New luxury timepiece by MB&F: The limited edition Legacy Machine LM2 Ti premieres before Baselworld 2017

Tame, in comparison to other designs by the brand that even boasts 8 legs, the new Legacy Machine features subtle changes to the original design

Feb 27, 2017 | By Vimi Haridasan

With Baselworld closing in on us, brands are teasing us with glimpses of their collections and MB&F is just one of them. While it may not be a new model that we can explore and admire at length, the MB&F Legacy Machine LM2 in Titanium still commands the attention it deserves. There are only 18 pieces of this available so you may want to get out there and get your hands on it before it’s too late. If something completely different is what you look for, then keep your eyes out for the WOW story on the HM7 that debuted at the SIHH 2017.

With a vivid green dial that has hints of blue, the Legacy Machine LM2 in Titanium stands out from the others in the crowd. Under the light and at varying angles, the dial appears to switch from green to blue, a treat for the eyes indeed. Visually, the captivating dial is the most striking difference that sets this apart from the regular LM2 but that is far from the only reason why this iteration stands out. It has to be said that those who are unfamiliar with the details of the Legacy Machine would not notice the difference. For one, the case has been reworked to make it a full one millimetre slimmer than those before it.

Sitting high above the dial, are the two “flying” balances that are suspended from four highly polished arching arms. We won’t go into detail about the movement and technical aspects of the timepiece. Instead, it should be noted this is still the combined handiwork of award-winning watchmakers Jean-François Mojon and Kari Voutilainen developed the movement. Via the caseback, one can see the over-sized ruby jewels that sit in the highly polished countersunk gold chatons of the differential gears. Like the other Legacy Machines, the LM2 Ti features a highly domed sapphire crystal cupola with anti-reflective treatment on both sides.

The Legacy Machine LM2 was originally launched in 2013 in 18-karat gold, white gold and platinum 950. For 2017, limited quantities of 18 pieces were produced in titanium, that are now known as Legacy Machine LM2 Ti.

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