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London Dominates New York in the Number of Millionaires in its City

Mar 01, 2021 / Business

Despite Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic, London has emerged to be the top destination for millionaires.

Eton is dooming Britain

Oct 07, 2019 / Celebrities

Boris Johnson, a graduate of the world-famous Eton college is emblematic of a problem that elite schools are producing confident but incompetent leaders

Crowdfunding property in Great Britain

Feb 27, 2017 / Properties

Palace magazine delves into the property market to suss out if crowdfunding is the new way to boost Britain’s real estate sector

Invest in London, UK: Brexit takes down housing prices, attracting international buyers

Dec 12, 2016 / Homes

As the Brexit looms, the financial capital of Europe is in uncertain times. Prices have dropped, yet so has Sterling. Is now a good time to invest?

London Luxury Bargains: Brexit Effect

Dec 01, 2016 / Homes

While the prospect of Brexit is weighing on much of the British economy, tourism and luxury goods businesses are cashing in on bargain-hungry visitors.

Brexit Effect: Future Of London Real Estate

Nov 14, 2016 / Homes

The UK’s historic vote to leave the European Union is the latest in a string of events that have dampened London’s property market.

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