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China: A Shadow of Itself

Sep 13, 2023 / Business

China’s burgeoning population decline sheds light on the quiet resistance to state narratives young Chinese couples have adopted in recent years.

Can BRICS’ New Currency Proposal Compete With The Universal Dominance Of The US Dollar? 

Aug 08, 2023 / Finance

Russia takes the lead on the currency proposal which hopes to strengthen trade and investment within what might be a new super economic bloc.

Opinion: Europe, A Sleeping Beauty

Apr 25, 2023 / Business

Europe needs to understand that it is useless to regulate — or continue to be a champion of morality — without mastering its own economic power.

China Sets to Dominate the Electric Vehicles Industry

Mar 28, 2023 / Business

EVs now account for 13.2 per cent of all global car sales, having tripled in two years since 2020 and China is leading the market with its home brands like CATL and BYD.

Opinion: Is China Still Credible?

Nov 29, 2022 / Business

Would China’s passive aggressive leadership and aggressive passion garner international support socially, politically and economically?

Opinion: Has China Lose Its Steam?

Oct 25, 2022 / Business

China is poised to replace the US as the economic superpower but with problems stemming from a weak economic growth to domestic unhappiness, the road is not a walk in a park.

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