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"Nature/Nurture": A Solo Exhibition by Anton Afganial

Sep 20, 2021 / Art Republik

Indonesian artist Anton Afganial will be holding a solo exhibition from September 14 to October 4. Exploring the concept of Nature vs Nurture.

Samantha Redfern Dismisses The Idea That Artists Should Struggle

Jul 09, 2021 / Art Republik

“Art has been a part of my life and education for as long as I can remember. I never want to stop learning and developing the practice.” — Samantha Redfern

American Artist Burton Machen: "Art raises our consciousness"

Jul 05, 2021 / Art Republik

Known for his “urban decay” style, Machen chats with us about controversial figures, his creative process and art’s influence on society.

Artist Natalia Denisko: It's All About The Colours

Jun 24, 2021 / Art Republik

“Human is a unique animal and everything we have inside of ourselves just need to be unlocked and to do so, we have to be brave enough to be honest with ourselves.”

More Than Meets the Eye: Gabriel Dufourcq

Jun 21, 2021 / Art Republik

“So, an artist is selfish because they have something they want to express and they make it happen through art.”

INFLUENCERS: In Conversation With Wayan Novi

Jun 08, 2021 / Art Republik

“In general, artists are one of the few agents whose role is to share culture and heritage with the wider society. Paintings are also a form of social criticism of a certain time and place in history.”

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