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Amosu launches pink iPhone for Valentine’s Day

Feb 11, 2015 / Tech

Luxury brand Amosu, well known for having a penchant for things that are flashy, luxurious and expensive, has introduced the world’s first pink iPhone 6.

The World Most Expensive iPhone 6 costs $2.7 million

Sep 11, 2014 / Tech

Alexander Amosu has been commissioned to create a luxury version of the iPhone 6 in solid 18 carat solid gold, fully encrusted with diamonds.

Gold iPhone 6 already up for sale

Sep 10, 2014 / Tech

The Alexander Amosu 24ct Gold iPhone 6 is already available to order even if the standard iPhone 6 isn’t.

‘World’s most expensive champagne’ costs £1.2 million

Jun 05, 2013 / Lifestyle

A luxury champagne maker has created the most expensive bottle in the world after encrusting the logo with a 19-carat diamond worth $1.8 million.

Amosu Diamond Blackberry

Sep 29, 2009 / Lifestyle

You wouldn’t expect less from designer Alexander Amosu, than this stunning World’s Most Expensive Diamond-Encrusted Blackberry. It took 350 hours of painstaking craftsmanship in solid 18 carat yellow gold, encrusted with 4,459 brilliant cut diamonds (weighing 28.43 carats). Each phone can be personalized with your name or company logo while featuring a 24-hour global concierge […]

World’s most expensive suit priced at £70,000

Apr 23, 2009 / Fashion

Alexander Amosu – luxury designer to the rich and famous – is to launch a luxury bespoke suit collection featuring suits made with gold & platinum threads, rare cloths and precious stones. The suit featured above is a one-off creation made from the finest fabrics in the world. Valued at a whopping £70,000 ($103,000) this […]

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