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Ultra Rare 1964 Grand Tourer Spider for Bids

Oct 10, 2019 / Cars and Bikes

There have been Coupe iterations but only 5 Apollo Spiders ever built, and this particular model was the first Apollo 3500 GT Spider ever built

For an Extravagant Yet Sustainable Future

Jul 12, 2019 / Cars and Bikes

Exquisitely designed, Bentley’s electric Grand Tourer blends 15 minute fast charge batteries, futuristic artificial intelligence with down-to-earth upcycled rice-husks and winemaking waste-products into one impressive, long travelling (700km) vision of the future

What if a 60s Supercar was Designed Today?

Jul 08, 2019 / Cars and Bikes

With curves reminiscent of 60s sports car icon, the Ferrari 330 P4, 72 limited edition De Tomaso P72 GTs will be made, a potent statement for the newly resurrected firm

New Grand Tourer for Anglophiles

Nov 27, 2018 / Cars and Bikes

With “cricket ball” leather interiors and a tweed drophead rooftop, the new 2019 Bentley Continental GT is the most British convertible ever made.

The New Bentley Continental GT is not just for a Grand Tour

May 04, 2018 / Cars and Bikes

The new Bentley Continental GT offers an impeccably smooth drive and refined comfort, with just a dash of sportiness of a Grand Tourer.

Ultimate Spy Car: Speedback GT Silverstone Edition

Mar 14, 2018 / Cars and Bikes

You know the kind of ultimate spy car, totally vintage looking on the outside but completely modded up to the grills in the latest engineering tech? Well, this David Brown Speedback Silverstone Edition has made that cinematic trope a reality.

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