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Happy Piaget Rose Day

With a strong, rich fragrance and large mauve-pink petals, the one and only Yves Piaget rose is a constant source of inspiration for Piaget’s jewellery collection

Jun 05, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Wake up and smell the Yves Piaget roses! It’s Piaget Rose Day today and the luxury jeweller watchmaker celebrates the beautiful flower which has been a rich source of inspiration, ideas and beauty for the maison.

Yves Piaget’s fascination with roses can be traced back to his childhood, beginning with his love for dog-roses that grow wild at altitudes of 1100 metres. Roses began appearing as design motifs in his watch and jewellery creations from as early as the 1960s, and Piaget became a jury member for the Geneva International Competition of Roses in 1976, where he gifted the winner with a gold rose from the Piaget workshop. His passion was recognised in 1982 when the winning rose created by the famous horticulturist Meilland was christened the Yves Piaget Rose.

Worldwide, friends and VIP guests of Piaget were reminded of the importance of the Yves Piaget rose through individual festivities. Of course Piaget wouldn’t pass on an opportunity to create new designs in its Rose jewellery collection.

In 2012, the Piaget Rose Collection was launched to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Yves Piaget Rose, with new models unveiled for its first Rose Day a year later. This year’s Rose Day will undoubtedly reveal more entries to the Piaget Rose collection, both watches and jewellery. 2014 will also see the inauguration of Empress Josephine’s historic rose garden of the Château de Malmaison, which has undergone restoration since 2012 with Piaget’s support.

Piaget Rose Ring

18K white gold with 71 brilliant-cut diamonds, 0.50 ct

Piaget Rose Bangle

18K white gold

Piaget Rose bracelet

18K pink gold with 40 brilliant-cut diamonds, 0.50 ct

Piaget Rose sautoir necklace

18K pink gold with 373 brilliant-cut diamonds, 4.33 ct

Piaget Rose sautoir necklace

18K pink gold

Piaget Rose earrings

18K pink gold with 40 brilliant-cut diamonds, 0.50 ct

Piaget Rose earrings

18K white gold with 164 brilliant-cut diamonds, 1.28 ct

Piaget Rose Dentelle earrings

18K pink gold with 546 brilliant-cut diamonds, 4.11 ct

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