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Lily Safra Paid $103.4 Million for Giacometti

Mar 02, 2010 / Art Republik

London-based billionaire Lily Safra is the buyer of the Alberto Giacometti sculpture that fetched a record $103.4 million at a London auction. “It was a freak result,” said Philip Hoffman, chief executive of the London-based Fine Art Fund. “But there are wealthy people out there desperate to buy rare pieces and when something important comes […]

Deposit On Villa Leopolda To Be Donated To Charity

Mar 10, 2009 / Homes

The rumor and gossip about billionaire widow Lily Safra’s notoriously high maintenance Villa Leopolda seems never to end. Back in August we reported that Russian billionaire Mikail Prokhorov was the mysterious purchaser of the lavish home in Villefranche-sur-Mer which was on the market for a record price of 390 million euros. Then came a report […]

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