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Light sleeper? A new site will help find a quiet hotel

Mar 05, 2015 / Hotels

Ever have your stay in a hotel ruined by noise?, a Dutch website, offers tips on how to find a quiet hotel room.

TOP 10 Most Expensive U.S. Destinations for NYE

Dec 26, 2014 / Travel

New Orleans is the most expensive US destination in which to spend New Year’s Eve, according to a new survey.

Is this the world’s sexiest bedroom?

Nov 11, 2014 / Hotels

A Vietnamese water villa has been voted Sexiest bedroom in the World at the Smith Hotel Awards 2014.

The hotel room of the future

Oct 02, 2014 / Hotels

The hotel room of 2024 may include smart pillows that can provide head and neck massages, and sleep suits that monitor blood glucose and pressure levels.

Beyoncé Filmed One of Her Videos at This Hotel

Dec 26, 2013 / Hotels

The steamy black-and-white video for “Rocket” was filmed in a Hudson Studio at New York’s architecturally awesome Standard High Line.

The sexiest hotel bedroom in the world

Nov 27, 2013 / Hotels

The bright, mother-of-pearl-themed Corfu Suite at Blakes Hotel in London has been titled the world’s sexiest bedroom.

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