private air travel. The iconic Speedy 40 (bottom […]

Louis Vuitton Mon Monogram Service online

Mar 02, 2010 / Accessories

Louis Vuitton continues to expand their online store and have announced the introduction of the Louis Vuitton Mon Monogram service. The service will allow you to customize your Louis Vuitton bag, ending up with over 200 million possible combinations on your bag of choice. The selection of bags include the iconic Speedy, historic Keepall travel […]

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