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On Newsstands: WOW Vietnam Fall 2020

Welcome to WOW Vietnam Fall # 8: The Legend of Pasha.

Oct 27, 2020 | By World of Watches

While the pandemic is showing signs of outbreaks on the other side of the hemisphere, the WOW Vietnam team is still trying to maintain the regular release schedule of WOW magazine. Welcome to WOW Vietnam Fall # 8: The Legend of Pasha.

At the dawn of the “new normal”, the world of watches is slowly adjusting accordingly. Grand feasts are replaced with private events. New watch models are discreetly revealed only to a limited number of guests. No more rhetorical claims at Watches & Wonders or Baselworld, where the horologists, dealers, collectors and journalists converge from all over the world. The traditional watchmakers are now taking to online measures as a new way to release their new models, without losing any excitement at all. In adverse, the mystical information about the new collections updated on websites only drives their customers even more. No more lines of buyers in front of boutiques, yet the distance to the future has now been shortened through real-time experiences and E-commerce.

The world of watches is on their way to a whole new state where “seeing with your own eyes and touching with your hands” are no longer a must for the pursuit of opulence.

This is the first issue we want to address in the opening of this publication. We give you many articles on how the world of watches has been changing lately, starting with the online auctions where the adrenaline still running hard in the veins of watch collectors (page 36), then comes the concert organized by Rolex to support artists affected by the pandemic (page 32). Finally, the tide is now on the side of virtual reality when talking about the release of new collections. Watch connoisseurs are sure to be up-leveled with new experiences (page 38).

This publication also brings about in-depth articles on the legends that have went down in history like Rolex with the series of Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner launched not long after their identification changed with the message “Out of the Blue” (page 48); the Chanel J12 with the new J12 Paradoxe made in two contrasting versions of white and black (page 54); Omega Speedmaster marks their 50th anniversary by adopting the lucky mascot of NASA pilots — Snoopy (page 58); and finally, the watch of Cartier which revives their glorious history after more than 40 years, the Pasha de Cartier (page 70).

It is of no coincidence that in this publication, we mention a lot about dive watches —the marine life of Tudor watches (page 62); the newly launched Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner (page 48); and one in-depth article on diving watches (page 114). The world may not yet return to the time like eight months ago and the oceans may still lack human appearance, but we still want to reiterate these marine watches in hope for a bright future at the end of this pandemic, where passionate humans explore and conquer nature once again.

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