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Airbnb acquires travel planning tool Vamo

Sep 15, 2015 / Travel

Airbnb, the online accommodations platform, has acquired “travel hacks” tool Vamo for an undisclosed amount.

Alexa Chung unveils Villoid fashion app

Sep 14, 2015 / Fashion

Alexa Chunge is sharing her wisdom with the launch of a new fashion app inspired by 1990s movie “Clueless”.

Get free drinks in London via smartphone app

Aug 17, 2015 / Alcohol

In London, the sacred happy hour could become obsolete thanks to a smartphone app that allows users to benefit from free cocktails in hip bars.

‘Louboutinize’ your photos with Christian Louboutin app

Aug 13, 2015 / Fashion

“Louboutinize” is a free photo editing app that lets users add a dash of luxury to their pictures via three different filters.

Donate to charity and skip the wait in restaurants

Aug 06, 2015 / Gastronomy

A new app, available in the US for now, allows diners to skip to the front of the line for immediate seating in exchange for a charitable donation.

Emporio Armani Launches Music App

Jul 04, 2015 / Fashion

Giorgio Armani launches the new Emporio Armani Sounds app, designed to meld the world of music and fashion on one interactive platform.

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