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Bespoke Couture For Man's Best Friend

Mar 14, 2018 / Business

Decorated with 24K gold and matched with a choice of black Swarovski crystals or black diamonds, you’ll never see a more golden Labrador, dashing Dachshund, cavalier King Charles Spaniel, or pompous Pomeranian.

Poldo Dog Couture X Moncler

Oct 29, 2017 / Fashion

Pampering your pet dog with one of the ultra-chic and comfortable pieces from the new Moncler jacket collection

How Much is that Puppy in the Window? $100,000

Jul 07, 2016 / Gadgets

The Sooam Biotech Research Foundation in South Korea offers dog owners the chance to live with their pets forever…

MAC introduces AW15 beauty collection inspired by dogs

Aug 20, 2015 / Beauty & Wellness

“Haute Dogs” is the latest high-pedigree collection from the beauty brand, inspired by the “buttery fur tones” of fashionable pooches.

Lady Gaga’s dog stars in new Coach campaign

Jun 25, 2015 / Fashion

Lady Gaga’s pooch Miss Asia Kinney has been chosen to launch luxury retail brand Coach’s latest ad campaign.

Swiss ski resort bans selfies with iconic Saint Bernards

Apr 30, 2015 / Travel

The popular ski resort of Zermatt has banned tourists from posing for photos with the famed search and rescue dog.

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