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Twin 83, Thailand's Biggest Sailing Catamaran, Building in Bangkok

Mar 31, 2020 / Yachts

Designed for day charters, the Twin 83 is being built by Jay Ujjin in Bangkok and is set to be Thailand’s biggest sailing catamaran.

World’s most expensive egg roll

Aug 19, 2014 / Lifestyle

Los Angeles-based Chef Jack Lee Catering Agency has just released a $100 lobster egg roll that includes rare ingredients.

1 chef, 1 ingredient: European lobster by Hervé Nepple

Sep 08, 2013 / Gastronomy

Hervé Nepple, head chef at the Maison Blanche restaurant in Paris, shares his enthusiasm for European lobster.

Would you pay $2,013 for a plate of pasta?

Jan 11, 2013 / Lifestyle

A Manhattan restaurant has created a pasta dish topped with fresh lobster and one ounce of black truffle to usher in the new year, for the princely sum of $2,013.

The Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata costs $1,000

May 26, 2012 / Gastronomy

Diners at Norma’s in Le Parker Meridien hotel can now order the “Zillion Dollar Frittada”, a Spanish omelette with lobster and 10oz (280g) of caviar.

The World’s Most Expensive Hot Dog Costs $100

Feb 01, 2012 / Lifestyle

DougieDog, a Frankfurter outfit in Vancouver, Canada is offering what is now the world’s most expensive hot dog: the $100 ‘Dragon Dog.’ The Dragon Dog is made with a bratwurst  infused with hundred-year-old Louis XIII cognac, which costs more than $2,000 a bottle. Other ingredients include Kobe beef seared in olive and truffle oil, fresh […]

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