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Lurssen redelivers 110m Kaos after yard's “biggest refit to date”

Nov 09, 2020 / Yachts

German shipyard Lurssen completes its “biggest refit to date” on the 361ft Kaos at the Lurssen-owned Blohm+Voss facilities in Hamburg.

The top 10 most expensive yachts around the world

Apr 07, 2017 / Cars

Yachts so glorious they have their own submarine? Well, it’s true. We dive into a list of the top 10 most expensive yachts money can buy— for now

Blohm + Voss retro 111M motor yacht

Sep 28, 2010 / Yachts

The team of Blohm + Voss is developing the B+V 111 MY/ Vintage, which at 111 metres (364’) will qualify as one of the 20 largest yachts in the world. The project is a nod to Blohm + Voss’s 130 year history and draws from their renowned archives. B+V 111 MY/ Vintage links classical hull […]

New photos of superyacht Eclipse

May 04, 2010 / Yachts

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich’s new yacht, measuring nearly 560 feet long, is the biggest private yacht in the world. The yacht, named Eclipse, reportedly features a missile defense system, an anti-paparazzi laser shield and at least one mini-submarine. The Eclipse is also said to have two helipads, two swimming pools — the larger of which […]

Blohm + Voss Introduces 120 m Exploration Yacht

Feb 10, 2010 / Yachts

Blohm + Voss have unveiled their latest project, a 120 m exploration yacht.

Rolls-Royce joins American shipyards to meet global demand for Megayachts

Jul 15, 2008 / Yachts

I am so tired from all my weekend activities to write anything tonight so I am just going to leave you with the press release from Rolls-Royce Marine : they decided to enter the megayachts market to meet the global demand and help the poor wealthy people who have been waiting for their luxury yacht […]

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