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Marina Construction: Safety is Essential and an Opportunity

Jul 21, 2020 / Yachts

The protection of yachts and users is the heart of a successful marina, while a thoughtfully designed breakwater can also offer public engagement and additional revenue streams. By Christophe Saune.

Yacht Insurance by Colin Dawson, Part 2: Hard Reality Check

Sep 05, 2019 / Yachts

In the conclusion of a two-part article, Colin Dawson looks at the ongoing changes in yacht insurance, and how owners can better manage their cover.

Yacht Insurance by Colin Dawson, Part 1: Owners Pay the Price

Sep 05, 2019 / Yachts

In the first of a two-part article on yacht insurance, Colin Dawson looks at the consequences of the ‘price war’ of the past two decades.

Aon Offers Strong Insurance Support to Swan Owners

Aug 08, 2019 / Yachts

Aon’s office in Italy has teamed up with Nautor’s Swan to offer specialised insurance advice to Swan sailing yacht owners in Europe.

Yacht Insurance: Voyager’s Tommy Ho Learns From Experience

Apr 12, 2019 / Yachts

Yacht insurance expert Tommy Ho of Voyager Risk Solutions has lived a boating life, from typhoon shelters and selling jetskis to sailing and owning yachts, so knows the need to protect yourself and others.

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