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Diamonds and Blockchain

May 04, 2021 / Style

For more than a decade, the Kimberley Process is the de facto certification in eradicating blood diamond. As technology advances, more could be done to further complement the KP and strengthen the process.

LVMH, Richemont and Prada Go Blockchain

Apr 21, 2021 / Business of Luxury

Utilising the latest technology, the Aura Blockchain Consortium allows consumers to have a clear view of their product’s life cycle.

NFTs: Has the World of Collectible Art Finally Gone Digital?

Mar 25, 2021 / Collectibles

As we embrace the digital age, where content online can be easily copied and used, it becomes increasingly difficult to authenticate individual ownership. In this exclusive article, Patrick Tan presents the solution to this conundrum, in the form of NFTs.

Unveiling the interface between blockchain technology and art

Sep 04, 2018 / Art Republik

While the technology has been embraced most visibly in the fintech sector, how significant is it in the art industry?

Bali Blockchain Retreat: Blackarrow returns with BlockBali Blockchain Conference

Aug 24, 2018 / Finance

Bali is set to welcome blockchain professionals for BlockBali Blockchain Conference on 17th November 2018.

Bali Hosts XBlockchain Summit in Lead-up to IMF-World Bank Meeting

Jun 29, 2018 / Finance

The XBlockchain Summit will gather those leading the status quo and its upheaval in the spirit of fostering positive developments in blockchain technology through collaboration and dialogue.

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