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WOW Awards 2018 Presents Van Cleef & Arpels for the “Girl Boss” Award

Our inaugural WOW Awards 2018 is a consumer-centric reflection of the industry’s most attractive timepieces. We seek to honour the brands who have enriched our watch connoisseur journeys with their novelties this past year

Feb 13, 2019 | By LUXUO

Perhaps it is best to explain; GPHG we are not. What we are is a consumer-focused trade title that seeks to discern, understand, and anticipate the burning questions and desires of anyone who loves watches. To that end, the categories and the novelties that have been nominated or selected as eventual winners are reflective of how a watch consumer might shop or embark on a decision-making process. That said, the selected watches are not curated in a vacuum; a panel of two editorial staff and two collectors were chosen to pick from the novelties of 2018.

Winner of the WOW Awards 2018 – The “Girl Boss” Award

Van Cleef & Arpels

It’s the watch that each Girl Boss should strive to own. The timepiece must exude power in one way or another and convey her status immediately from her wrist. The novelty can be defined by the size, signature shape, iconic complication, the execution (e.g. diamonds and stones) or the colours. The criteria are somewhat similar to the Wrist Presence King, but here, it must be feminine with a suitably high price.

Van Cleef & Arpels Lady Arpels Planétarium

With a face of aventurine, dressed with pink mother-of-pearl for Mercury, green enamel for Venus, turquoise for Earth, and a diamond for the Moon, the Lady Arpels Planetarium provides visual shorthand for being “mistress of your domain”, thanks to the poetic illusion of a star-studded, miniature vision of the solar system on your wrist. The planets orbit the sun in real time, with Mercury completing one orbit every 88 days, Venus every 224 days, and Earth every 365 days. This Lady Arpels is the perfect union of horology and jewellery, every millimetre the ultimate Girl Boss watch.

WOW Awards consist a total of 11 categories. The final winner will be announced tomorrow.

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